Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams Skin Is Available Now for Free

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 19th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new free goodie for Apex Legends players to pick up for the battle royale game for a limited time. There is a brand new skin that is now available: Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin.

Latest Prime Gaming Apex Legends Skin Is Here

The Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin is the latest one to be released as part of the partnership between Respawn Entertainment and Amazon. The Prime Gaming service is still going strong, allowing players to pick up this new cosmetic item for Lifeline in a rather simple and cheap way.

It is the latest in the long-running line of free skins offered for Apex Legends players through Amazon. If you’ve been collecting these skins for a long time, you might remember when they were originally offered as part of the Twitch Prime subscription.

Amazon owns Twitch, the popular game-streaming service, so the service offered free loot for players to pick up for various games, including Apex Legends. But now that Twitch Prime no longer exists, it has been rebranded by Amazon as Prime Gaming.

This is a clean move to make everything feel similar, like how we already had Prime Music, Prime Video, and so on. Now we have Prime Gaming for collecting all of that free DLC, cosmetics, codes, and other items that Amazon is giving out for games like Apex Legends.

What the Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams Skin Is

The latest skin through the Prime Gaming and Apex Legends partnership is here. This month, players will be able to pick up the Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin for free. Overall, this is a pretty simple but effective skin for one of the most popular game heroes.

Lifeline’s new skin takes her normal look and gives it a nice pastel, graffiti-like design to it. Her whole outfit is splashed all around with shades of pink, baby blue, and greenish-yellow. All three of them are pastel colors, so this is one that is certainly easy on the eyes.

It looks like someone came by and threw some colorful and beautiful buckets of paint onto Lifeline’s outfit, which isn’t a bad thing at all, honestly. It isn’t one of the most extraordinary skins we’ve seen given out for free through Prime Gaming or Twitch Prime before it but is good nonetheless.

Since there are still many players who don’t realize free skins through Prime Gaming, this is perfect for Lifeline fans and collectors of Apex Legends items. As such, you should not miss out on picking up this skin for yourself right now.

How to Get the Skin for Free

Easily the best part about this skin is that Respawn Entertainment and Amazon are giving it out for free. Well, free, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, it is really easy to get, so we will help you try and get it for the lowest price possible.

Though this skin is free, it does come with some caveats that could potentially cost you some money in the end. The only way to get this skin is through the Prime Gaming service that Amazon has. Like Prime Video and all of those other Prime services, they don’t come cheap.

Of course, you are going to need an active Amazon Prime account to get this Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin for free. This exclusive skin is only available through Prime Gaming, so this is something that you will need if you are looking to get Lifeline a flashy new look.

Fortunately, getting an Amazon Prime account isn’t too hard. Chances are, if you are reading this, you already have one that is available to you, or you know someone who does. If you don’t have an account, you can always ask a trustworthy family member or friend if you can use theirs.

If they aren’t going to pick up this free Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin anyway, it will waste but always ask for permission first. If you don’t have anyone who has an account and you don’t either, you can always subscribe to the service for a month and then cancel it.

Better yet, there is a free trial available for first-time users, so you can get the skin quickly, cancel it, and then move on. If you happen to be a college or university student, you can get a much longer student free trial, but it requires signing up with your college email, so you will need one of those. Always remember to cancel your trials if you do not want to continue paying for it.

Once you have an active Amazon Prime account of some kind logged in, all you need to do is head to this link. That will take you to the page where all of the Apex Legends free goodies are. At the time of writing this, you are even still able to pick up last month’s Bloodhound Will of the Allfather skin for free if you haven’t already.

However, it won’t stick around for much longer. The same goes for the new Apex Legends Lifeline Pastel Dreams skin that will only be here for about a month or so until Nov. 17, when a new skin will come out around then.


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