Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit 2021 Announced

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 9th 2020

EA and Respawn Entertainment have officially announced the next iteration of the Apex Legends Global Series. The official esports side of the battle royale game will continue the format that it started this year with the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit in 2021. 

Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit 2021 Announced

The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit will start early in the year with some upcoming competitions for players to participate in or watch. For the most part, this upcoming 2021 season will be similar to what we have had earlier this year. 

With the conclusion of the Apex Legends Autumn Circuit coming up soon, it is already time to begin looking towards the future and what EA has in store for the professional side of the game. It looks like there will be little downtime before the next circuit begins. 

The Winter Circuit 2021 will begin in early January and offer a largely similar form to the Summer and Autumn seasons. This wasn’t originally going to be how the Apex esports scene was going to be, but it has turned into this. 

With the pandemic and everything this year, the possibility of in-person events has gone out the door. Online looks to be the solution for this year, and cases begin to rise in many parts of the world during these colder months. 

Schedule for the Winter Season

The entire schedule for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit has been officially revealed. The regional broadcasts will be moving to Sundays from now on during this upcoming season. Players will be able to continue watching matches on Twitch, YouTube, and Mildom.

The first tournament will be the Winter Circuit Preliminary Online Tournament that will begin on Jan. 17. The time zones will be slightly different, depending on the region you are in, but North America players will have it start at 2:15 p.m. PT (5:15 p.m. ET).

The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit will follow the general format with multiple normal online tournaments that lead up to the main event at the end of the season. The second online tournament will follow up soon after the first one also in January. 

The second Winter Circuit 2021 online tournament will happen on Jan. 31. The third online tournament will happen a few weeks after that on Feb. 21 at the same time as usual.

The fourth and final online tournament will happen on March 7, at the usual time. It won’t be the final chance for players to compete for a chance at the playoffs main event that season, though. That honor goes to the last chance qualifiers tournament as always. 

The last chance qualifiers tournament will happen on March 21 just before the playoffs event. Players who didn’t qualify for the playoffs will have the opportunity to make it at the last minute.

EA only notes the time on that day for the APAC North region. It is uncertain if this qualifiers tournament will only happen in other regions besides just there. And then, last but not least, the schedule for the season ends with the playoffs. 

The playoffs day one will happen on March 27 at 3 p.m. PT with day two the very next day on March 28 to conclude with the winners. It remains to be seen if teams like TSM, Jupiter Vega, ATK, and others will continue their reigns. 

How to Get Into the Winter Circuit and Prize Money

With the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit starting early next year, you don’t have much time to prepare for what’s coming. If you missed out on the first couple of seasons and want your chance to compete for glory and money, you have time to register.

Players can register on Jan. 5 for the first online tournament. It will be open to all players who meet the requirements. Those rules are that you must be on PC, you must have reached gold IV rank during the split two of the current season, and register before Jan. 14 at noon PT. 

Matches in the Winter season will have new Freecam tech used for them, bringing action unlike ever before for fans watching matches live. You will be able to enjoy 360 degrees of action to see what the best teams from around the world will be doing in the middle of matches. 

Prizes for the online tournaments will be based on the region that you are competing in. For Europe and North America, the first-place prize will be $6,000 for each one’s winners, while the North America and EMEA regions’ winners will get $48,000 each in the playoffs. 

If you want to know more about the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit 2021, regarding specific regions that we didn’t mention, like the APAC North, APAC South, and others, check out the full information about the new season on the official EA website


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