Apex Legends Loba Buff Seemingly Unlikely After Developer’s Comment

by in Apex Legends | May, 13th 2021

Apex Legends has begun its ninth season with the Legacy season of content, and players can look forward to a new legend in Valkyrie and changes for existing legends, too. However, what we aren’t getting this season is an Apex Legends Loba buff if one developer’s comment is believed. 

Reddit User Comes Up With Great Loba Idea

It all started with a Reddit thread that happened on the battle royale game’s subreddit page about a supposed Apex Legends Loba buff that the Reddit user mbt4 wanted to see. Essentially, they came up with a rather simple but effective buff concept that they wished to share with the community here. 

The general idea of the Apex Legends Loba buff is for the passive ability of the character and meant to let the player see “actual items through walls instead of tiny pixels.” For Loba players, this is a simple change but would be extremely helpful for smartly boosting the character. 

The passive ability works for Loba because the character can see nearby items through walls and the like, so you know what you are looking for. This is great for those early match rounds when you are looking for a purple armor item or a legendary attachment for your weapon. 

However, there is a huge problem with the Loba passive that has to do with its range. Sure, you can see the color of the item’s rarity from fairly far away, but there is a huge difference between a purple armor piece and a purple sniper rifle scope when you aren’t a sniper yourself. 

How the Buff Would Change Loba’s Passive

But if you are too far away, it all just looks like little purple dots that are hard to make out what they are unless you get closer to them. This is where the Apex Legends Loba buff idea that the player has comes into play. This would address that specific issue and make it better. 

Players would be able to see an “icon view” for the items from far away that would reveal what the actual item is when you are far from it, and make the overall icon much larger, too. The only issue that some players might have with this is that the far-away icons might be too large and distracting on the screen.

Fortunately, the player did think of this and addressed this problem by suggesting a toggle button for the view. By pressing this, it would switch between the normal distant purple dots on your screen for the Eye for Quality passive and this new buffed version of it. 

So, when you actively look for better items, toggle them and have a better idea of what’s near you. But if you’re fully geared up, you can toggle it off and have a more standard experience visually. Overall, I would say that it is a pretty great idea that the user could come up with. 

A Developer Is Seemingly Not Interested in Buffing Loba

However, the problem is that one of the Respawn developers isn’t a huge fan of it. The Reddit post went viral, getting nearly 500 comments when writing this and 95% upvotes, showing that the community is largely on board with this excellent buff idea. 

However, it got big enough to warrant a response from one of the developers at Respawn. DanielZKlein, the lead game designer and one of the active devs on the subreddit page, replied with a very short and unsweetened response. 

Klein inquired as to why the player would want an Apex Legends Loba buff at this time. After all, according to the lead game designer, she is “CRAZY strong now.” Of course, this was a very short reply and wasn’t followed up with further details about Klein’s opinion. 

So, some players think that this message was a sarcastic one that Klein was posting and not an actual indication of how he feels about Loba right now. But at the same time, the dev’s response is a strange one compared to his usual responses on Reddit that are usually more detailed, so there is a chance that this isn’t a joke after all. 

Loba Does Work Better in the Legacy Season

If that is the case, we could see that Respawn truly believes that Loba is too strong right now to warrant a buff. There were some major changes to the past and the broken state of her tactical ability that has been fixed with the Legacy season update

Since then, Loba has felt a lot better now that you can properly use the tactical to move around the map, grab items, and more aggressively engage in fights. So it could be understandable if Respawn doesn’t feel that more boosts are necessary for the legend for now. 

Unfortunately, it does look like the community is none too happy about the comment, though, as it was heavily downvoted. Unless you use the featured bot comment to find it, you would have to look for a long time as it was downvoted that much. 

So, joke or not, it seems that the players on Reddit don’t like the sound of Loba being in a crazy strong position as of now. And regardless of whether or not that was a joke, considering that Klein didn’t give any further details, a possible buff in the future seems like it is quite far away if it happens. Otherwise, we would have likely gotten word now about possible changes. 


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