Apex Legends Habitat Arena Map Reportedly Leaks, Reminiscent of Storm Point

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 8th 2021

Apex Legends Arenas is one of the most popular game modes that has ever come out from the title, even more loved by some players than the original battle royale. If leaks are believed, the Apex Legends Habitat map might soon be a new location for Arenas fans. 

Leaker Reveals New Arenas Map

The leak this time around comes from the Twitter user KralRindo who posted about a brand new Arenas map that they recently discovered through datamining the game. Of course, this is a reported leak, so this is something that you should keep in mind. 

This is a particular dataminer that we are none too familiar with. However, that said, the leaks that they have discovered seem rather legit and can be a possible indication of what’s to come. It all began earlier this week with a tweet that the user shared about the possibly new Arenas map. 

The image shows the key art for the new Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map. It looks quite good and very familiar. This is key art for the location, so it does not necessarily reveal the actual place. That said, it is a good indicator of the setting and planet it will be on. 

The image for the Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map is interesting in that it seems like a mix of concept art for two of the battle royale maps in the game already. What is weird about this situation is that Respawn removed all of the Arenas maps based on existing named locations from the battle royale maps. 

Apex Legends Habitat Arena Map Looks Familiar

Even still, there is a stark resemblance of the reportedly leaked Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map to both the recently released Storm Point map from Season 11 and the original Kings Canyon map. The planet’s setting certainly looks like the one that Storm Point takes place on, with its tropical vibe. 

A beautiful, natural look to the map aligns with the locations that we have seen already on the island-based Storm Point. There are even rocks and cliffs in the distance reminiscent of the mountains found on the fourth battle royale map in Apex Legends. 

Some users in the comments, though, also noted how the rumored Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map seems to look like the original concept art for Kings Canyon at the same time, and this is true. It bears some resemblance to Kings Canyon, especially with the lumbering creature over the map in the distance and what look to be remains of something on the map itself. 

There is also a large body of water next to the landmass where players will, presumably, fight against their opposing team in multiple rounds of the Arenas mode. It is uncertain now, but it is definitely, a bright and idyllic locale that would work well as a new map for Arenas fans. 

Habitat 4 Minimap Also Revealed

The leaker who revealed this Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map later noted that the official name for the location in the files is Habitat 4. This is likely some codename, as maybe it was a planet being developed or something like that. 

Presumably, if it is to be released in the future, the Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map would likely be called Habitat 4. This could also indicate that it is not the same planet as Storm Point, which would make sense since Respawn is seemingly trying to avoid relying too much on existing battle royale places for Arenas. 

However, the fun does not stop there for this leaked Arenas map as the user then followed up with another tweet, revealing another file that they reportedly found in the backend of the game. This time around, this is more substantial in revealing information about what this place will be like. 

The user showed off what looks to be the official file for the Apex Legends Habitat Arenas minimap. This seems to be the actual map file for the location, showing off the layout and design of the Arenas map, and giving us an idea of how it will play in the game mode. 

How the Map Could Play

Habitat 4 features two spawn points on a seemingly symmetrical map, with each team spawning on the left or right side, facing directly across from one another. There is not much going on in this seemingly small and simplistic map based on likely getting to your enemies as quickly as possible. 

Six or so main rocks seem to be the bulk of the cover on this map, with smaller rocks on the southern side of the map for flanking the enemies. In the northern area, though, there is a strange outcropping area that seems to be for contained fights and also quick access for flanking the enemy. 

Some users noted hilarious comparisons for the minimap’s shape for Habitat 4 to real-world features, like the head of a frog or, worse, the pelvis of a human. It is pretty straightforward, with a possible three-lane approach that will make it so that the fights are fast and likely nonstop here. 

That will appeal to some players out there who like that sort of engagement in Arenas. Everything seems to point towards the Apex Legends Habitat Arenas map being real. This could mean that we will see it be released soon. Presumably, Respawn would want to release it alongside a new season or a new event in the game. 


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