Apex Legends Lost Treasures and Legends Update Released

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 23rd 2020

Respawn Entertainment has released a new update for Apex Legends today that is quite a massive one, especially given that it is mainly about a new limited-time event. The new version of the battle royale game includes the new Apex Legends Lost Treasures event and so much more.

New Apex Legends Update Brings New Event and More

It is rather common for new limited-time events to pop up in Apex Legends, but this latest one is rather surprising. Not because the event itself is any different or unique from past ones, as that isn’t necessarily the case, but because of the contents of the update that comes with it.

We have gotten updates for the battle royale game that has released new events or come out before the event itself to get ready for it, but this is a somewhat unique situation. The patch notes have dropped for it, courtesy of EA, and it includes much more than just the event.

Sure, the Apex Legends Lost Treasures event is the biggest thing happening for battle royale players in season five, but it is far from the only major part of this new game version. In addition to that, players also have an insane number of changes to the legends.

Your favorite legend or two has changed in this update as nearly every one of them has been shifted in some way, even if it is just a minor change. Except for a few, nearly all legends have been nerfed, buffed, or just changed, in general, to help shape the metagame into something much better than it is currently.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Event: Armed and Dangerous Evolved Details

But before we get into all of the changes for the characters in Apex Legends, there is the Apex Legends Lost Treasures event. This limited-time event starts today, June 23, with the release of the new update. It brings an exciting game mode, map changes, and new items to collect.

This all starts with the new limited-time game mode that will be around for the duration of the event. Known as the Armed and Dangerous Evolved, this is a twist on the previous game mode introduced in a past event. For those who didn’t play it, it restricted the user’s variety of weapons.

In the Armed and Dangerous Evolved version of this limited-time game mode, you can only find and use shotguns and sniper rifles. In many ways, this is an elite battle royale experience that will be both exciting and challenging for players across the spectrum of talent.

Given that you are only able to use shotguns and sniper rifles, we hope you can either run real fast, use cover well, or have that excellent accuracy necessary to excel at this mode. Since everyone is going to be likely using sniper rifles, range and movement will be of the utmost importance.

And then for close-range combat and interior fights, you will have to make sure that your shotgun is loaded and ready to fire at a moment’s notice before your enemy sees you first and blows you away. Fortunately, in this mode, you will have gear to get you started in this event match.

Everyone in the match will begin with the Mozambique shotgun and the Evo armor. While the Mozambique won’t get you very far, the Evo armor is great since you can make it better by fighting enemies on the map. Also, all other armor levels and types have been removed from this mode.

So, for the most part, you will just be using your own Evo armor and be ready to go from the start of the match, unless you take out someone who has more evolved armor than you. However, those aren’t the only unique features in Armed and Dangerous Evolved.

All respawn beacons are gone in this mode, but all players will start with the mobile respawn beacon in their inventory. This new item lets you deploy a beacon anywhere on the map and save your fallen teammates. But it does take time, so be careful. Here’s hoping that this is the new Evo armor where it will be added to the game permanently after this.

Crypto Town Takeover and New Items

As with many of the major events in Apex Legends, this latest one features a town takeover. This time around, the takeover is by everyone’s favorite drone pilot Crypto. The legend has taken over a section of the Kings Canyon map in the southeastern corner underneath Repulsor.

This area is now known as the Crypto Map Room for the duration of the event. You will find that this new named location includes the overwhelmingly powerful ability to find the location of all of the legends on the map by using the tech there.

You can also check the screens around the map room to find any enemy squads near your location. This is an insanely useful location that we expect many fights to take place at, as finding out this info will prove invaluable in nearing that victory.

Given that this is a collection event, there are many new cosmetic items that you can unlock, purchase, and add to your collection through this event. This includes the latest heirloom set. This time, it is going to Mirage as you can now turn him into a golden statue skin of sorts. There are likely other items available in this event through the store, so be sure to keep an eye out there soon.

Legends Changes: Both Buffs and Nerfs Given

While much of this update is on the Apex Legends Lost Treasures collection event, the other half of the patch notes are all about the legends’ new changes. Except for Bloodhound, Bangalore, and Pathfinder, every single other legend got a change of some kind in this update, be it for the better or the worse.

First up is Lifeline, everyone’s favorite medic who has some massive changes coming in this update. Part of the problem that many Lifeline players had with the release of season five was that it made her a little less useful in the battle royale game due to Mirage and Gibraltar’s changes.

Fortunately, this update goes a long way towards fixing that, starting with the new passive ability that she has. Replacing Combat Medic and Fast Heal is Combat Revive, which allows Lifeline to deploy her robot pal to revive teammates, instead of making her do it.

This is an insanely useful ability where, if a teammate is down, you can run over, interact, and her robot friend will deploy a shield to cover the teammate and revive them. At the same time, Lifeline is free to do whatever else like reviving the other teammate or defending them.

This is an amazing passive ability that should make Lifeline a lot better now. It, once again, makes her almost a requirement for every squad out there. Her tactical healing ability buffed to have a reduced cool down time of 45 seconds as opposed to one minute like before.

Lastly, her ultimate ability now contains more items when the care package drops. It will contain three times more small healing items when it spawns them or contains two times more attachments when it spawns those. Overall, these make her one of the best legends in the game again.

As for Octane, his tactical ability will now remove impairing movement effects happening. The stim sprinting speed has increased by 10%. His ultimate will now let players double jump in the air after using Octane’s launchpad. You can change direction from the double jump.

For Revenant, his tactical ability will now cancel Pathfinder while he is in the middle of grappling away and Wraith while she is in the middle of a phase walk attempt. It will also prevent Mirage’s cloaked revive, his decoy control activation, and Lifeline’s new combat revive passive.

Crypto’s tactical ability Deploying Hack will now take 1.5 seconds as opposed to 2.5 seconds. His ultimate ability will now disable Wattson’s pylons. When it comes to the latest hero, Loba, her tactical ability will no longer be intercepted by Wattson’s interception pylon.

As for her ultimate ability, the Black Market Boutique will now only pick up one stack of ammo and ultimate accelerants will charge up this ability 20% instead of 17.5%.

More Changes: Mirage, Wattson, and More

Mirage is getting further changes from his massive overhaul at the start of season five, making him better overall. You can now hold down the tactical button for him and release it to auto-control the decoys. Those decoys will now say lines when shot, making them more believable.

As for his passive, Mirage’s holo emitters will be visible to players less than five meters away from him while he is reviving someone and cloaked. When you are skydiving as Mirage, he will now create decoys for the entire squad, which is an excellent move for covering your tracks.

Gibraltar has one single nerf this time around, reducing Fast Heal from inside the Dome Shield to 15% faster rather than 25% faster like before. Caustic’s barrels of gas can now be canceled before they are fully inflated by shooting them.

Wattson has a few major changes in this update, starting with her pylons now lasting for 90 seconds in total. She can now have up to three of them out at once. She can stack two ultimate accelerants per inventory slot, letting her keep the ultimate going rather easily now.

Lastly, for this update, Wraith has once again nerfed but slightly buffed at the same time to reduce her kill and win rate. Phase Walk will now take 1.25 seconds to enable when it was 0.4 seconds before. She will also move 20% slower during this time.

But in Phase Walk, she will get a 30% move speed boost and see other players while in the Void. To make up for the nerf, Phase Walk will now last four seconds instead of three seconds. The cool down reduced to 25 seconds from 35 seconds. When it comes to Phase Tunnel, the distance for portal placement has decreased by 25%.

Weapon and Other Changes

When it comes to other changes, there are some improvements for weapons and some of the features. The ziplines will now have a cool down applied to re-grabbing ziplines without touching the ground and it will increase with each player who disconnects and grabs it again.

But the cool down will reset when the player touches the ground, improving how ziplines are used in gameplay. For the Havoc rifle, the horizontal recoil in the initial shots of a burst use are now greatly increased while the magazine size decreased from 32 to 28.

For the Sentinel, the rechamber time slightly decreased from 1.75 seconds to 1.6. The energize duration has increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds. Besides weapons, teammates can now ping a friendly Caustic trap to ensure that players know what the teammate is doing.

There is also a brand new health bar that will show in the game when users are in the shadow form that Revenant grants to teammates. And lastly, the map rotation times are now even between Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, making the two more on par with one another.

That is only one of the various details released in the Apex Legends patch notes for the Lost Treasures event. There is more on the official EA website, including all of the major bug fixes in this update for general gameplay as well as specific legends. For more on this update, be sure to check out the full patch notes.


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