Apex Legends Mobile Respawn Beacons Permanently Added to the Game

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 8th 2020

The latest update for Apex Legends is out this week and you can download it now. No, this update isn’t a massive one at all and that is because it is mainly here to fix a major problem that players are dealing with as well as add a new item permanently in the form of the Apex Legends mobile respawn beacons.

Apex Legends Update 1.42 Is Now Available

If you are reading this right now, the Apex Legends update 1.42 patch notes are available now. You can hop on your preferred platform of PS4, Xbox One, or PC and download this update at this time. It is a smaller update, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about a huge download size.

That said, the smaller size of update 1.42 does not take away from how awesome this one is. While it doesn’t bring new playable content like game modes or maps to the title, it does two very important things that players have been asking for, for quite some time.

The first is the permanent addition of the Apex Legends mobile respawn beacons as a new item in the battle royale game. The other is a fix for an issue plaguing the game for a while now, specifically affecting those who play as Loba on a specific battle royale map. Let’s dive deep in and take a look at what’s new in update 1.42.

Permanently Adds the Apex Legends Mobile Respawn Beacons

The first and only addition in update 1.42 is the Apex Legends mobile respawn beacons. They already existed before this update, but now promoted to a bigger and better place than ever before. Players will now see this item in the game a lot more than usual.

That is because the mobile respawn beacons are now a permanent part of the game’s arsenal and loot so that you can find these around the two maps in battle royale. For those who don’t know this new item very well, here’s what you need to know about it.

The Apex Legends mobile respawn beacons are essentially the second in a string of items that have been tested briefly and then added to the game permanently after the fact. In this case, the testing was done during the limited-time event mode Armed and Dangerous while the Lost Treasures event was happening.

That special limited-time mode added the item to the loot list, which enabled players to use this as a means of, well, respawning teammates on the go. The testing was a success in that limited-time mode. They are now part of every mode in the game, both unranked and ranked.

What the Apex Legends mobile respawn beacons do is allow the user to take this item and then deploy a respawn beacon wherever they want basically. If there is no respawn beacon near you, this is an excellent item for finding a hidden spot or corner and dropping it there.

The only catch with the mobile respawn beacon is that it does some time to deploy and be ready for use compared to the normal ones that you can automatically use, so this leaves you a little open to players nearby who might notice the item and come for you. But otherwise, this is a great way to revive your teammates wherever you are.

Fixes a Major Loba Problem on World’s Edge

Beyond the mobile respawn beacons, there is another part of the update this week. It fixes a major Loba problem that the community has been dealing with for a while now. This issue is specifically happening on the World’s Edge map as it does not affect Kings Canyon.

If you are playing Loba on World’s Edge, there is a chance that your normal tactical ability will not work there. This means that you will not be able to do, perhaps, the most important thing that the elusive thief is known for.

This was a huge issue plaguing the community when they played on that map, but it was fixed in this update. The issue seemed to revolve around the fact that World’s Edge has a different code than Kings Canyon, leading to one having the problem and the other not.

Loba Issue Could Still Happen

Unfortunately, fixing the Loba issue isn’t all good news. Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that this only fixes some of the problems with Loba’s tactical ability. There are still some existing cases of the ability not working, but it should work much better than before.

As for what can activate those still existing cases, that is unknown at this time. For the most part, though, it does look like the majority of Loba players should be fine when playing on the World’s Edge map. It could be anything causing the issue to still happen for some players.

Whether it’s a specific location on the map or when you are in a specific team or wearing certain skins, it could turn out to be anything that would cause this to happen still. Though the chances are slim, keep in mind that this can occur again if you are playing Loba on that map; the chances are just much less now than before.


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