Apex Legends Dummie’s Big Day Limited-Time Mode Returns After Bug Fix

by in Apex Legends | Sep, 22nd 2020

Respawn Entertainment has announced that one of the fan-favorite and weird limited-time game modes has returned to Apex Legends. We are happy to let you know that the strange Apex Legends Dummies Big Day game mode has returned to the title after being removed.

Apex Legends Dummies Big Day Is Back

Respawn Entertainment tweeted the exciting news that the popular game mode is back in Apex Legends for a limited time, and you can check it out right now if you are reading this at the time of publishing. This comes after it was removed from the game due to a dangerous bug.

The Apex Legends Dummies Big Day game mode is live right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC as part of the September Soiree major event in Season 6, beginning today, Tuesday, Sept. 22. It will continue to be available for about a week until leaving the game next Tuesday, Sept. 29.

Though it is only a week that this game mode will stick around, it is far from the first time it has been in the game this month. It was originally one of the first modes of the September Soiree event, but it was temporarily removed from the game due to a game-breaking bug.

The bug that Respawn found in the game and needed to fix was related to players who would go AFK (away from keyboard/game) while on the character select screen. If someone did this, the game would suddenly have a server crash that could ruin the entire experience.

Why It Was Removed in the First Place

It is even possible that this Apex Legends Dummies Big Day bug would ruin the match for the other players on the team and in the match even if it were just one player who went AFK. This was a problematic bug since you can’t control what all 60 players will do every match.

It is highly common for players to join a match to leave it or not pick their character in time and have it chosen for them. Then there are the technical issues that are out of their control like internet problems and so on, so it was understandable that Respawn removed the mode.

In its place, the Dummies Big Day game mode was replaced temporarily by Kings Canyon After Dark, which is an equally popular twist on the battle royale experience. This was a standard battle royale match, but the twist was that players could run around the original Kings Canyon map, but it is dark and much harder to locate enemies during nighttime.

But now that some time has passed, Dummies Big Day is now back in time for the end of the September Soiree event. Players can check it out again, hopefully, for real this time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this odd game mode, it is a strange take on the battle royale experience where everyone is a big dummy.

How the Limited-Time Game Mode Works

By big dummy, we mean that everyone is quite literally playing as the training dummies that you will find in the shooting range where you can test out the various legends and their abilities. You will select one of the colorful big dummies as your hero in this mode instead of the usual roster.

When you go into battle, your skills are all the same as everyone else in the match who is a random big dummy. The tactical ability that you will have drops random loot for you to pick up, which is great for constantly filling up your inventory without having to search every nook and cranny of the map.

Then there is the ultimate ability that can be completely random but will likely take cues from other legends’ abilities. Some examples are summoning copies like Mirage does, healing like Lifeline does, and so on.

As for the passive ability, this is one that is a bit mysterious. It is hard to know what exactly this very odd passive ability does if anything at all. It could simply be an Easter egg reference and not provide any change in the gameplay.

What’s Next After Dummies Big Day?

Since everyone in your match will have the same abilities available to use and the same ridiculous training dummy outfits, this will make this mode the most balanced battle royale experience in Apex Legends. It will come down to what weapons you find and how good you are with them.

In this way, it has become popular with some players, both for the sheer weirdness of playing as these bizarre and somewhat scary dummies and for the game mode’s balanced nature. Fortunately, it will be available for a week in the Apex Legends September Soiree event.

But it is not the final game mode that will be part of the event since it will last until Tuesday, Oct. 5. We don’t currently know the last game mode for the final week of the September Soiree, but leaks seem to indicate that it will be a unique Live Die Live game mode where respawns are handled much differently.

This particular mode makes the battle royale game more like standard Team Deathmatch games in a way where you can spawn on a living teammate when you die in the game. So long as you have someone alive to spawn to, that is possible in this take on the battle royale experience.


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