Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 Event Starts Today

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 5th 2021

Respawn Entertainment is not wasting any time whatsoever getting into the full swing of things with the new year that just started. The first limited-time event is here for Apex Legends, and it is an expansive one. Here is everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event. 

Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 Start Date

The Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event will begin later today, Tuesday, Jan. 5, with the year’s first major event. Here, players will have the chance to check out all of the awesome goodies, items, and limited-time event modes offered. 

The first event of the year will make this Olympus Season 7 even better than it already is, with some significant changes to how events work that should affect future ones. This is the first Season 7 collection event. It might be the only one to happen this season. 

Players will check out the event starting at 10 a.m. PT (1 p,m. ET) on Jan. 5, when the festivities start. This is a different time than it was initially going to happen, but it seems that Respawn ran into some last-minute issues that forced a slight delay.

However, the delay isn’t by much at all. You should be able to jump into the event, potentially by the time you are reading this. To help you out, we’ve compiled everything that we know about this event and what it will offer when it is available in Season 7. 

Airdrop Escalation Takeover

First and foremost, the new type of limited-time game mode is happening in this Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event. Instead of the usual way of handling things where players queue up for the limited time mode and play it, this new mode will be the star of the show. 

The new limited-time mode is known as Airdrop Escalation Takeover. This new game mode will be the star of the normal battle royale experience when this event is around. You will not have to pick another mode to play it, either, as it will essentially be the default choice. 

Instead of the standard unranked game mode for battle royale, the Airdrop Escalation mode will be taken over for the duration of the Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event. This may seem annoying to players who don’t want to be forced to play this mode if they are doing unranked, but it is not too different from what we know and love. 

Airdrop Escalation is essentially just a modified version of the normal battle royale matches you are used to with the change made to the supply drops that happen in the match. There are a whole lot more supply drops that you will find during the Airdrop Escalation matches. 

As soon as you jump out of the ship at the beginning of the match, you will see that there are four supply crates that have dropped onto the ground somewhere across the map. This allows you to head for those immediately and get some solid loot at the start. 

But it doesn’t end with just those four supply drops that are there initially, as there are more that will drop every single round of the match. Better yet, they land at the same speed as the care packages that Lifeline has, meaning they will show up quickly and land quickly. 

What you get from the supply drops will depend on what round they dropped in. They get better over time, with the four initial ones at the start of the match having lesser quality than the endgame ones. In round one, for example, the drops feature level two kitted weapons you can find. 

Conversely, if you open up the round four supply drops, you will be able to find red armor that is the best around and the weapons that you would typically only find in crates. Like with regular fully-kitted weapons, these supply weapons cannot be broken down or have their attachments put on other weapons. 

Otherwise, the match will work mostly the same. You will still have normal ground loot to discover in between the supply drops. The match will progress as it would in normal battle royale. Be sure to let Respawn know how you feel about this change to limited-time modes. 

Pathfinder Town Takeover

Remember how we mentioned two limited game modes in the Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event? Well, that is somewhat true. Though Airdrop Escalation is the only new limited-time mode in this event, another change is similar to a new mode of sorts. 

In each of the significant collection events, there is always one character in Apex Legends that gets the focus. This character usually takes over a specific location on one of the maps and converts it into their own space. Such is what is happening with this event and Pathfinder.

Pathfinder has taken over the arena ring on Olympus and made it into his own unique space for the Fight Night theme. However, this visual change doesn’t just extend to the look of the area but to the gameplay mechanics.

But unlike previous town takeovers, the gameplay mechanics don’t just affect movement and stuff like that but the combat as well. In this way, it is more like a limited-time mode of sorts that happens right in the middle of Olympus battle royale matches but only in this one specific spot. 

The Pathfinder Town Takeover has created a unique ring for players to fight in during Olympus matches. In true Fight Night fashion, the ring rules are different from what we are used to in this game. While in the ring, you have all of your standard weapons taken away from you. 

You will be unable to use your guns or even your abilities to fight the opponents you meet inside the ring. Instead, it is all about melee combat here as the only weapon you will have in the ring is some special fist o’ cuffs that you can use to pummel your opponents to dust. 

It is quite literally a fighting ring where the rules make it an entirely separated and melee-focused experience in the middle of a normal match. Those concerned about outside interference, worry not as Respawn has made sure that this location is balanced. 

No outside projectiles like bullets, grenades, or even abilities will be able to penetrate the force field that surrounds the ring. This protects the players inside and ensures fair fights to the finish there for those players who want to show off their melee skills. 

While inside the ring, one of the motivations for visiting it outside of its pure unique gameplay style is that there are loot balls inside. Smash them open with your fists. You can pick up some relatively rare loot. Just keep in mind that you can’t use any of it until you leave the force field ring.

Fight Night Collection Event and Heirloom

Like previous events before it, the Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event is a collection one. This typing means that there are many new items for players to collect throughout the event. Twenty-four items in total have dropped inside of the game for a limited time. 

They are all themed around the Fight Night event and will be only available during this time for as far as we know. There are three main ways you can get these items. It depends on how much you like RNG and paying with real world currency. 

You have two options for when you are looking to purchase some of the items directly. You can use the Apex Coins to purchase them or the crafting metals if you have enough stored in your inventory. If you don’t mind RNG and want to collect them all, maybe the Apex Packs will be more your style during the event. 

The Apex Packs will have one event item guaranteed in every one you do, making for an excellent option for players who want all 24 and don’t mind what order they get them in. Plus, you also get two non-event items with 70% rare, 20% epic, and 10% legendary rates. 

If you can collect all 24 items in the event through one of these methods, you will get the unique heirloom set for free. This time around, it is Gibraltar’s heirloom set, which you can get during the event. Afterward, it will be available for heirloom crafting. 

If that isn’t enough for you or don’t want to spend anything on items, you can always enjoy the free event track. This is where you can earn points through challenges and receive items for free while the event is going on. 

You are limited to 1000 points per day during the event. You need 5000 points in total to get all of the items offered. There are some exceptional items here, too, like skins for Gibraltar, weapons, and more. Be sure to pick these up while you still can during the event. 

Apex Takes a Cue From Fortnite

There is a gameplay change that starts with this event and will presumably continue throughout the season. The MRVNs have been changed up on Olympus and will now act as NPCs that you can interact with, taking some massive cues from Apex’s competitor Fortnite. 

Once you interact with them, they will give you some free loot depending on their specific screens. If their screen shows a sad white face, you will get common level one loot while the neutral blue face will give you rare level two loot, then level three from there, and, lastly, level four legendary loot. 

You can always thank the robot for giving you the loot for free or take them out if you want. Doing so may cause them to drop an arm, which you can then take to another MRVN to get a special reward in the process. Overall, this is an interesting new gameplay change to Olympus. 

It is pretty simple in most regards, but we could see it expanded more in the future to have different functions and maps. Currently, in Fortnite, you can interact with NPCs to even get side quests in the match. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen in Apex later down the road.

Legend and Weapon Changes

As with most new events in a season, some meta changes are happening with the Apex Legends Fight Night 2021 event update. When players start the event, there are some legend and weapon changes that you will encounter as part of it. 

There aren’t too many changes this time around, but they are a couple of key ones that will shake up certain characters. The first of these is Rampart, who has a nice little cooldown boost this time around. The Amped Cover ability will now have a decreased cooldown of 20 seconds from 30 seconds before.

Meanwhile, Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap changed again to have a decreased cooldown of 20 seconds from its previous 25 seconds. These aren’t significant changes, but they should make the characters usable more often, which could benefit them in the long run. 

Meanwhile, there are some weapon changes as well. The Hemlok nerfed slightly to have decreased damage from 22 to now 20. The Mastiff nerfed somewhat, too, to have a decreased max range of four pellet hits from now on. 

And the Prowler has been boosted in the ammo department to have its reserve bullets increased from 175 to now 210. There is also some minor quality of life changes and bug fixes in the update for the new Fight Night 2021 event, so be sure to check out the full blog post here for more details. 


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