Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit Playoffs Will Let You Earn Twitch Drops

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 19th 2021

Respawn Entertainment and EA have announced that players will earn some brand new cosmetic items for free with the Apex Legends Global Series Twitch drops. Fans who check out the upcoming event for the esports series will nab them some banners and more for use in the game. 

Apex Legends Global Series Twitch Drops Announced

The Apex Legends Global Series Twitch drops will be a great way for the community to get connected to both the game itself, which you likely already are and the Global Series. This series is the main esports organization for the popular battle royale game. 

It has circuits, or essentially seasons of a sort, every so often during the year. The current one is the Winter Circuit 2021. It will be coming to an end very soon. EA is making sure that fans have a reason to tune in with the free Twitch drops feature. 

Twitch drops are essentially free items or other offers that you can unlock for a specific game just by watching people stream it on Twitch. It is a major incentive to promote various Twitch streams and give players a reason to check out events like the Global Series.

The Apex Legends Global Series Twitch drops are beginning to promote the Winter Circuit Playoffs that are about to begin soon. They will be taking place next weekend, March 27-28, and will feature some of the best players and teams from around the world competing against one another. 

The Winter Circuit Playoffs will be happening for both the North America and EMEA regions of the Global Series, so there will be plenty of opportunities to earn the free items next weekend so long as players show up while the event is going on live. 

What Items You Can Earn

There are four items that players can earn through the Apex Legends Global Series Twitch drops program. These are unique items that you are unlikely to get anywhere else, or at least in this super-easy way of unlocking them. 

The first of these items that you can unlock is the lifetime wins tracker for Mirage. This tracker is there to show you the total wins that you have gotten while playing as Mirage. Rather than just the wins for a particular season, you will be able to show off how many wins you have overall. 

The second item you will receive through the Twitch drops feature is the rare Honorable Mention badge item, which just so happens to be for Mirage. If you couldn’t already tell, for some reason, these items are focusing solely on this legend, so fans of his character should check them out. 

The third item is for, you guessed it, Mirage and is the rare Number One banner for him. The confident legend fits this banner pose quite well and will be a great one for future matches that you do in Apex Legends so that players know who the best legend around is. 

Finally, perhaps the most interesting item of them all is the fourth and final one. If you partake in the Global Series enough, you will be able to earn a legendary item. That legendary cosmetic is none other than the Metal Collector banner frame for Mirage so that your info shows up rather fancy before and after matches. 

How to Unlock the Global Series Twitch Drops

But just knowing about the Apex Legends Global Series Twitch drops is half the story, as you will need to unlock all four of these items. They are free, so no money is required, but you will need to spend some of your time to get them. 

But before you can do that, you need to set up your accounts online to make sure that you are fully prepared to earn these rewards. This is the most important step, as missing this one will mean that you will waste your time watching and not unlock anything. 

First and foremost, make sure that you have an EA account, which you likely already do for Apex Legends. But if you are a console player, you might not, so make sure to link your platform’s account with EA first. Once that is done, then it is time to make sure that you have a Twitch account. 

Head on over to Twitch, login, and then make sure to connect the EA account that you have to the Twitch one. Once these two are linked together, you can start unlocking the Apex Legends Twitch drops once they are available next weekend during the Winter Circuit Playoffs. 

As for how you unlock them, it is solely based on how long you watch the Winter Circuit Playoffs while the matches live. For the first item that we mentioned for Mirage above, you will need to watch a total of one hour of the playoffs live. 

For the second item, this number increases to a total of two hours that you will need to watch live for it. You get the idea from there as the third item requires three hours of watching the official stream on the PlayApex Twitch channel, and then four hours if you want to get the legendary Metal Collector banner frame. 

From what we know about Twitch drops, this is in total hours, so it is possible to watch 30 minutes, walk away, and then watch 30 more minutes live later. They will both count towards your total. Unfortunately, the Twitch drops will only happen for two days, so be sure to keep that in mind so that you can unlock the items you want. Items will show up within about 24 hours of the event when you next log into the game. 


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