Apex Legends Dev Pokes Fun at Fortnite Crypto Character

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 2nd 2020

Fortnite battle royale is, arguably, the king of the battle royale genre, standing above other games like PUBG, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty’s takes on the genre. However, being there has meant innovating in certain areas by inventing new things while taking old ideas and making them new.

In this way, Fortnite has possibly taken inspiration from Apex Legends when it comes to gameplay mechanics. The latest potential inspiration is perhaps more coincidence than anything else. But, it doesn’t stop it from being downright hilarious.

Apex Legends Dev Pokes Fun at Fortnite Skin Bundle

Epic Games recently released the latest skin bundle to join the game known as the Fortnite Crypto Collective set. The bundle includes a new techno skin, weapon skin set, and a nifty little pickaxe that looks great.

The problem lies in the theme and name of the set. It didn’t take long for someone from Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment to respond to this intriguing skin set in the item shop. Respawn senior animation Moy Parra posted his fun thoughts on Twitter over the weekend.

Parra shared the original tweet from Fortnite that showed the release of the Fortnite Crypto Collective set in the game, noting his thoughts about the matter. “I feel like I’ve heard of this guy before, but I can’t quite place it,” Parra wrote on his Twitter account.

The senior animator was taking a jab at the Fortnite developer for this interestingly named skin bundle. But, it was undoubtedly a playful one at that. Parra did not mean to stir up any drama or problems with Epic Games with his tweet as it was just a joke.

Parra’s Tweet Was Clearly a Joke

Some users responded to the tweet who didn’t see it as a joke, to which Parra clarified in a later tweet his intentions. He responded to the initial tweet with the three major things that happened to him.

The first was making an obvious joke about his original tweet about the Fortnite Crypto skin, then got “roasted online” about it. Finally, he decided to diffuse the situation with some cute clips of playing with adorable little puppies.

Keeping in mind that Parra only meant to make a clever joke. There are general similarities between what Epic Games did with the Fortnite Crypto Collective set and the Apex Legends character, but nothing that is alarming in terms of actually stealing ideas.

For starters, the similar name between the item set and the Apex Legends Season 3 character Crypto. Formerly the newest member of the roster, Season 3 introduced Crypto. His most noteworthy feature is his hacker skills that use a drone.

Similarities Between the Skin and Apex Legends Crypto

The name of the Season 2 legend and the set are the same, but this shouldn’t be too concerning. After all, that is just the name of the set. The skin contained within the bundle is named something else.

The name of the skin hacker is Deadlock rather than Crypto. But there is still the fact that the two are hackers. Both share a somewhat green aesthetic to them. Deadlock is far more into green and lines of code for some reason.

However, for the most part, that is the end of the similarities for the new optional cosmetic skin character in Fortnite. If anything, the worst decision on Epic Games’ part was to name the bundle Crypto.

Likely, Apex Legends was not the inspiration, after all, for the Deadlock skin and other contents of the bundle. Instead, the green aesthetic and lines of code going across the pickaxe and weapon skin scream The Matrix inspiration.

It likely references the popular movies that Keanu Reeves stars in which may get a fourth entry in the future. This wouldn’t be surprising since Reeves has been a target of inspiration for Fortnite several times in the past.

While the Fortnite Crypto Collective skin isn’t that interesting on its own, the pickaxe and weapon skin is excellent. Though the similarities between it and Apex Legends seem shallow at best, there are some situations in the past where Epic Games might have taken inspiration from the other battle royale game.

Fortnite Has Possibly Taken Inspiration Before

Several mechanics were released in Fortnite long after they were already available in Apex Legends, a game that pioneered many of them for the overall genre. The first of these was the ping system that let players tag enemies and destinations for their teammates.

It didn’t take long for Fortnite to take inspiration from this and implement its similar ping system. The release of the revive system in the battle royale title followed later. It seemed to come from Apex Legends, where revives were available from the start of the game.

Players in Fortnite could pick up their teammates’ dropped tags and take them to a certain location to reboot them into the game. Very similar to the way that Apex Legends does it, a level of inspiration was taken from it.

Fortnite was far from the only game to do this potentially. Others like Call of Duty Mobile have possibly integrated similar gameplay mechanics from Apex Legends in the past.


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