Apex Legends Gravity Lifts and Challenges Leak, Teasing Season 7

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 7th 2020

A new leak has dropped for Apex Legends. It reveals that some new elements will be reportedly added to the two battle royale maps very soon. It seems that there will be some Apex Legends gravity lifts soon on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, changing up both maps.

Apex Legends Gravity Lifts Are Now Counting Down

The Apex Legends gravity lifts will be coming to the game soon, according to the battle royale game data miner Tobias on Twitter. This helps confirm what we already expect to be the lifts, as they have appeared in the game and are counting down to when they will activate.

Players can already locate the Apex Legends gravity lifts right now and see where they are. But you cannot use them just yet as there is a countdown for them that show when they will be available for use in battle royale matches.

That countdown indicates that players will be able to check out the new feature on both battle royale maps as early as next week, likely on Oct. 13. Many in the community are speculating that this could be a reference to the next season in Apex Legends and what it will be about.

The Apex Legends gravity lifts locations vary from map to map, but there are three in total that you will find on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. According to Tobias, the first device on Kings Canyon is at the Airbase and Repulsor Station area on the original map.

Where to Find All of the Gravity Lifts

The second spot is near The Cage and Watchtower North, where you will access it there. The third and final gravity lift device is on Kings Canyon near the Artillery Battery. As for World’s Edge, it also has three gravity lift spots spread out around the map.

The first of the World’s Edge locations is near the Refinery and Skyhook named locations on the map. The second is near the Train Yard and Sorting Factory locations while the third and final one is near Fragment West.

From what we know about these Apex Legends gravity lifts, these devices will likely allow the player to leap up into the air somehow and potentially soar around the map for a little bit, similar to how the hot air balloon can be used.

But the original leak about the gravity lifts from Tobias on Twitter didn’t stop with the locations of the devices and the challenges that will likely be associated with them. It is worth keeping in mind that this original leak is a bit old at this point, so the challenges could change when the lifts are available next week.

There Are Reportedly Gravity Lift Challenges as Well

But for now, it does seem that some new battle royale challenges will drop as part of the gravity lifts feature. There are 10 challenges in total that we can see that might show up next week. They all have to do with either using the gravity lifts or are related to them in general.

The first challenge is to deal with some damage while mid-air, presumably, after using the new gravity lifts. It will be hard since you will be flying around and aiming might be difficult. With some practice and a bit of luck, you should do this one, especially with how popular the areas around the lifts will be.

There are then three seemingly sub-challenges related to this one that has to do with getting knockdowns and outliving opponents. It is possible that this is a string of challenges within one mission and that you will need to fulfill all of the objectives to complete it.

There are two more of these larger missions that include several smaller ones. Both of these are more standard and focus on the six devices added to the maps. The first group is about the three gravity lifts at Kings Canyon. All you need to do is activate all three of them.

How Are Gravity Lifts Activated?

The same is done for the three devices on the World’s Edge map, where the challenges ask you to activate them. Activating the gravity lifts is something that we don’t necessarily know about currently, but we don’t expect this to be that hard of a task.

It will likely be similar to the barriers and other features of the battle royale maps where you need to hit a specific button to activate the gravity lifts and use them. It is uncertain if this only once or every single time someone uses it.

The only reason that this distinction matters is that the challenges, at least at the time of the leak, state that you need to activate each lift, which can be troublesome if they can only be activated once per match. Otherwise, if it is just riding on the lift, then this can be done in any match anytime.

Regardless, the activation of the gravity lifts seems to be the first of several teasers for the story of Season 7. There are theories currently circulating that this could be about the previously leaked Valk legend who seems to favor an ability set focused on flying or hovering around the map. For now, we will have to wait and see until we have more information on Season 7.


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