Apex Legends Developer Reveals Why Fans Are Still Waiting for a Loba Buff

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 9th 2020

Some Respawn Entertainment developers have officially addressed the issues associated with the popular Apex Legends character Loba. Though she is one of the most popular characters, many fans want to see a huge Apex Legends Loba buff soon.

Players Want a Huge Loba Buff to Her Tactical Ability

There was one particular player who asked about a big Loba buff on the Reddit page for Apex Legends. The initial post had nothing to do with Loba as it was about the patch notes for the new Aftermarket event that just began in the game this week.

As always, many users took this opportunity to post about their issues, complaints, and ask questions about various things that they would like to see in the game. That is exactly what Reddit user Gethixit did by asking Respawn to buff Loba’s tactical ability in Apex Legends.

This is because the user notes that they believe that Loba’s ultimate ability is not actually what is holding her back currently. Still, it is her main tactical ability that is. It didn’t take long to be one of the most popular comments on the entire thread with well over 800 likes by other users.

This was followed up on by another Reddit user, Yash_swaraj, who noted similar sentiments and expanded upon what the original commenter said. The user spoke about how the developer seems to be afraid of making big legend changes most of the time.

Rampart and Other Legends Were Worked on Before Apex Was Released

For the most part, the user noted that the legend tier ranking is the same as when the game first launched, which is somewhat fair given the still powerful statuses of Wraith, Lifeline, and others. Interestingly enough, these two responses were able to reply from not one but two Apex Legends developers.

The first goes by the Reddit username of AmusedApricot and is one of the designers for the popular battle royale game. It is worth noting that they are not one of Loba’s designers, as they explicitly mention, but they could provide some insight into the problem.

Part of the issue has to do with the fact that many of the new legends, like Loba, are being worked on long before they arrive in the game, so it can be difficult to predict how the community will react to them and how they will net out in the overall metagame.

In the case of Rampart, who finally released in Season 6, they playtested her before the game was released or known to the public. This means that Loba was likely in a similar situation.

Loba Will Hopefully Get a Minor Buff in the Next Patch

Thus, it might have been hard for the developer even to know that there would be a need for a major Apex Legends Loba buff since the character is more focused on looting rather than attacking and defending like most of the other characters are.

This response was then followed up by Reddit user DanielZKlein, one of the designers at Respawn Entertainment, who seems to work more directly with Loba. The developer noted that Loba’s loot power would, hopefully, be pushed even more in the next patch for the game.

However, only so much can be done for her outside of simply guaranteeing that she will get a full gold weapon when you use her abilities. Klein explained why we hadn’t seen a major Loba buff, and it is somewhat surprising.

The reason that not every character is on the same level as Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and so on is because it isn’t a character game at all, according to the developer. Instead, it is a gun game first and foremost.

Apex Legends Isn’t a “Character Game”

The developer specifically called out Overwatch, noting that it is not supposed to be anything like that game, despite the overwhelming similarities. A massive overhaul for Loba, like giving her a more freeform teleport or something like that would suddenly make the game ability versus ability instead of gun versus gun.

This is a strange response and reason not to give a Loba buff that Apex Legends players want, as if you were to ask me personally, I would consider and have always thought of Apex Legends as the battle royale Overwatch game. That is so bizarre and could very well explain the odder decisions that Respawn made in the past.

To me, it seems that Apex Legends is a battle royale game first and foremost that has abilities. The gunplay and movement systems are great, but they feel like they aren’t the main focus of the game, in my opinion. It just so happens that the developer is great at making those systems.

The characters in Apex Legends are akin to the building in Fortnite. They are synonymous with their respective titles and must master being one of the best players in the game. Otherwise, they would be Call of Duty Warzone or PUBG that focuses solely on the gunplay.

This is weird to me but makes sense why Respawn has been strange about buffing characters and changing the roster’s metagame too much since the game launched last year. For now, we will have to wait and see what Loba buff we do, hopefully, get in the next for Apex Legends.


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