Apex Legends Global Series Championship Has Big Plans

by in Apex Legends | May, 10th 2021

Apex Legends announces the coming Global Series Championship today, and it promises to be an absolute blast. This comes hot on the heels of the devs announcing over 100 million players. On top of that, the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit Playoffs blew previous Apex Legends records to pieces. It was their most-watched competition by more than 50 percent, and over 100,000 average minute audience across the player streams and official broadcast alike. That’s great news for the battle royale esport, that’s for sure. But next up, is the ALGS Championship. Is it going to be the biggest event in Apex Legends history? It sounds like it.

Apex Legends keeps on growing! With exciting new characters like Valkyrie, there’s no telling what kind of comps and strats these teams will come up with.

What To Expect

When the Apex Legends Global Series Championship kicks off this month, the best teams in the world will be coming together to see who stands out. The Group Stage begins on May 22nd, for the APC North, APAC South, and South America regions. The EMEA and North American regions begin on June 1-2. 30 teams will take part in each of the APAC North, South, and South America Championships, and 40 teams will compete in each of the North America and EMEA Championships.

All teams start in the Group Stage and will be divided into groups of 10 teams each. As it will be a Round Robin system, all teams will play against each other, and the total points accrued will see which 20 teams will move on to their regional finals. The Apex Legends Global Series Championship however will use a Match Point format, for the 1,000,000 USD prize pool. The EMEA Groups can be found here, and the North American Groups can be seen here.

There are some pretty serious groups going down in the ALGS, that’s for sure. As of right now, the Championship Finals are scheduled for June 5th-6th and June 12th-13th. The action will be going down on both Twitch and Youtube. Times are available on the official EA site. We’re incredibly excited to see Apex Legends esports kick off again. If the Winter events were anything to go by, we could see even more big numbers come out of Apex Legends. 

The group seeds have all been decided, and the times are set. If this writer had to pick a “group of death”,  it would be North America Group B (NRG, Renegades), and EMEA Group B (Nessy, NAVI). Any team could come out on top though, and that’s what makes it so exciting. The best of the best teams are all converging, with some very familiar names taking part. But who will be coming out on top? You’ll have to tune in and see!


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