Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive Issues Are Being Investigated

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 15th 2021

Apex Legends is known for its fair share of problems regarding the characters, various exploits, and even issues that make the game less fun. The latest one is an unfortunate one as it targets one specific character with the recently discovered Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive problem. 

Loba Jump Drive Issue Discovered

The Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive was one of Respawn Entertainment’s answers to making this somewhat recently released character more viable when using her online in battle royale matches. However, there is a problem that is preventing the ability from working correctly. 

This was noted on Twitter by the Twitter user Carlos Egoavil. The Apex Legends player posted on the social media website recently about the Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive problem and shared it with some of the relevant Twitter accounts to raise some attention for it. 

In the tweet, Egoavil tagged a couple of developers from Respawn Entertainment who work on the game and the official Apex Legends Twitter account. He pleaded with them, asking them to fix the Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive issue that he recently dealt with. 

This issue is one that the user would like to see fixed in the battle royale game soon since he loves “playing as her,” but the ability is “very unreliable” at this point. Because of this issue, it is effectively killing the mood of the game for the player in particular. 

What the Twitter User’s Video Showed

To help everyone understand the Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive issue that he is having in the game right now, he posted a video clip alongside it that shows a recent match that he was in when it happened. In the clip, the player is shown about midway through the middle of a match. 

During the match, it seems that they are in the middle of an intense firefight, and the opposing team has taken out his teammates. This is a dire situation, so the player is trying to desperately reach his dead teammates so that he can pick up their respawn beacons and, hopefully, revive them. 

He can pick them up successfully, but this is where the gameplay clip takes a turn for the worse as the Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive issue rears its ugly head for all of us to see in action. The user is down below, trying to get up higher to reach the respawn beacon and escape this losing fight. 

But when he jumps and then activates his Jump Drive for Loba, the line shows up like normal to aim and select the correct path that you would like to use for it. However, activating it doesn’t work at all. The player is stuck down on the ground below. 

They then try to use the Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive several more times in quick succession, and still, nothing happens even after adjusting the path, waiting a few more seconds, and so on. Without a doubt, it just only isn’t working for the player at all. 

After several seconds and attempts at dealing with this problem, they hide for a moment, send a quick message to the text chat, and then try once more. It shows the player throwing the Jump Drive, but nothing happens when it is thrown at all. 

After a couple of more tries, an enemy is seen above where the player was trying to throw to, and they spot them, quickly taking them out and ending the battle royale match for them and their teammates. Since they were unable to go up as they wanted, all three players had their chances at winning that match destroyed. 

Respawn Entertainment Is Looking Into the Issue

Without a doubt, it is a massive problem and one that needs fixing as soon as possible, hence, the post on Twitter. Fortunately, it did not go without notice on social media. Respawn design director Jason McCord himself responded to the tweet.

McCord noted that it “sucks” and will send it to the right people at the developer to ensure that it is investigated. This means that it is likely being worked on right now, but we don’t confirm that. This means that there is no word when we will get a fix for this issue. 

In the meantime, Loba players will potentially have to deal with this massive issue that will essentially break the game and make it unfair for them. After all, the Jump Drive is an integral part of the ability set that the character has. 

The Jump Drive is the tactical ability of the character’s support ability set known as Burglar’s Best Friend. With this unique bracelet that Loba has, she can throw it and immediately teleport to whatever spot it lands on. It is a vital part of the ability set as it makes the support character more flexible and maneuverable like other legends like Octane and Pathfinder. 

Without Apex Legends Loba Jump Drive, you are lost without one of the best parts of her character that makes her even worth playing. This brings up the question of when it will be fixed. We imagine that it will be fairly high on the priority list but maybe not at the top. 

In the meantime, players who like to use Loba should keep this in mind when playing her or play another legend until it is fixed. It is a very frustrating scenario but stay tuned until a fix is issued for it soon. 


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