Apex Legends Global Championship Announced

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 26th 2021

EA and Respawn Entertainment are ensuring that players and fans have something really special to look forward to this year with the Apex Legends Global Series. The biggest part of the esports scene for the battle royale game will culminate this year with the Apex Legends Global Championship.

Apex Legends Global Championship Revealed

EA announced the Apex Legends Global Championship in a press release sent to us, revealing that this is going to be the single biggest event of the year for the title. Though the season is still right in the middle of the current Winter Circuit, we can already look forward to the future.

That future is going to revolve around the Apex Legends Global Championship that will happen fairly soon. It will take place, beginning on May 22 and running for a fairly long time until June 13 when it will conclude with the winners of it all.

This Global Championship competition is being touted by EA as the culmination of the first ever Global Series season. After we have had about a year of competitions and various circuits for the battle royale game, the end is coming very soon with this first ever championship event.

Little details are known about the Apex Legends Global Championship at this time but we at least know that those are the dates for the event and the general idea of what is going to happen there. After all, this is where the best of the best in the world will gather for the conclusion to this first season.

Global Series Will Culminate in This Event

The Global Series began its first season during a rough time for the world and esports in general, coming right when the global pandemic was just about to start around a year ago. This was a tumultuous time for the whole world and it affected the Global Series greatly.

Instead of the major events that were going to take place in the series, including some in-person ones, everything had to be shifted to a more online version for the competitions. Fortunately, EA was great about ensuring that the tournaments and events still happened.

Unlike some of the other battle royale games in the industry (looking at you, Fortnite), Apex Legends was able to transition well to the new online format and host some impressive events. Over the course of the past year or so, every season has seen some circuit action.

From the spring to the summer to the fall and now the Winter Circuit, the Apex Legends Global Series has continued onward. Now, it is going to be coming to an end with the Global Championship that will see the very best teams from around the world compete for the championship title.

Region and Prize Details

It will include teams from all of the main Global Series regions, including North America, South America, EMEA, APAC North, and APAC South. The teams will then battle it out until there are five so-called “Champions of the Arena” for the Global Series’ first season.

It is unknown how this whole system will work but it does seem like the Apex Legends Global Championship will be divided up by region if there are going to be five teams that win in the end and there are five total regions that are in the Global Series.

Those teams will be competing for a share of the massive $1 million prize pool that is now breaking the record for the most prize money that will be given out for the Apex Legends Global Series in one event. Prize details, like how much each placement for a team and region will be given, will be revealed at a later time.

So are the teams who will be competing in the Apex Legends Global Championship as they have not been revealed yet. This is understandable as we are just under two months away from the championship event beginning as the end of the current inaugural season of the Global Series.

How Teams Will Qualify for the Global Championship

There are teams that will likely qualify for the event simply by doing well at the Circuit events that have been happening over the past year. However, if a team does fail to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Championship, they will have a second chance to do so through a special tournament.

The ALGS Championship Last Chance Qualifier event will happen next month and offer some of the teams who missed out on the Global Championship one final chance to get in there in time for the biggest event of the season for the battle royale game.

Registration for the Last Chance Qualifier event will begin this Monday, March 29, and teams will be able to try and earn a spot in the Global Championship through this. The registration follows immediately after the conclusion of the Winter Circuit Playoffs that are happening this weekend.

They will happen March 27-28 and feature some of the best teams from around the world capping off this winter season with a competition for a share of the also pretty massive $503,000 prize pool. This will likely also be where some teams will earn a place in the upcoming Apex Legends Global Championship.

The Winter Circuit Playoffs will also feature a first for the Global Series in that fans will be able to earn in-game rewards through the Twitch livestream for the event. If you spend enough time watching the events live, you will be able to earn up to four items, including stat trackers for your legends, badges, banner poses, and a legendary banner frame. Be sure to watch on Twitch and connect your accounts if you want a chance to unlock some of these items.


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