Apex Legends Loba Edition Now Available, Includes Exclusive Arms Dealer Loba Skin

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 2nd 2021

Apex Legends just launched Season 11 of battle royale known as the Escape season, introducing a ton of new content for players to play. As part of this, the new Apex Legends Loba Edition pack is now available, allowing players to earn some awesome cosmetic rewards to kick off the season. 

Apex Legends Loba Edition Is Here

Loba fans and mains out there are in for a treat with the new Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle. This is just the latest pack of character-themed rewards that are happening, following up on the other bundles that we have seen in the past with just about every one of the last few seasons of the game. 

Like with Pathfinder and other themed packs, this one hones in on a particular character in the ever-growing roster and puts the spotlight just a little bit on them again, although they are not at all the focus of the brand new season. 

In the case of Season 11, even though we now have Ash available in the game, Respawn Entertainment is showing some love to Loba with the new Apex Legends Loba Edition pack. This bundle is a great way to get some items for the character, most of which are exclusively available here. 

Collectors and Loba fans will likely not want to miss out on this new character bundle, despite its relatively high price tag since it contains several epic new cosmetic items that are worth picking up. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Loba-themed bundle. 

Arms Dealer Loba Skin Included

For starters, there is the price that you are paying for the Apex Legends Loba Edition when you purchase. Like the other bundles in this series of Apex Legends packs, it costs $19.99 and is available right now on all platforms for the game — PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC — alongside the launch of Season 11 Escape

That rather high price is helped by the fact that players will receive an exclusive Loba skin that you cannot get anywhere else at this time. The Loba Arms Dealer skin is one of the most inventive and interesting skins for the rogue master thief that we have seen since her debut in Apex. 

This Loba Arms Dealer skin puts an exotic twist on the original look of the character, giving her a nice beret to wear on her head and a darker color scheme for her traditional outfit that looks great. It has such a distinct look to the outfit that it stands out and gives a sophisticated look to Loba. 

Her makeup is even on point in this Arms Dealer skin, featuring a vibrant and striking purple color set that pops and contrasts nicely against the more monotone black, white, and gray outfit. Lastly, she also gives off some nice anime vibes with the accessory she is wearing. 

Over her right eye, she is wearing a Dragon Ball-style scanner that will allow you to look stylish and cool in the battle royale matches that you do while wearing this outfit for Loba. The Arms Dealer skin is a fantastic one and it is exclusive to this set, making it the only place that you will find it. 

Other Items Included in the Apex Legends Loba Edition

Of course, just getting the single Arms Dealer skin in the Apex Legends Loba Edition would not justify the nearly $20 price tag. That is why you get some other items that more than make up for the asking price from EA and Respawn.

In addition to the Arms Dealer Loba skin, you will also receive the exclusive legendary Silver Lining 30-30 Repeater skin that will turn the rifle into a shiny silver version of it that looks fancy and fitting for the master thief herself. 

While those skins are the bulk of the new character bundle, there are other minor cosmetic items that you will get in the Fractal Wolf gun charm, which you can attach to your 30-30 or any other weapon, plus the Quartermaster Andrade badge that matches the Arms Dealer outfit. 

And last but certainly not least, there is one more item that you will get with the Apex Legends Loba Edition and that is 1000 Apex Coins. The premium currency for the game is worth around $10 on its own, making up for half of the bundle with this addition. 

Couple this with the Loba-themed items that you can get in this bundle, and you get your money’s worth with this new set. That is, of course, assuming that you are a fan of Loba as a character, play her often, and/or a collector of Apex Legends cosmetic items. Otherwise, this bundle may not be for you. 

That said, if you are interested, the 1000 Apex Coins is great since it gives you some currency with which you can purchase more cosmetic items or even instantly unlock the new Ash character that is available in Season 11 Escape. 

This will be a great bundle, too, for those who were already planning on purchasing some Apex Coins to buy Ash so that they can start using the new simulacrum in battle. This way, you can immediately check out the character who looks to be a possible counter or replacement for the popular Wraith. 

The Loba bundle for Apex Legends is now available in Season 11 and will likely only stick around for a limited time. It could stick around until the end of the current season and release the next character bundle, but it could also be removed before then, so we recommend interested players grab it now while you can. 


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