Apex Legends Evo Shields Become Permanent Addition

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 18th 2020

Apex Legends is growing even more in Season 4 with the addition of the latest item in the game’s arsenal. Players will now have one more armor item to use in all the game modes moving forward permanently. That’s right; the Evo Shields are now a permanent addition to the game.

Evo Shields Are Here for Good

Added initially for a limited-time event mode only, Respawn Entertainment announced that the Apex Legends Evo Shields are a permanent part of the popular battle royale game moving forward. This is not surprising in hindsight, but a welcome decision, nonetheless.

Respawn announced the sudden change on Twitter recently. Even though the recent System Override event is over, the Apex Legends Evo Shields are permanently here to stay in the game. They will be available in all game modes in the future from now on.

If you are playing the game, you will see this glowing orangish-red armor item as part of the possible loot to pick up across the Season 4 map. It will be available in everything that you can play in the game against other players.

This includes the normal battle royale matches, future limited-time modes like System Override, and the ranked mode where competition is at the heart of it. The decision to keep the Apex Legends Evo Shields is likely because of the community.

What You Need to Know About Evo Shields

The players who participated in the recent System Override limited-time event almost universally seemed to like the new Evo Shields armor item. Also, it balanced the game and changed the overall metagame significantly enough in a beneficial way for almost everyone.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Evo Shields, they are a new item introduced in the System Override event as a new form of armor that you can equip. It became the fifth armor piece that is available in the game, featuring a glowing and bright orangish-red color scheme.

This contrasts the white common armor, blue uncommon, purple rare, and golden legendary ones that were already in the game. The Apex Legends Evo Shields have its name due to the evolutionary aspects to it that let this armor item evolve.

Unlike other ones stagnant in how much damage they protect the player from, the Evo Shields start low at protecting the player from less damage than even the normal white common ones. But the armor can evolve and become better as it does so.

Evo Shields Could Change Metagame

This is done through dealing damage to enemies but not necessarily eliminating them. Just firing a few shots to get some damage points is enough to push the Evo Shield along and have it possibly upgraded. In this way, it has changed how the metagame is currently.

Players no longer must worry about wasting their time and possibly bullets by heading into fights or shooting when it isn’t going to guarantee a kill. For many players, they will avoid jumping into other squads fighting. There is no guarantee of eliminations or need for them to do so.

Also, there are those moments where you can see a player that is far off and vulnerable for a moment. But, for some, it wasn’t worth firing at them since they knew it would just give away their position and likely not lead to the player’s death because of distance.

However, those moments are now much more valuable in the game. Players can get rewarded for those precious few shots even if it doesn’t lead to elimination or down. All of this and more contribute to making the Evo Shield much stronger.

Pros and Cons of the Evo Shield

If you can max out the Evo Shield, you will find that the rather lame stats at the start are worth it in the end. It can become stronger than even the four full armor stacks that the purple and gold shields give to players.

Patience is key with the Evo Shields. The result is undoubtedly worth it to properly defend yourself even more effectively than players with all of the other armor rarities. Better yet, the progress on the Evo Shields remains even after a player who has one is defeated.

It allows players to go for a risk and reward system of focusing on those who have the Evo Shield and taking them out. Looting one of an eliminated player’s death box will have it keep the same progress that that player was able to accomplish, which is excellent.

The one issue with the Evo Shield is finding one in a battle royale match. Players easily found them in the recent System Override event because of the Deja Loot game mode that introduced them. In that mode, the loot locations permanently fixed for the entire two-week event.

Players could learn and memorize all the locations of the Evo Shields if they wanted to and immediately head there for a chance at grabbing one at the start of the match. However, this isn’t the case in the other battle royale matches, so finding one of these could be a real challenge now.

For now, though, Evo Shields are here to stay in the game and players can enjoy its game-changing evolution ability now. Only time will tell how the permanent addition of this armor piece will affect the future metagame for competitive events and ranked.


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