Apex Legends Loba Leak Shows Her as Next Character to Release

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 2nd 2020

Apex Legends experienced a ton of leaks over the past year. Across the four seasons, leaks have been prevalent to the point where developer Respawn Entertainment took measures to prevent some of them.

The most recent leak is one of the most important ones in a long time since it potentially confirms the identity of the next legend added to the popular battle royale title. The rumored character is not surprising in the least, but it does at least add further proof that this could be true.

New Apex Legends Loba Leak Appears

According to a recent leak, the new battle royale legend is likely Loba. The heavily rumored character has been part of numerous leaks for several months now. The latest one is strong evidence for the wolf-themed girl to be part of the roster.

Rumors, for the most part, come via data miners on Twitter like That1MiningGuy, who no longer does leaks anymore. But this latest rumor comes from a strange source. A Reddit thread randomly appeared over the past weekend, hint at the next battle royale character.

Reddit user NC_Pitts posted a potential leak from the in-game files where it points to Apex Legends Loba as the next character in the game. Oddly enough, the post got removed from the Apex Legends sub-Reddit.

The original post showed a screenshot of possibly every legend in the game thus far and the ones that will come. The order of the list is accurate to the order in which the legends released, so it presumably, could prove the Apex Legends Loba leak.

What the Apex Legends Leak Shows

The screenshot shows a possible section of the in-game code where it shows something called “Dummies Mode.” It reveals a list of the emblem for shotguns and snipers for the various characters in the game. The list only goes up to Wattson, so this was likely from before Season 3.

After showing the roster of characters up through Season 2, it then reveals the upcoming characters coming to the game. The first is Crypto, who came to the game in Season 3 following up on Wattson in Season 2.

Revenant followed in Season 4 after the shadowy robotic assassin killed the Forge hero. From this point, the in-game code has been correct about the list of the characters.

The character following Revenant would likely be the next legend to join the game after him. It happens to show Loba, adding further fuel to the fire about the wolf-themed girl coming to the battle royale title in the future.

However, the screenshot is weird, so this could be an elaborate fake. Regardless, the screenshot is exciting and could be further evidence of the next character being Loba.

When Would Loba Release?

The Apex Legends Loba leak could also hint at when she might be releasing. If she is the next hero to join the game, she could join during this season or in Season 5. Since Season 4 is split into two halves, this could signal the release of a new hero in the second half.

The first half is all about the release of Revenant and changing up the World’s Edge map. The second half of the season will feature a reset in the ranked system as well as the official return of the Kings Canyon map initially launched with the game.

Because of this massive departure from previous seasons, we could see a new legend appear during that time. Or, Respawn Entertainment could easily wait until Season 5 to release the new legend, likely to be Loba.

After all, Loba was in the recent trailer for Revenant, where he murdered the father and mother of the young girl. At the end of the trailer, she clutches the wolf ornament her father gave her before he died. She is also angry, likely plotting for revenge against the shadowy assassin.

It makes sense for her to be the next legend to join the game no matter which season it ends up being in. What is interesting about this Apex Legends Loba leak is that it also shows who could likely come to the game after her.

Other Legends in the Apex Legends Loba Leak

After Loba, the name shown is Rampart, who also appeared in game files before, so this is possible. Following them are Valk, Blisk and Downfall. Those characters round out the upcoming legends for the battle royale game.

After that, it shows other characters. However, they’re filed under the future section. These may be just future legends in development currently. So, the order of them likely doesn’t mean anything. The legends are as follows in what is likely no order:

  • Husaria
  • Prophet
  • Reckoner
  • Skunner
  • Jericho
  • Fuse
  • Firebug


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