An Apex Legends Lifeline Buff Would Be “Complicated,” According to Developer

by in Apex Legends | May, 15th 2020

Now that Apex Legends is in full Season 5 mode, players are already looking ahead to the future. One such request that many in the community want right now is an Apex Legends Lifeline buff. But this is something that might not be as likely to happen anytime soon.

Apex Legends Developer Gives Statement About Lifeline Buff

Carlos Pineda, the lead game designer at Respawn Entertainment, developer of Apex Legends, recently posted about the topic of Lifeline and the boost that many players want to see happen to her. Pineda posted about this situation on Twitter, informing the community about Lifeline’s future.

Pineda began the post on Twitter by noting that there is a lot of talk currently about a requested Apex Legends Lifeline buff, so the developer had some words to say on this particular matter. Unfortunately, what the lead game designer had to say wasn’t the most positive for now.

For one, the subject of an Apex Legends Lifeline buff is in a “complicated” situation, according to the developer. This is because there is a bit of contradiction in the community regarding this whole scenario. For starters, here are many who want to see a buff for the character.

Pineda goes so far as to say that there are claims that Lifeline is in “dire need of a buff” but there are contradictions to this statement. They come from the actual data of the game itself where the developer claims that the stats are there to prove that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Data Contradicts the Community’s Request

Despite players wanting the Apex Legends Lifeline buff, the data remains consistent that she is among the top tier characters in the entire roster at this time. Not only is she one of the best overall, but she remains near the top in several different categories of stats.

These include the pick rate, where she is one of the most popular characters around in the battle royale game at this time. Also, her win rate is one of the top among the battle royale characters, with more players getting wins while playing as Lifeline than some of the other legends.

And lastly, the coveted KDR ratio. The kill to death ratio for Lifeline seems to be better overall than many of the other legends in the game and those are just some of the examples of stats that the support character leads in. There are, of course, more than just that, which shows a different story.

Though players are wanting to see a Lifeline buff in the future, the data speaks for itself. Pineda even acknowledged this, noting that, in this way, it looks like Lifeline doesn’t need a buff at all. But the game designer does understand the community wanting her to be more unique.

A “Sidegrade” Is Being Worked on for Lifeline

After all, recent characters like Loba have somewhat taken the place of what Lifeline was known for in the past. This makes her not as unique as she once was and players want changes for her. The problem with this is that the team can’t just give her more power to boost her abilities.

The problem with doing that is that it would make Lifeline climb even further up the ranks and in the data if that were to happen. However, not all hope is lost when it comes to seeing Lifeline get the kind of change that players are wanting for her right now.

Pineda ended the Twitter thread on a good note, stating that the developer is working on figuring out a way to make these desired changes without making her too powerful. So, the goal is to give her a “sidegrade” rather than a full-on upgrade like the recent buffs for other heroes.

This would allow them to make a horizontal change to Lifeline that doesn’t make her more powerful but does give her a unique edge. Unfortunately, doing something like this is much harder than just upping her stats or giving her a new addition to her abilities to make her stronger.

Why Players Want a Lifeline Buff

This is a fundamental change to her design that will take some time and Pineda encourages players to be patient regarding this situation. The team is hard at work on figuring a solution to this problem without breaking Lifeline and the metagame in the process, but it is a challenge.

Part of the reason why players want an Apex Legends Lifeline buff so bad is the recent introduction of Season 5 and Loba. The new character isn’t the best, but she is better than Lifeline now at giving her team gear with the thievery abilities that she has.

That renders a major part of what Lifeline does well — her ultimate ability — somewhat mute. This is fine if you do not have a Loba on your team, but if you do, there is almost no reason to have both her and Lifeline at the same time.

Then there is the problem of Gibraltar and Mirage. They both got some necessary buffs as well, with the former able to revive players faster and the latter able to cloak while reviving players. These are great moves for those two characters, but they, again, render a unique point of Lifeline nearly useless.

That is unfortunate and the unique thing about her at this point is the fact that she can heal the team’s health with her robot tactical ability. Perhaps, one way to make her stand apart would be to have the robot also heal the armor or her ultimate do a similar healing trick. For now, though, we will just have to wait and see what changes are on the way for Lifeline in the future as they could be a long ways off.


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