Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event: Shadow Royale, More

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 21st 2020

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the latest holiday event coming to Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event is returning this year for Halloween and will mark the next event for the battle royale game. The best part is that players won’t have to wait long to check it out.

Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event Returns

It seems that every battle royale game is getting into the Halloween spirit this week, with games like Call of Duty Warzone already announcing and starting its Haunting of Verdansk event. Well, now, Apex Legends is joining the fray with its spooky take on the holiday.

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event will follow up on last year’s introduction to Halloween in the Apex Games by giving us another chance to see some spookier versions of the game’s maps and the characters as well. This year is already shaping up to be much better than last year.

Last year, Respawn Entertainment changed things up for Kings Canyon for the first time by introducing a nighttime version of that map. It was hard to see on that version, making it much scarier and spookier. With the new limited-time mode then, it amped the fun and frights.

However, while the Apex Legends Fight or Fright event is returning this year, the game mode introduced last year is not returning. It is still about the undead versus the surviving legends, but it will be so different.

Event Start and End Dates

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event will kick off this week on Thursday, Oct. 22. Just under a week before Halloween, players will be able to start diving into a much spookier version of the Apex Games than you are used to. This is shaping up to be the best holiday event of the year once again.

With a new game mode, the return of the nighttime map, new items to pick up, and so much more, you won’t have a ton of time to check everything out before it leaves the game again. The new Halloween event in Apex Legends will only stick around for about two weeks or so.

It won’t even stick around for the full two weeks as it is more like 12 days. Starting on Oct. 22, which is a Thursday, it will end on Tuesday, Nov. 3. That is not even a full two weeks to enjoy everything offered as part of the Fight or Fright event.

This limited-time event will not get the full two weeks of treatment that many other events have had in the past. Keep this in mind as you go about your Halloween festivities as you don’t want to miss out on everything. You’ll need to make the best of the time to get all of the items and more.

New Game Mode: Shadow Royale

While the items are a major part of the upcoming Apex Legends Fight or Fright event, there is one thing that stands above the rest. That is the new game mode that will be available for the duration of the entire event. That new game mode is none other than Shadow Royale.

The name of this take on the normal battle royale experience is menacing enough on its own, but it only gets darker when you find out what it is all about. You might remember the game mode from last year’s event. While it isn’t returning, the general theme will return from it.

You see, at the time, we didn’t know about Revenant officially who would join the game in a future season of the game, but we got our first tease of him through the Fight or Fright event. Leaks had helped us to know that it was likely Revenant. This year’s event confirms that.

Revenant will be returning this year as the host of the new Shadow Royale game mode by taking us to a spooky, alternate dimension where he hosts the entire Apex Games. Of course, being the strange human assassin turned robot that he is, that will mean a wild time.

How Shadow Royale Works

We know about the new Shadow Royale limited-time mode like a standard match of battle royale. You will have a team of three like normal trios. You will go about the map, doing your business and collecting the loot while trying to survive the circle.

You will do the normal stuff of trying to defeat the other players and become the last squad standing (or camping; we don’t judge), but the twists in Shadow Royale will come about when a player dies in the match. The twist is quite similar to what Call of Duty Warzone is doing this Halloween, too.

If you die in the middle of a Shadow Royale match for whatever reason, you will not go through the usual rigmarole you would expect from a battle royale match. It won’t be the usual method if someone doesn’t revive you in time. They will have to pick up your dog tag and take it to a revive station.

Instead, you will not be able to be revived once again as a human in that match. Instead, you will have to live the rest of the match as a shadow form of your human self. You will be able to protect your remaining human teammates from the other shadows and players in the match.

While you are in the shadow form in Shadow Royale, you will have infinite lives so long as you have at least one teammate who is still a human on the squad. You will be able to run around the map very fast with enhanced mobility and blistering speed that will let you hunt down opponents with ease.

And when you come upon an enemy that you want to take out, you have a single melee attack at your disposal that is powerful and quick. With your speed as the shadow, you will have to run up on the human opponents and slice them up before they can gun you down.

What is intriguing is that Respawn notes that fans of its previous games should watch out for some certain mobility enhancements that the shadows have access to only that should make things even more exciting. These could be jet packs of some kind, but we doubt it, so it must be wall-running of some sort, which fans of the Titanfall series adored.

If the shadows weren’t terrifying enough in Shadow Royale, this entire game mode occurs again on the classic Kings Canyon after dark, where the map is only at night. It is hard to see everything around you. Unfortunately, it does look like we won’t be seeing World’s Edge after dark for some time.

Interestingly, Respawn also teases that some hell beasts are somewhere on the Kings Canyon map and that you could adopt one somehow to join your party for the match’s duration. Having one of these on your side would be a great defense against the impending shadows and other players.

The only way to win the entire match is to be the last squad standing with at least one human member remaining. This will be a tough game mode and a frightening one if there is anything to go by last year. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if many players often opt to camp for the first time.

New and Returning Halloween Cosmetics

A new event celebrating the holiday where people dress up and look like other people and characters wouldn’t be complete without some cosmetic items to come along for the ride. The Fight or Fright limited-time event comes complete with some rather terrifyingly awesome skins for some of your favorite legends.

What is rather interesting about this year is that this returning event will bring back some of the skins from last year’s event, like the Caustic Sweet Dreams and Bloodhound Wicked Harvest skins but will give them some reimagined looks that are all new for them.

In addition to that, there will be brand new skins for characters like Loba and Revenant, who were not playable characters during last year’s event, even if the latter was running the whole show. If that isn’t enough to sate your appetite for Apex Legends Halloween skins, there is even more coming back.

All 24 of the skins featured in the Fight or Fright event last year are coming back to the game through some special shop bundles or offers. While you won’t have as many options for collecting these skins this year, this is great for those who missed out on the event last year.

The shop will rotate every few days, so some of the bundles will only stick around for an even shorter time than the actual event. It all begins on Oct. 22, tomorrow, with the Tortured Souls bundle with lots of skins and items that will go for 6000 coins until Oct. 27.

During that same week, joining it is the very horrifying Dark Humor bundle that clown scaredy cats like myself should stay away from. It will include two clown skins and retail for 4000 coins. Then there is the Prince of Darkness bundle with some nice Dracula style that will go for 2500.

And last but not least, for that week, the Queens of the Night bundle includes one of the best skins we have ever seen for Loba for 1500 coins. Oct. 27-Nov. 3 will feature the Wicked Wraith bundle for 6000, the Resurrected bundle for 4000, the Dame of Death bundle for 2000, and the Winged Beauty bundle for 1500. From Oct. 22-26, you will also be able to get the Old Town Mirage skin for 1260 standalone.

Fight or Fright Prize Track

If you don’t want to spend any money on this new limited-time event, you don’t have to. You can still get some interesting new Halloween items. There is a prize track for players who would like to earn items the good ole fashioned way by playing the battle royale game.

As you complete challenges and play the game, including the new Shadow Royale game mode, you will earn points towards the prize track. The more points that you earn, the more prizes that you will get. The first prize is 250 points. The final one is 4000 points, which is a lot.

Most of the items are pretty standard stuff, but some noteworthy free items like a special weapon skin at the max 4000 points and a Pathfinder skin at only 2000 points. There will likely be a limit to how many points you can earn a day, so it will probably take you several days to get everything on the prize track for this event.

Since the event is only running for less than two weeks, we highly recommend that you get in there early and start collecting points as much as you can if you would like to earn all of these free rewards without spending anything.


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