Apex Legends Fuse Changes Are Coming for the Lowest Winning Legend

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 22nd 2021

It looks like some new changes are on the way to Apex Legends that will shake up the current metagame and make some legends less powerful while boosting other ones that are weaker. The latter group is where the newly revealed Apex Legends Fuse changes will fall into.

Apex Legends Fuse and Other Changes Are Being Worked on

Weirdly enough, news of these legend changes come from a random place: Reddit, and not in the way that you would normally expect. Rather than someone posting about some changes they would like to see, a Redditor randomly commented on an old thread about the situation.

In the patch notes for the current Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event that is going on, someone responded to an official comment from DanielZKlein, lead game designer at Respawn Entertainment. The user asked how the win and encounter rate for Fuse is at this time.

The user, JustAnAverageGuy20, noted that they enjoy playing as Fuse but they wanted to know if Fuse is overpowered, weak, or balanced. Furthermore, they wanted to know about how Rampart is doing in the game, given that she has been pretty lamented in the community.

Fortunately, Klein did respond to this message and gave some rather intriguing details about the legends that the user wanted to know about, plus more like some future Apex Legends Fuse changes that are going to be implemented in the near future.

Fuse Has the Lowest Win Rate Right Now

For starters, Klein began by talking about Rampart and how her win rate is. She is the second-lowest in the entire legend roster in terms of wins from across the world and all skills. The only legend that is currently below her is another recently released legend and that is Fuse himself.

The latest legend to come out in the game this season is also potentially the weakest one in the entire game with the lowest win rate out of all of them. No specific percentages were mentioned but this is fairly surprising, given that Fuse is one of the most popular characters right now.

This could contribute to this, though, since nearly every team that you join is likely to have a Fuse on it. Fortunately, there are some Apex Legends Fuse changes coming that should help some with the low win rate. It is worth noting that these are not 100% in place but are just being investigated right now.

Overall, he isn’t as super strong as the developer would have wanted and expected him to be. This makes sense as the entire character revolves around explosives and is someone seemingly more aggressive and offensively-focused compared to other legends like even Rampart.

Horizon Will Likely Get Mobility Changes

However, Klein noted that much of this comes down to the lack of mobility that some characters like Fuse have, compared to others like Octane, Wraith, Horizon, and so on. That mobility is rather important and can make someone much more powerful compared to more stationary characters.

It is uncertain what the upcoming possible Apex Legends Fuse changes will be, but we are hoping that they don’t just make him more powerful but do something to make him more viable in the battlefield as someone who can truly be the aggressive and offensive character he can be.

However, while the Apex Legends Fuse changes are a little bit unknown at this time, we do know that there are some other changes coming that will affect other characters like Horizon and Octane. Mobility is a strong part of both characters and why they are some of the best around right now.

The problem with this is that mobility can make it hard to hit characters, such as in the case of Horizon who is the best legend in the game right now, ironically coming just before Fuse who is currently presumably the worst. The main change for her is that she will not be able to wiggle around as much when going up her gravity lift in the future.

Major Octane Stim Changes Are Being Developed

In the case of Octane, though, there are some more intense changes that are coming to that character to make him less powerful. According to Klein, the ability to track Octane is much more viable than Horizon so that movement isn’t what is going to be affected here.

Instead, the stim will likely have a higher cost to his health when using it in the future. In exchange to making the player lose more health for using the stim, there will be a faster cooldown for the stim so that you are able to use it much more quicker once this change is implemented.

It will be a risk and reward system where you will have to balance being able to move faster more often but at the cost of your precious health. This is an interesting way of handling the character as it means that players can have a ton of speed but they have to watch their health more often now.

This could put many Octane players in check as they will have to balance the two sides more often and could make the legend less powerful overall. However, at the same time, for those risky and skilled players, we could see this making him even more powerful for them as they will know how to risk it well.

For now, though, the Apex Legends Fuse changes and the other ones for the legends will not be in the game just yet. As far as we know, these changes are just being worked on at this time and won’t probably be in the next update. However, they could show up at the start of season 9 as the next major legend changes so stay tuned for that soon.


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