Apex Legends Escape Pack Released, Great Deal for Players

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 12th 2021

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape continues onward, with players enjoying all of the new content in this season. As with each new season, there is a cosmetic pack that has come out now. It is the Apex Legends Escape Pack, offering players the chance to get some new goodies. 

Apex Legends Escape Pack Now Available on All Platforms

The Apex Legends Escape Pack is available on all platforms, including both console and PC, allowing players the chance to get some cosmetic items for a pretty low price. Unlike the recent Apex Legends Loba Edition, this is a much cheaper and better bargain of items for players. 

If you are not looking to spend too much money on Apex Legends, this new bundle of items might be for you. The Apex Legends Escape Pack, as the name indicates, is centered around the new Escape season that the battle royale game is currently in the midst of at this time. 

With the Escape season, the Apex Legends Escape Pack is here to give you some themed items across all platforms that you cannot get anywhere else. This will be great for collectors as it includes a new skin that you cannot unlock elsewhere in the game for now and certain players, too. 

With the name centered around the Escape season, it should be no surprise that the pack features the latest legend who also launched this season: Ash. The new simulacrum is the focus of this pack, offering a new skin for her and another item for a relatively low price. 

Ash Endless Labyrinth Skin Detailed

The Apex Legends Escape Pack contains mainly two items, starting with the new operator skin for Ash. Ash is the latest legend to join the battle royale game and, so there are only so many options for skins when it comes to her. Given her fresh status, there are only so many options for repping her in battle. 

As such, the Apex Legends Escape Pack gives players one more skin option to choose from when joining matches, if you can even play as Ash these days with just about everyone in both ranked and unranked trying to select her as their character first before someone else can. 

The Apex Legends Escape Pack will give players the Ash Endless Labyrinth skin for you to add to your ever-growing collection of cosmetic items. Despite the very cool-sounding name, this skin is categorized by Respawn Entertainment as a rare skin only, not an epic or legendary. 

Announced on Twitter, this particular skin was shown off in a video clip where we get to see the Ash player perform a finishing move on the poor Mirage in the video. However, the important part of this short clip from EA was to show off the skin in its entirety. 

The Ash Endless Labyrinth skin is fascinating, not necessarily too different from the base version of the skin, but still, a palette swap that takes some nice liberties. Instead of the usual “here is the blue version of the usually white default skin” and the like, this one is a very colorful and detailed version of the default skin. 

Much of the border of the hood and parts of the outfit for Ash in this skin are light gray. However, inside the borders is a maze of colors that are appealing to the eyes. There are about five main colors used in the intricate maze, including red, pink, white, light blue, and occasionally a darker blue. 

The five colors are then spread throughout the entire skin in a strange pattern that makes it almost mosaic. It is a great way to handle a default skin and make it pop much more than it would have been if it was just a single color theme change as with many legend skins. 

This New Bundle Is a Great Deal

When you purchase the Apex Legends Escape Pack and get this new Ash Endless Labyrinth skin, you pay $4.99 (check your local store if outside of the United States for your price) on store platforms, including the Nintendo eShop for Switch, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Origin Store, and Steam. 

$5 for a single skin is not too unheard of in a free-to-play battle royale game like this one, so you are already getting your money’s worth if this is what you are interested in. However, the pack does not end there, as you will also get another item that you can enjoy in this bundle. 

That item is 600 Apex Coins to add to your account, which you can then turn around and use on another item of your choosing in the future. What is great about this part is that the new Ash skin on its own is already worth the price of admission, but the 600 Apex Coins make this an excellent deal. 

600 Apex Coins is worth about $6, so you are getting 100 Apex Coins for free in this bundle, in addition to the already awesome Ash skin. In the end, even if you are not a huge Ash fan or do not plan on playing her right now, this deal might still be worth checking out for you. 

And if you are a fan of Ash, this bundle is a no-brainer if you are interested in the two items here due to the awesome deal that this has. Furthermore, the 600 Apex Coins are great for those players who do not own Ash at this time but want to start working their way up to unlocking her. 

The 600 Apex Coins will not be enough on their own to unlock the new Ash legend in the game, but if you have purchased a similar bundle in a past season, you might already have enough coins to unlock Ash or another legend using this bundle. Or any other item of your choosing in the in-game store. 

Ash Amazon Prime Gaming Skin Also Released

If you want something a bit more free this season or just another skin for Ash, there is also the Ash Venom Blade skin that you can get if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. This also awesome skin is free to subscribers or even those with Amazon Prime free trials, so if you are interested in it, be sure to grab it here

Of course, both the Apex Legends Escape Pack and the Ash Venom Blade skin through Amazon Prime are likely only here for a limited time. If you are interested in picking up any of these items during Season 11, we recommend doing so whenever possible as they may not stick here past this current season. 


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