Apex Legends Mobile Playtests Reportedly Begin, Hinting at Upcoming Release

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 2nd 2021

With the Nintendo Switch release date for Apex Legends looming ever closer as we near it coming out on March 9, it seems that EA and Respawn Entertainment are aiming for the next set of platforms with the reportedly leaked Apex Legends mobile playtests.

Apex Legends Mobile Playtests Reportedly Leak

It seems that some battle royale players were invited into the private testing of the upcoming mobile version of Apex Legends. Though this version has been officially confirmed, few details are known about it, especially when it comes to the release window. 

But if the Apex Legends mobile playtests are to be believed, it would seem that it could be coming out sooner rather than later. News of this comes from the Reddit user EXO_R3EECH, who posted about the playtesting that will be beginning soon. 

The user posted to the Apex Uncovered subreddit page, noting that it seems that playtesting is coming soon, and provided some evidence to back up their claims that this is the case. They posted a screenshot that is possibly intentionally not the best-looking one to provide some context to this leak.

Reportedly, the screenshot shows that a user is looking at some website related to EA playtests. There are currently available for the near future, that is, for “Apex Mobile Usability.” This seems to indicate that, very clearly, it is a test for how Apex will work on mobile devices. 

Playtest Date and Details

Furthermore, there are some numbers next to the supposed Apex Legends mobile playtests that indicate when it will be taking place. It has a date that looks to read Friday, March 5. 

That seems like a decent day to host the playtest and, so it comes down to how believable this post is. Publishers like EA are known to host private testing for upcoming games, both announced and unannounced alike, so this could be plausible. 

And it is often that leaks come out of these tests, so something like this wouldn’t be too shocking to come to light. As such, there is a strong possibility that these Apex Legends mobile playtests are real and will be happening soon if some of them haven’t already happened.

Of course, the players who participate in these are supposed to sign NDAs that obligate them to keep everything they see and do a secret, so screenshots like these are liable to get someone in trouble. That said, it is exciting for mobile battle royale and Apex fans to know that new platforms could be on the way soon. 

Possible Apex Legends Mobile Specifications on Android

Fortunately, the user who posted this screenshot followed up in the comments with additional info that gives us a better idea of what is going on with this. They noted that this is strictly for Android players, with device requirements geared towards Google Pixel 3 or above and Samsung Galaxy S8 or above. 

The S8 is several years old, so it seems like the battle royale game will support a potentially wide range of more recently released Android devices. But this is a test, so it is also possible that the final specifications will be more lenient or perhaps even more strict when Apex releases on mobile.

Another user noted that they have been sent two similar playtests in the past four months of being a tester for EA, referencing that this testing could have been going on for a while. Also, they referenced that there was one only “a couple of days ago.”

That one seemingly required an iPhone, so it does look like there have been some iOS tests in addition to the Android ones, which is a good sign. That seems to mean that Respawn is getting a good look at both mobile markets and how the battle royale game will work on them. 

When Will Apex Legends Release on Mobile for Everyone?

Of course, the Apex Legends mobile playtests aren’t all that surprising since we knew that it would be coming to Android and iOS at some point in the future. But what is important to figure out that we don’t currently know is when the full release will happen for everyone. 

As with all mobile games, this is hard to pin down as there are a few different routes that Respawn could take here, not to mention we don’t know the mobile port state. If it is doing well and this is to ensure that it works for a selection of players, it might soon be. 

But if this is here to reveal some issues and significant problems currently unknown, it could be a while if the developer has to spend a lot of time addressing those issues before release. However, given that these are reportedly not the first tests, the port may be reasonably far along. 

We imagine that EA will want this game out this year no matter what, but it is a matter of when. Fortunately, there are some past examples that we can look at that can help us figure that out, as the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch version that was intended for the same time as the Steam version last year but is now coming out in early March. 

Given that delay timing, it is likely that the mobile one was possibly set for sometime early this year but perhaps has had a similar window of delay for a few months. That would put it somewhere around the summer if we had to guess, probably in the June-September range. It could come sooner than that (or after, honestly), but it seems like a solid window of time for a release.


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