Apex Legends Gibraltar Gun Shield, Caustic Gas Changes Released

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 10th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has released some new Apex Legends changes that are surprising, mainly because they came about with little to no fanfare at all. These changes include the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield, Caustic gas changes, and even the smoke that Bangalore uses. 

Apex Legends Gibraltar Gun Shield and Other Changes Released

These changes just showed up in the game randomly. Players started noticing them before Respawn responded and claimed that some were actually implemented into the game. Oddly enough, they weren’t announced alongside everything else in the recent patch.

We talked about the Chaos Theory Collection Event that is now live in the game. The update for that new limited-time event came with a ton of changes to the various weapons and legends in the battle royale title. But the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield and other changes weren’t mentioned as part of this in the patch notes for the event. 

That is something rather strange as they were actually added to the game. Players began to notice them rather quickly. This led to Respawn making a tweet recently, revealing that some of these changes were purposefully added to the update but not mentioned. 

However, it does beg the question of whether or not all of them were meant to happen. This is especially the case with two of the changes that have to do with the game’s visibility when it comes to two particular legends and their specific abilities. 

Both Caustic and Bangalore Have Been Nerfed Even More

Those two legends in question are Caustic and Bangalore. As you know, both of them have their own signature set of abilities. Caustic’s gas tanks can deploy and damage players, while Bangalore has smoke in the smoke grenades that she can use. 

Oddly enough, it seems both abilities have been changed in this update. Not much has been announced about them at all. When players jumped into the game after the Chaos Theory update, it was clear that the Caustic gas and Bangalore smoke were nerfed a good bit. 

In the Caustic gas case, damaging the player and affecting them in that way is only one part of the equation. The other part is the visibility that has to do with it. Players are damaged in the gas and can have a hard time seeing through it actually to find and fight back against the legend.

It is a similar situation for Bangalore, whose smoke’s purpose is there to cause trouble for the player and mask the user from being seen for a little bit so they can recover, attack, or even escape. But both of these abilities have been changed in this update to be more clear when used.

Smoke and Gas Will Now Be More Clear

Players have a much less hard time seeing through the smoke and gas from Bangalore and Caustic, respectively, in this update, rendering part of the meaning of these abilities fairly useless. It doesn’t matter if the user is up close or far away. It seems that you can see more clearly through them now. 

While there is a chance these changes are bugs in the game, and they were not meant to happen at all, we don’t think that this is the case. Even though Respawn has not addressed the changes, they are briefly mentioned in the patch notes with the unspecified visibility changes. 

We think these were intentional changes and are likely to remain in the game unless players let Respawn know that they are not happy with them. If that is you, be sure to reach out to the developer on social media and let it know that you want it back to the old version. 

Gibraltar Gun Shield Has Been Nerfed More

But there is one feature that changed in this most recent update: intentional, and that has to do with the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield. This legend was changed in this update, but this particular feature was not mentioned in the patch notes for some odd reason. 

The Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield is the signature ability that the character has to protect himself from attacks. It has been controversial many times in the past, and that is changing here with the ability to have the gun shield not be as powerful as it was before. 

Essentially, how it works now is that any damage that exceeds the 50 health points of the shield will actually go straight through and damage the Gibraltar player directly. This should fix some of the issues that players had with the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield in general. 

Gun Shield Still Has Some Issues to Be Fixed in the Future

It is a pretty significant nerf for the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield and isn’t perfect either. Respawn already noted some minor inconsistencies with how some shotgun bullets work with it, but that should be addressed in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, players should be careful when using the various shotguns in the game like the Kraber, Mozambique, EVA-8, etc. They are possibly not going to be as effective against the gun shield as some of the other weapons, especially when it comes to bleed-through damage. 

That’s not all, as the Apex Legends Gibraltar gun shield is also going to work now for various stats and the Evo Armor. When you damage the 50 health points of the shield, that will count towards upgrading your armor and other stats like that in the battle royale game. 


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