Apex Legends Match Quit Penalties Unfairly Given to Players

by in Apex Legends | May, 26th 2021

Apex Legends is not a perfect game by any means, with plenty of improvements and changes that still need to be made. But it is frustrating when the changes that a company is trying to implement backfire and worsen the game, like in the Apex Legends penalty system.

Apex Legends Penalty System Explained

The Apex Legends penalty system was released this week in a patch that was meant to improve the game’s balance, especially when it comes to the fairness of the relatively new Arenas game mode. That mode is a welcome one that players like, but it has some unique issues. 

Unlike in battle royale, it is much more detrimental in that game mode if someone leaves the game. In battle royale, it is common for strangers to leave the match after being killed, even if the other player(s) could pick up their tag and revive them later on. 

This is something that everyone is used to and works around, but having someone leave one of the Arenas matches pretty much spells doom for the rest of the game. It is a three-on-three match where you are essentially playing Team Deathmatch but with only one life per round. 

As such, you are coming back and playing more and more rounds until one team secures enough round wins to win the entire match overall. This means that you need all three players on your team for the duration of the entire match if you want a chance of actually doing well in it. 

A Penalty System Is Good for Balancing the Game

This is not battle royale where you have a chance of winning the match in the end, even if you are down a player or by yourself. You might be able to win a round with just one or two of you, but keeping that up for the rest of the match and winning more rounds will be exceedingly difficult. 

Respawn tried to fix the issue where players leave matches by introducing the new Apex Legends penalty system for Arena. It works because if someone leaves the match early in the Arenas game mode, they will be punished for it by temporarily suspending their game time. 

They will have to wait a certain time before they can queue up for online matches again. This prevents players from continuously quitting matches early and having them commit to finishing the matchup, even if it does not look like they will win. 

This is a solid fix for players leaving the Arena game mode, as we have seen in other online multiplayer games, but it is not perfect in the slightest. It has led to the exact opposite: the Apex Legends penalty system is a little too strong now and has been punishing players unfairly. 

It Seems that the System Is Too Strong Right Now

We went from one extreme of not having any penalty in the battle royale title for the Arena game mode to the other opposite extreme of even the slightest misstep can lead to a penalty for leaving a match. This can be seen in the Reddit post from the user hilusjr

The user posted a quick video on the Apex thread titled “penalty for leaving during animation.” In the short clip, you can see that the Reddit user and their team successfully won the match with a Pathfinder, Bangalore, and Octane. 

While the winning animations and emotes were happening, the user decided to leave the match early since the results were already in to move on to the next match or whatever else they were going to do. 

Overall, this is pretty standard stuff that many players do after winning or losing a battle royale match, leaving once the results are already in. Hilariously enough, though, the player was then greeted in the lobby with the stats from the match, rewards, and a sudden temporary penalty. 

Players Are Being Unfairly Punished for Leaving Early

It was revealed that the new system penalized the player for leaving the match early that they had just won no less and would have to wait 10 minutes to enter another match. This is pretty crazy, considering that many players do this all the time in the battle royale modes. 

It seems that the penalty system that Respawn created is far too potent and will penalize anyone at all in the Arena game mode, be it the winners or losers, no matter what the reason is if they leave early. It seems that players have to sit through the entire end part of the match until they are returned to the lobby by the game for you to avoid these penalties. 

Players should keep this in mind moving forward when playing the Arena matches from now on. It is not worth leaving the match early, even if you did win and already know that, as you may find yourself in a similar situation where you will deal with waiting potentially 10 minutes for the next match. 

For now, it is better to wait until you are returned completely to the lobby to start your next match. This is a pretty funny but annoying issue as it does mean that some players are being punished for no reason. From what we can tell, Respawn has not acknowledged this problem yet, either. 

The Apex Legends penalty system for Arena is still pretty new, so it could take a while before the developer notices this issue for players and then addresses it. It will take even more time to find a fix for the problem or balance it out where it only punishes the players who leave the match while it is still going on. Stay tuned for more details about this situation, hopefully soon. 


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