Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Announced

by in Apex Legends | Sep, 1st 2020

EA has announced that the Apex Legends Global Series will be formally expanding to introduce yet another circuit for the community. Though the summer season is coming to a close now, fans and players don’t have to worry as there is now going to be an Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit.

Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit Announced

The Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit will follow up on the summer season of battle royale competitions and offer a rehash of the same competition style that has happened thus far this year. Though it didn’t follow the original plan for the official esports season, it has become quite popular.

The Global Series has allowed teams to compete online and remotely without having the highly anticipated stage competitions in person initially planned for the year. Now that the Global Series is in full force and players know what to expect, it will have another phase for everyone to check out.

The Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit will follow pretty soon after the Summer Circuit Playoffs that hasn’t even begun yet. Three months of competition are nearly over as the Super Regional champions have battled it out, and the playoffs will determine who is truly the best of the best.

But the winners of the playoffs won’t have to wait much longer to jump into the competition again. The Autumn Circuit will offer a near repeat of the summer season. But it is worth noting that there will be some major changes this time around that should improve the overall experience, not that EA has learned from the summer season.

Autumn Circuit Start Dates and Regions

The Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit will all begin later this year with the fall season. Now that we are in September, we can officially say that the new season of the esports series for the battle royale game will begin next month in October and go through the end of the year.

In total, the Autumn season of the esports league will take place for around three months or so, beginning with the very first batch of competitions that will take place at the start of October 2020. It will all begin in about a month with the first regional tournament on Oct. 5.

That day will see the launch of the first regional tournament, and it will happen across three different regions in total. Some of the other regions are not officially mentioned in the schedule, so it is unknown how they will work and when their first competitions will happen.

The regions that will participate in the upcoming Autumn Circuit are North America, Asia-Pacific North, Asia-Pacific South, and EMEA. Asia-Pacific North includes Japan and South Korea, meanwhile, the southern half of the APAC region includes the Greater Southeast Asia region, Australia, and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the massive EMEA region includes Europe, Middle East, and Africa. They will come together for North and South America when it eventually gets to the Super Regional section of the season with just the simple Americas region.

As for the first regional competition on Oct. 5, one has APAC North, Europe, and North America. Presumably, the other regions will compete on the same day with their first batch of matches, but they haven’t been revealed at this time in the initial announcement.

The second regional tournament will follow this on Oct. 19 where there are only three regions noted for this particular competition. Those regions are the same as before: APAC North, North America, and Europe.

This is followed by the third regional tournament that will happen about two weeks after that one on Nov. 2. It has the same three regions listed as before. Then we come to the fourth and final regional tournament on Nov. 9 only a week later for those three regions.

About a month later, the last chance qualifiers round where the teams and players will have their last chance to qualify for the playoffs round. This will happen about a month after the last scheduled regional competition on Dec. 7 for the APAC North, EMEA, and Americas super regions.

As for the playoffs, these will come soon after the last chance qualifiers as the main event of the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit season. They will happen Dec. 19-20 with more details to come about them in the future.

Continuing Rivalries and Super Regional Competition

The super-regional competition will feature the four major super regions, as mentioned before, of having EMEA, the Americas, APAC South, and APAC North. They are the ones that will be used once again for the playoffs portion of the new season this fall.

In these super-regional competitions, the rivalries will continue from the summer season of Apex Legends with the biggest teams once again battling it out to see who will come out on top this time around. Teams like Crazy Raccoon, DeToNator, EXO Clan, Gambit Esports, Lava City Boys, Millions Gaming, MiTH Team 1, and Team SoloMid will all compete here.

Those teams did amazing during the summer season and fully expected to continue performing well during the upcoming fall season. Hopefully, though, the short time between the summer and fall seasons doesn’t mean that this season will be a copycat of the last one.

Fortunately, there are latecomers like HRN and Nessy who were able to make it late in the Summer Circuit to come out strong and do even better in the fall season.

How EA Is Changing the Autumn Circuit

Speaking of change, EA and Respawn Entertainment ensure that they are changing things up with the Autumn Circuit that will happen soon. They have learned from what they did with the Summer Circuit, and some changes will be implemented in the coming season.

What is interesting about these changes is that they come directly from the players and fans themselves. EA has heard loud and clear the teams’ feedback regarding the current summer season and is using some of that feedback to come up with improvements for the fall season.

It all begins with the changes that are being made directly to the matches themselves. The regional and super-regional finals will all have six games for teams to play from now on. The exception to this rule is the playoffs that will use the match point format, instead.

To help keep everything balanced this season, the North America and Europe regions will have their tournament rounds once again across the weekend with matches on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This is likely being done to keep everything balanced given the potential sheer number of competitors in those two regions.

What is interesting about the Autumn Circuit is that this season will have a more segmented and purposeful format that will separate the regional and super-regional play more. The first four weeks of the series will be dedicated only to the regional competitions and nothing else.

After that, when the last chance qualifiers begin, the super regional gameplay will come into play. So, for at least the normal portion of the season, players will have less competition to deal with in their respective region.

The super-regional will continue onward from the last chance qualifiers tournament and into the playoffs where the Autumn Circuit champions will be determined. One change that you might have noticed is that the APAC South region includes Greater Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is an intentional change that will happen in this upcoming season of competition. These two sections will combine and compete against one another at every stage of the season, not just the super regional portions later on. The reason behind this is cited as the competition being fierce and somewhat even between the two regions.

How to Qualify for the Autumn Circuit

Of course, one of the great parts of the Apex Legends Global Series is that you can compete in it even if you aren’t a pro player already. You could be an amateur who likes the game and is kind of good at it, and you could throw your hat into the ring for a chance at fame and money.

Besides being in one of the regions mentioned above that are part of the Global Series, the only requirement is that you must have at least achieved Gold IV rank in the ranked section of the battle royale game in series five, split one by noon PT on Oct. 1.

Unfortunately, the competition is only available to PC players who have reached that rank by then. If that is you, you will begin registering for the upcoming season on Sept. 22 when the registration opens up. The one odd thing about this is the PC platform.

Until this point, the PC platform has only been for those playing on the EA Origin platform. That is because the game is only available there but set to change sometime before the end of the year when Apex Legends comes to Steam.

At this time, we don’t know the release date of when it will come to Steam, but we could see that happen before the end of September. However, Respawn may be saving it for after Oct. 1 to prevent any confusion regarding how that platform will qualify for the Global Series.

Prize Pool Announced for the Regions

As always, a lot of prizes will be given out throughout the Autumn Circuit to the various teams who did the best during their respective competitions. Unfortunately, it does seem like only the very top teams in each of the regional competitions will earn some cash for their efforts.

Everyone else will have the joy of competing against the other pro and amateur players out there. The prizes given out differ between the various regions and competitions that will make up the Autumn Circuit for the next three months.

It all begins with the regional competition that will, apparently, only have cash prizes for the top three teams out of each region and tournament that happens. The third-place team in Europe and North America will receive $1,500 for getting that far in the regional tournament.

The second-place team will get $3,000. The first place European and North American teams will get $6,000. Those prizes will be given out for each of the four regional tournaments this season for both regions.

Considering that the competition will probably have less involved in the other regions, they will have fewer prizes given out to their top three teams at the regional events. Third place in APAC North, APAC South, Middle East/Africa, and South America will be $750. Second place and first place will get $1,500 and $3,000, respectively.

In the playoffs season, the teams will earn some impressive cash to make it to the top 10 for their super region. You can find the prizes for the top 10 teams in the Americas and EMEA below. The other two regions, APAC North and APAC South, have prizes a little less than half of the Americas and EMEA.

$45,000: Champions


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