Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor Bundle Revealed

by in Apex Legends | May, 21st 2020

Starter packs aren’t the most common in Apex Legends like they are in other games, including the Fortnite ones that we cover quite a bit, but they are well worth checking out when they do come around. The latest starter pack is the new Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor bundle and it is a great one.

New Starter Pack Bundle Is Now Available

The Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor bundle was announced on Twitter by the official account for the battle royale game. The best part is that it is available right now for players to buy on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Like most starter packs, this is a great deal and is well worth considering.

Part of what makes the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor starter pack special is that it is all about Loba herself. The brand new Season 5 character is here in the game and if you are playing as her a lot, then you might want to check out the new skin that she has.

First and foremost, the biggest part of the Fortune’s Favor starter pack is that you can get the new Pack Hunter Loba skin in the bundle. As far as we can tell, this is an exclusive skin for the conniving thief that you will not be able to get anywhere else.

As such, collectors who like to get as many skins as possible will want to pick up this new skin. And if you are a fan of the new Loba legend, then you might want to consider this as well as this skin will likely be one of the more rare ones since some players won’t know about it.

What the New Loba Skin Looks Like

As for what the actual Pack Hunter skin looks like for Loba, it is an interesting take on her usual design that is way more vibrant and unique. On the one hand, it is the same outfit that Loba normally has in her default look but it is changed up with some really interesting colors and accessories.

The normal, rather bland white color of the outfit that she wears is turned into a mostly blueish-green color in the middle with some of the white accents on the left and right sides of it. This makes her sleeves and gloves look particularly fancy with the gold lines across certain parts of the outfit.

But by far, the most radical change about the Pack Hunter Loba skin has nothing to do with her outfit. Her face changes up considerably and makes her strangely look a lot more Wraith-like. Her normal eyes become glowing circles of a greenish nature, similar to what happens with Wraith.

Also, there are markings across Loba’s face that make her seem otherworldly and rather unique in this Pack Hunter skin. Beyond that, there are some other minor touches to the skin like rather cool boots she wears and the fact that her hair color is a single color in this skin instead of having highlights.

There Is a Single Possible Downside to the Skin

The final part of that is something that some players might not like about this otherwise great skin. In our opinion, one of the best parts of Loba’s design is her rather awesome red tips at the bottom of her hair, so removing that entirely and not just changing the color of the tips seems like a poor choice.

Other than that minor detail, though, this is an awesome skin and well worth the price of admission. You get the Pack Hunter Loba skin the Apex Legends Fortune’s Favor bundle by paying $4.99 for it on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or on EA’s Origin Store.

That price alone is relatively around the price or so that you will have to spend for some skins, so that alone is already a good deal for a solid skin that is worth using in matches online. Now that said, this Pack Hunter skin is not the only thing that you get with this bundle and that is the best part.

The skin alone is worth the five bucks that you would spend on it, but you get 600 Apex coins as well. Again, this makes it a terrific bargain for players as you are getting the coins for free or the skin; depending on how you want to look at it.

Apex Coins Make the Starter Pack Certainly Worth It

So, for those players who don’t end up liking this skin or just don’t play Loba for whatever reason, you can still get this bundle and not feel like you are losing out as you are getting your money’s worth for sure with the 600 Apex coins that you get.

These allow you to take them and apply them towards other skins that you much more prefer or for characters that you would rather use and so on. You could even use this towards buying Loba herself if you don’t already own her in the game but want to.

This would make it much easier to buy Loba in the game with the Apex coins and get a nice skin for her in the process, so the timing of this Fortune’s Favor starter bundle is rather good since Loba just came out recently with the start of Season 5.

The one thing that you should keep in mind, though, about this particular bundle is that it will stick around forever. The original starter pack that was released for Apex Legends is no longer available and there is no specific timing known right now about when this new one will leave the game.

That said, we certainly expect it to stick around for at least the duration of Season 5, so you have that time to save up and pick up this bundle if you would like to get some Apex coins and the Pack Hunter Loba skin.


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