Apex Legends Devs Are Concerned Valkyrie Will Be Overpowered

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 23rd 2021

Season 9 of Apex Legends will feature a new character in Valkyrie, but is she going to be overpowered? The developers seem to fear this is the case. Sure, they can drop a patch later, but will the game be completely upset by this upcoming character? Season 9 Legacy promises to be incredibly exciting. Changes will be made, a new weapon (Bocek Bow) is coming, and naturally, a new legend. In particular, this is Valkyrie, voiced by the one and only Erika Ishii. The question that has to be asked though, is will Apex Legends’ Valkyrie be overpowered?

What’s Better: Overpowered or Underpowered?

“Overpowered or underpowered” is a real tough question to ask not just for Valkyrie, but Apex Legends just in general. If a legend drops and is wildly underpowered, it could take ages for people to want to play them again, even after the buff. If someone’s not fun, it will take some work to rehabilitate that kind of reputation. However, a legend that’s overpowered will be fun to play, until it gets a nerf. Suddenly, people could feel someone like Valkyrie is “unplayable.”

In particular, Daniel Klein of Respawn answered some questions on the upcoming season on Reddit. One of the Redditors hoped the upcoming Valkyrie would be strong in Apex Legends, but maybe she’ll be overpowered. Daniel Klein said this on Reddit: “Oh she’ll be strong. Terrified right now she might be too strong, but I’ve called my shots and now all we can do is wait.”

The downside is that if Valkyrie is overpowered in Apex Legends, we’ll likely see a few weeks of her being the most played, most frustrating legend in the game. It’s unlikely that Respawn will have some kind of hotfix ready to go because there’s no telling how the actual players will utilize her. There’s also the chance that this is some kind of very clever power move, to make sure Valkyrie is played by just about everyone as soon as she drops.

Most legends are played for a while when they drop, but ultimately, people go back to comfort. But if the new legend is really powerful (or there’s the perception she is), it could lead to a lot of people spending days playing them, to try and figure out what makes a legend like Valkyrie overpowered in Apex Legends at all. This could be a seriously clever PR move, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Season 9 Legacy drops on May 4, so we’ve only got a week or so to go before we find out for ourselves.


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