Apex Legends Legacy Adds a Player Starter Kit Default Loadout to Matches

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 30th 2021

The new season for Apex Legends is going to be known as Legacy. Instead of having the ninth season and the theme just be Legacy or something like that, Respawn is going in a different direction and doing away with the normal numbered seasons that have been used for the past eight battle passes.

Instead, it looks like the seasons will be moving towards a new themed name set up from now on, starting with the ninth season that is going to be known solely as the Legacy season. That is a pretty bold title for this first of several new style of seasons moving forward, and it comes with a lot of new content because of that.

Not only does it have the standard additions, like the map changes (this time around for Olympus) and the latest legend in the form of Valkyrie, but the new season will also see some gameplay changes, too. The bulk of this has to do with the new Apex Legends starter kit.

The battle royale game thus far has offered very little in the form of a starter kit for players to use thus far, but that is going to change with the release of the new season. Players will now have a free default loadout that will be given to them at the start of every match. This will be known as the Apex Legends starter kit.

How the Apex Legends Starter Kit Works

Players will now start every single match, both unranked and ranked, and everything in between with an Apex Legends starter kit. Before this moment, what players would get at the start of the match was armor already equipped on them.

This ensured that they would be able to go in there and start upgrading their Evo Armor immediately using the damage that they are able to get on the other players in the match, or switch it out for a better version if they’d like. But that was the bulk of the default loadout that you could have.

Now, the battle royale title is taking some cues from the limited time game modes that it had in the past with this new Apex Legends starter kit. Players will now have several items in their inventory and equipped on them permanently from the start of the map besides the level one armor.

The level one common armor remains as one of the items that you will have at the start of the match, but there are four more items that will be joining the loadout as well. In addition to the armor, you will also have a level one knockdown shield and a level one helmet as well.

This means that you will have a full set of armor and equipment right from the start of the battle royale match, meaning you will have some protection from headshots already (we wonder if this means changes for that in the future) and the ability to protect yourself when you are knocked down.

But the Apex Legends starter kit doesn’t end there, either, as you will also be getting two shield cells and two syringes, so that you will be able to heal your shields and health a little bit from the start. That is the default loadout that every player will start out with in the match.

How This Will Affect the General Loot Pool

With this addition, there are some changes coming. Level one helmets and knockdown shields have been removed completely from the loot pool now since you, well, don’t need them anymore. This is great as it should mean that you should be aiming for the better versions.

Meanwhile, the level one armor will be significantly reduced in the loot pool as you don’t really need these at all, besides replacing your damaged one, but you should be going for upgrades anyways. Unfortunately, better versions will have the same spawn rate but other items like ammo, ordinance, weapons, and more will show up more often, which is good, too.

The general idea behind this huge Apex Legends starter kit change and shift for everything from the loadout to the loot pool is that Respawn has been wanting to do this for a while now. This is to thin out the pool in general and make new items that you pick up in the match feel more impactful.

The Locked and Loaded game mode that we had recently in an event was the chance to test this out as that mode allowed players to start out with a loadout from the beginning similar to this one. In particular, it seemed to the developer that the level one helmets and knockdown shields were the least meaningful items that you could find.

In general, I would agree that this is the case so this removal makes sense. But they aren’t being joined by the backpack for a reason as Respawn presumes that these are meaningful with the addition that they bring, and they are fun to find, so they will not be included in this loadout.

Overall, the Apex Legends starter kit should now make those hot drop situations more fun and engaging as players will now be better equipped for those early fights. If you like dropping to the popular destinations around the maps, you should be better prepared from now on. More changes to loot should be coming in the future as this is an ongoing project so stay tuned for more info.


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