Apex Legends Legacy Season Fully Revealed: Map Changes, Valkyrie Abilities, More

by in Apex Legends | May, 3rd 2021

Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends Legacy patch notes, revealing everything we need to know about the upcoming season for the game. For this ninth season, Respawn is doing away with the usual numbered seasons to offer a new style of handling seasons. 

It is still unknown why the numbers are being done away with, but we are excited about the Legacy season. Here is everything you need to know about the major new content and additions here in the Apex Legends Legacy patch notes. 

Apex Legends Legacy Patch Notes: Arenas

First off, the battle royale title is finally getting its first-ever game mode that is truly not related to the normal battle royale survival experience. Sure, we have the tutorial and training modes, but they aren’t anything substantial at all that you can get too much enjoyment out of. 

Fortunately, we now have Arenas released soon, as confirmed by the Apex Legends Legacy patch notes. This is a permanent new game mode focused on the former Apex Predator Ash, who offers a new type of competition that is a purer form of combat. 

Arenas are simple three-on-three matches in Apex Legends that will feature two teams: well, it. This is not Team Deathmatch in the normal sense, either, as there are no respawns in the rounds. You have one life to live in each round, with the first team eliminating the other to win it. 

In Arenas, there are new multiplayer maps that will be tailored just to this experience for teams to compete in. Some of them will feature familiar locations that you likely already know well enough, while others are built from the ground up for this special game mode. 

The two teams will start each round of the match in a spawn room where they can get the weapons, gear, and abilities they would like to equip for this round. The first team to win three rounds in the match with at least a two-point lead over the other team will come out on top. 

This essentially means that the team needs to win three rounds and have a two-round lead over the enemy team to win the match. However, what happens if the two teams are so close to one another that they keep switching round wins back-and-forth? 

In that case, there will be a sudden death round if they continuously battle until there is a four to four tie in the match. This sudden death round will then determine who the overall winner of the match will be. It is a strange take on Apex Legends battle royale where it is just two teams battling to the death in multiple rounds, but, hopefully, it will lead to other unique game modes. 

Arena Maps Explained

As mentioned already, there are special maps that will be used for the new Arena game mode. Three battle royale-centric maps include places from the already existing maps that we have. There is one location from each of the three maps that have been selected for this game mode. 

From Kings Canyon, we have the popular Artillery destination that will be used for the Arena mode. That is a great choice and a nice place for teams to compete in. From World’s Edge, we have Thermal Station, interestingly enough to likely result in some challenging matches.

And then, from the most recent Olympus map, we have the Golden Gardens area that is an Arenas map. But these three maps aren’t the only close-quarter locations that you can visit in Arena. There are two more maps as well rounding out the group that are brand new additions. 

Party Crasher is the first and takes place in a fancy downtown plaza that is beautiful and exciting. The crashed Mirage Voyage is found here. There are some two-story buildings that you can engage across as well. There are close quarters found here but also some longer-range viewpoints, too. 

The other one is the Phase Runner map. It is the largest one out of the five. Taking place on the same planet as Olympus, this custom arena takes place in a hidden experimental zone at the peak of a mountain. It is a unique snowy area with lots of space to move around and plenty of different strategies to employ here. 

Valkyrie Ability Set Revealed

We already knew that Valkyrie was going to be the Season 9 legend this time around, but we now know her full ability kit. Like other legends, she has a passive ability, a tactical one, and an ultimate. She is also of the recon class to scan survey beacons and reveal the next circle location.

Starting with her passive, we have the VTOL jets. This is the long-awaited ability that lets you use her jetpack to reposition or reach higher places. You have limited fuel, though, and cannot use your weapons while flying around this way. 

The tactical ability is Missile Swarm, which fires a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy. And finally, we have the Skyward Dive ultimate that has you take to the skies to reposition a long-distance across the map and squadmates can join in. 

Overall, we would say that Valkyrie is exactly the surprising and unique character we expected her to be. Though much of her movement and recon abilities are focused on herself, the ultimate is a great potential repositioning technique. We will have more on Valkyrie in our full guide to her once the new season drops on May 4. 

Bocek and Olympus Map Changes

There is a new weapon this season that is known as the Bocek. This is the first bow weapon coming out for the battle royale title (pronounced bow-check) and is a compound bow and precise marksman weapon. How it works is similar to how you would expect from a bow. 

You can hold down the fire button to draw the bow, increase the shot’s power, and give the optimal damage and projectile speed. Firing it repeatedly while holding it down at max power will provide the best way of handling the weapon. 

With the release of the Bocek, there is a new weapon ammo type that is coming out for Apex Legends in the form of arrows. As this is the only weapon that uses the arrows ammo type, they will be pretty rare to find, but the fired arrows will stick to surfaces and remain in the world for you to pick back up. 

The Bocek will come with some attachments that you can put on it to better tailor to your style. There is the 1x hcog classic sight, 1x holosight, 2x hcog, 1x-2x variable scope, and the 3x hcog optics. There are two new hop-ups in the game for the bow, including the Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo, with the ability to equip both of them simultaneously. 

You will be able to use the Bocek on all of the maps, including the newly changed Olympus one. A fleet of mysterious ships have landed on Olympus and brought with them some strange parasitic plants that are on the surface. The Icarus is the lead ship that has changed the landscape of the map. 

It seems to be a creepy new change to the Olympus. We will have more details about everything you need to know about this huge tonal and locational shift for the map soon. 

Emotes and Battle Pass

It is finally time after hearing rumors and leaks of them for emotes to come to Apex Legends. You will now be able to express yourself in a brand new way with the release of these emotes. Unfortunately, they are rather limited at this time, with only emote per legend for now by default. 

Others will have to be obtained through Apex Packs or by crafting them yourself. The emotes change the camera to third-person while you are using them to see yourself making the emote. 

The problem with this is that there is more visibility in the third-person camera position than from first-person. You can better see behind you and around corners that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Fortunately, Respawn has come up with some great ways of getting around this issue. 

To keep the game’s competitive integrity intact, enemies that you wouldn’t have been able to see from your position in first-person will not be shown to you while emoting in third-person. Even if you would see them this way, they will be hidden from you in the game itself. This is an interesting way of handling the situation. We will have to wait to see if it truly works this well in practice. 

A new Legacy battle pass this season will include some premium items for players to collect if they purchase it. Some of the best items you can get include the new Crafty Kitsune skin for Rampart at level 25 and the Demon’s Whisper skin for Wraith at level 50. 

All Legend Changes in This Season

As always, there are some major changes to the actual fighters in Apex Legends, starting with the Low Profile characters. Due to the successful test with Wraith’s hitboxes, Respawn is removing Low Profile completely from Wraith, Lifeline, and Wattson. 

From there, we come to the specific legend changes like for Lifeline. The Combat Revive ability will no longer have a shield for it controversially, but it will allow you to revive two players simultaneously. You can also cancel a revive in progress to defend yourself from enemies. 

The DOC Heal Drone has been buffed some with quicker healing and less time from deployment to use it. And the Care Package has lastly had its cooldown reduced to five minutes. It now guarantees (if possible) a body shield, other equipment, and weapon attachment, depending on your current gear. 

For Octane, there are fewer changes overall compared to Lifeline but still some big ones. Stim has a reduced cooldown to only one second but increased health cost from 12 to 20. There is now also increased bullet spread while in the air and shooting from the low Launch Pad trajectory. 

For Loba, the Burglar’s Best Friend ability now allows you to run and slide at full speed while aiming the bracelet and while it is in the air. She will no longer be slowed after teleporting either. There are bug fixes regarding the bracelet. Then the Black Market Boutique now has a cooldown of 120 seconds. 

In the most powerful legend Horizon, the Gravity Lift ability has reduced lift speed by 30% and reduced side-to-side acceleration. You can only sit at the top for two seconds now. The cooldown has been increased overall. Her abilities will also now get zapped by Watton’s pylons.

For Fuse, he can now have two stacks of Knuckle Cluster. The cooldown will only be 20 seconds. For Bangalore, the Smoke Launcher now has thickened smoke. What is interesting about the single Bloodhound change is that it makes them no longer receive assists from Eye of the Allfather. 

And last but not least, we have Crypto. His drone will now scan and open up care packages for you, which is pretty useful. But this is not all good news, as you can no longer use the drone to hijack a respawn beacon that is already in use. That particular change makes a whole lot of sense, honestly. 

There is just so much that is happening with the release of the Apex Legends Legacy patch notes that we were not able to cover fully. Like bug fixes and the like, the smaller changes were left out in favor of the more important additions and changes to the battle royale game. But if you are interested in finding out more about this update, be sure to check the full patch notes blog here


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