Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Is Being Removed Again in Season 7

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 3rd 2020

It is always sad to see something go, but that is what will happen in Apex Legends Season 7. Respawn Entertainment announced that there would be another Apex Legends Kings Canyon removal in the upcoming season that will take the original battle royale map from us once again.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Removal Announced

This news isn’t too surprising overall, but the Apex Legends Kings Canyon removal is unfortunate nonetheless. The announcement was revealed in a blog post on EA’s website in preparation for the upcoming release of Season 7.

One of the biggest additions to Season 7 is the brand new map. We haven’t had a new map in the game in over a year now, but Olympus will break that trend by introducing itself to the Apex universe in the next season of content.

This new Olympus map is an exciting one for bringing what looks to be a gorgeous sky city with an interesting playstyle and more. That said, this brand new addition does come at the cost of Kings Canyon. The fan-favorite original Apex map is going away for the time being.

The Apex Legends Kings Canyon removal will include the map for the entirety of the seventh season, where players will not check it out during that time. This even includes the ranked and unranked game modes as you won’t be able to play it in either of those.

Olympus Is the Focus This Season

This is unfortunate news for those who like the map, especially since it hasn’t gotten any significant changes in recent seasons. Much of the focus has been on World’s Edge lately, so it is rather unfortunate to see Kings Canyon go away once again.

The Apex Legends Kings Canyon removal doesn’t mean anything for World’s Edge, though. Even though that map’s debut last year meant that it was the only main map for its entire season, such isn’t the case for Olympus as players will have both it and World’s Edge during Season 7.

However, for the first two weeks of the new season, players will only find Olympus as the map available for battle royale, whether you end up a fan of it or not. This exclusivity is likely there to ensure that players have to play this map during that time to give it a chance and learn everything about it.

After those two weeks, World’s Edge will return to the rotation and be available alongside Olympus in the unranked game modes. This is great for fans of that second map since you will choose between the two maps, but that will only be for unranked play.

World’s Edge Will Be the Ranked Map in the Second Half

On the ranked side of things, the seventh-ranked season split will begin in Season 7 Ascension. For the first half of the ranked season around, Olympus will understandably be the main map. However, this won’t last the entire season as it will switch in the second half.

During the second half of the ranked split, World’s Edge will make its triumphant return to the plate as the ranked map for the rest of Season 7. This is an interesting choice as we would have expected the entire ranked season to focus on the new map, so players get used to it.

But this could ensure that players don’t get tired of only one map for several months in the ranked game mode. Beyond just what is happening with the Apex Legends Kings Canyon removal and new ranked map, the Season 6 results were also mentioned in the announcement.

Those players who participated in the sixth-ranked season and reached certain milestones will receive their special rewards when the new season begins. There will also be a standard reset to your rank in Season 7 that will have you climbing through the tiers again.

How Crossplay Will Work With Ranked Matches

The start of Olympus will see your rank go back down once again. This will happen again when the second half of the season starts on Dec. 15. What is interesting about this new season is that there are little changes to the overall ranked format this time around except for one area.

As you likely already know, crossplay is now a thing in Apex Legends and has been for a little bit. But the crossplay aspect wasn’t featured in ranked play much since it came in the middle of the sixth season. But it will be at the forefront of the new seventh-ranked season.

If you have crossplay enabled in your account, you will be matched up with other players on different platforms in ranked play this season. This only really affects the console players who queue up as they are likely to meet up with Xbox players and vice versa as they do their matches.

On the PC side of things, this also likely means that the brand new Steam version will link up with the Origin platform for matches. And if you join a squad as a console player with PC users, you are likely to be matched with other PC players in matches.

However, even though this significant change is happening, it shouldn’t affect how the ranked system works. You will still be competing in the ranks against your fellow PS4 players if you’re on PS4, Xbox One players if you’re on Xbox, and so on.

Even if you play the game on multiple platforms, the points you earn while playing on one system will only count towards that platform. When writing this, these changes will affect tomorrow evening, so players who like Kings Canyon should play it now while they still can.


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