Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournaments Will Replace Live Events for Now

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 1st 2020

Electronic Arts has made fans wait long enough to see what’s next for the Apex Legends Global Series and now players won’t have to wait much longer. The new schedule and events have been revealed, including several Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments that will happen soon.

EA Finally Reveals Apex Legends Global Series Plans

EA finally revealed its plans for the Apex Legends Global Series after players and fans in the community have been waiting so long for more news regarding the series. The esports event was first announced last year and was an exciting endeavor that many were looking forward to.

But then this year came and the schedule was put out along with how things would work in the series. It was very interesting as the series looked to be EA’s answer to the other battle royale competitions and leagues that other games were doing.

In fact, it was very different from the styles of stuff like the Call of Duty League and Fortnite World Cup, even if it is a bit more complicated than those two. In a way, it is more like the Magic: The Gathering events throughout the year.

However, the excitement surrounding the Apex Legends Global Series died down once the COVID-19 pandemic began around the world. It didn’t just affect industrial companies and the video game industry as a whole, but it also began to affect esports events like the Global Series.

Coronavirus Affected Original Live Events

The coronavirus pandemic affected the Apex Legends Global Series rather early on and EA was actually one of the better companies about announcing approaches to protect its staff and the community from potentially exposing themselves to the novel virus at events.

To combat this, EA announced a while back that the Apex Legends Global Series live events like the Majors and Premiers were canceled for the time being. However, that was only temporary with hopes of a replacement in the future, but we haven’t heard anything until now.

As of right now, it looks like the live events are still being canceled and/or postponed by EA for the time being as the world attempts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and contain it. The benefit of this is that EA isn’t giving up on the Apex Legends esports scene completely.

Fortunately, the series will continue but the format that it will continue in is quite different than what it was originally. This is a less than ideal situation for the hyped-up league but it is understandable given everything going on in the world currently.

EA Stay and Play Initiative Revealed

EA posted a lengthy blog post about everything happening with the Apex Legends Global Series. In it, the company announced its Stay and Play initiative that focuses on exactly what it sounds like: encouraging players and fans to stay home and play rather than leave to go elsewhere.

It noted at the start of the post that, as the global coronavirus situation evolves over time, it wants to help the world find more ways to connect in play during a time where everyone needs to be physically apart for the time being.

EA is “committed” to creating the best platform possible for fans and players to stay home, stay safe during these crazy times, but still find a way to connect and find joy together online. The broader Stay and Play initiative, that will likely affect other EA games, is the source of that.

As part of that initiative, the Apex Legends esports scene will move away from the traditional live events that were going to happen physically in person and move towards more Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments, instead.

Changing up these online tournaments to become true replacements for now for the live events, they will have a significant prize pool of $100,000 and players will be able to earn Global Series points in the process of competing in them.

Bucharest Premier Postponed, Online Tournament Happens Soon

As part of this major announcement about the live events, the upcoming PGL Bucharest Premier event that was set to happen as the second one in the series is now postponed. No new date was given for the event, so there is no telling when it will actually happen.

This makes sense as the live events are something that shouldn’t happen right now during the current climate in the world. While it would have been nice to have an online replacement for it that would take its spot and let the best of the best compete, we will have to make do with what we have for now.

In the meantime, there are the Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments to look forward to. The first of these is the online tournament three that will happen this weekend, in fact. It will take place on April 4 and 6, and now award the better prizes and points.

The prizes for the event are pretty good and players will be competing for their chance to earn some cash and fame in the process. This will now be one of the few events to look forward to at this time. If you are interested in competing this weekend, you can still register for now.

Registration is open currently and it will close promptly at 12 pm PT (3 pm ET) tomorrow, Thursday, April 2. There isn’t much time left to register for the event this weekend, so interested players should grab a team of three and quickly fill out the necessary forms to get in.

Online Tournament Schedule Revealed

While online tournament three will happen this upcoming weekend, it is far from the only event that will be happening in the near future. To make up for the fact that there will be no live events for the foreseeable future in the Global Series and to keep everyone engaged, more events have been announced.

In addition to the online tournament three coming up, there are three new Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments that have been scheduled for the next couple of months. These three new tournaments are actually pretty close to one another and will offer some welcome fun.

The schedule currently includes online tournament four that will happen a couple of weeks from now on April 18 and April 20. It takes place not too long after the release of the third tournament this weekend. The registration will open up at 10 am PT on April 7 next week.

This will be followed by yet another new online tournament a couple of weeks after that on May 2 and 4. The fifth online tournament will take place then and offer even more competition for players. Registration for that will open up at 10 am PT on April 21.

Last but not least, a sixth online tournament has been revealed by EA as part of the Stay and Play initiative. It will actually take place a lot later than the other ones and happen nearly a month after online tournament five. It takes place on May 30 and June 1. Registration will open up for it at 10 am on May 19.

How to Watch the Online Tournaments Live

As these are strictly Apex Legends Global Series online tournaments only, instead of being live, EA is actually going to be streaming portions of them for everyone to watch at home. Unfortunately, it does look like it will only be a very slim portion of the tournaments but it is better than nothing for sure.

All four of the upcoming online tournaments will have a broadcast of some kind live while the event is going on. It will only be the finals of the tournaments, though, for both Europe and the North America regions of the upcoming Global Series online tournaments.

Players will be able to watch them live as they happen on the official Twitch and YouTube channels for the popular battle royale game. We already have the general broadcast dates and times for when players can tune in to see the end of these four tournaments.

The first one will be this weekend’s online tournament three that will host its finals on April 6. The North America finals on that day will begin at 5:45 pm PT with players around the world having the chance to watch the entire final match live as it happens.

For those of you in Europe or those who just want to watch it live, you can tune in and see the European finals happen at 5:45 pm BST on that same day for online tournament three. All four of the online tournaments that are coming up will have their broadcasts at those times for both regions.

However, the dates will, of course, change with each of them. Online tournament four will host its finals a couple of weeks after the third tournament on April 20 while the fifth event is on May 4, and the sixth one on June 1 at the same broadcast time.

Future Online Tournament Prizes

Starting with the third online tournament this weekend, there will be some pretty awesome prizes that will be handed out at each of the four events across April, May, and June. They will all have the same prizes and they are better now since the live events aren’t happening.

For both Europe and North America, they will have the same prize structure of giving out $100,000 at each event with some solid prizes divided up based on placement in the events. It all starts with 10th place that will earn themselves $590 while ninth place will get $780.

Then, eighth place will get $975 and seventh will receive $1,185. Sixth place will get $1,410 and fifth place will receive $1,650. Fourth place will walk away with $2,010 and third place will get $2,790. The second-place runner-up will get much more at $4,410 for doing well.

Last but not least, the first place winner will get $7,200 for competing and doing really well in the online tournament to win it all. It will differ, though, for the other regions in the world other than North America and Europe. They will get different prizes.

Those regions will get prizes starting with fifth place in each of their events. Fifth place will receive $810, fourth place will get $990, third place will walk away with $1,380, the second-place runner-up will get $2,220, and the first-place winner will receive a nice $3,600.

In the case of all of the above prizes listed, they will be distributed equally between all three competitors on the placing team. In addition to the money that players can earn, there will be Apex Legends Global Series points on the line that can increase the teams’ placements on the leaderboard.

Apex Legends Global Series Leaderboards

Speaking of the online leaderboards for the esports series, they are updated at this time and EA went over recent results for them in the blog post. The beloved TSM is still the reigning champion team over on the global leaderboards with the most points out of all regions after their second online tournament win recently.

In Europe, Alliance is doing extremely well, too, with a commanding victory during the online tournament two but they still have to contend with the impressive Kebabrulla who was the online tournament one winner there. Stay tuned for future updates about the online tournaments and if these ranks change up at all during the next four online tournaments.


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