Apex Legends Global Series Live Events and More Canceled By EA

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 16th 2020

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has lasting effects across the world in so many different sectors. We have already seen the effect of COVID-19 on the gaming industry and esports, but this latest announcement only deepens the impact from the crisis.

EA Suspends All Competitive Gaming Live Events

EA announced via its official website that it is formally suspending all live events for its competitive games and leagues, effective now. If a major tournament or event were to happen live and in person, it is no longer happening, so players and fans should keep this in mind.

Among the cancellations of these events are all the Apex Legends Global Series live events. This marks the end of seeing the various events like the Major and more soon. The decision was made to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision also affects other competitive online EA games that the company publishes and develops. A lot of games, players, and organizations are affected by this.

The list that EA presented in its official announcement on its website included the Apex Legends Global Series live events, the EA Sports FIFA 202 Global Series, the FIFA Online 4 live events, and the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series.

What the Suspension Includes

None of this is truly surprising given all the problems in the world currently because of the coronavirus. However, the extent of the effects on the EA games doesn’t end there. It also reaches out to events beyond the ones that the publisher planned to hold.

The events that canceled or suspended include ones directly hosted by EA like the Apex Legends Global Series live events. It also includes third-party events running under official licensing from EA.

This also includes all competitive gaming content happening live except for broadcasts individually produced remotely. Likely, this means anything that has to have a venue and large gatherings of people can’t happen now.

If someone is willing to stream by themselves from their home and produce it, this can still happen during these times. It could potentially mean that third-party events could happen where players participate solely from home.

Online Events Will Still Likely Happen

These changes only affect live events that EA was going to do soon. It doesn’t change anything regarding the online events scheduled to happen in these games. This is so long as those online events are ones where the participants and the staff are remote and separated from one another.

The suspension of events like the Apex Legends Global Series live events are active right. It will continue until further notice when the coronavirus situation improves. EA concludes its announcement about the cancellations by addressing why they made the decision. The decision protects the competitors, employees, partners involved, and communities who support these events.

Everything surrounding this decision could potentially change in the future. EA will continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and any updates and guidance from health officials from around the world. During this time, it will determine the next steps for moving forward with all the EA competitions and live events.

What We Know About the Apex Legends Global Series

While this is going on, a large portion of EA staff working on events and games are encouraged to work remotely. Some staff critical to the business are likely in the offices and many developers are working from home now.

It is wild to see so many events like the long-awaited Apex Legends Global Series suspended. The series was going to be EA’s first foray into the battle royale competitive scene for the barely year-old title.

It is quite popular for its competitive take on the battle royale scene with only the option for three-player squads in each match for a total of 20 teams and 60 players. It is a tightly focused game with each character having unique abilities available to them.

Given the nature of the battle royale game, it has the possibility of having a strong esports scene. That was going to happen with the Global Series, which seems to be technically going still, but the live events won’t happen for the time being.

It is a solid series structure. Anyone has the chance to join in and vie for their chance to become an award-winning player for the title. It allows anyone from amateurs through to the existing pro players and content creators to compete.

There are multiple entry points for players to come through and earn their right to compete at the live events like the Majors. Unfortunately, for now, we will have to wait and see what happens to the Global Series in the future as the coronavirus pandemic develops around the world.


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