Apex Legends Crypto Infinite EMP Exploit Discovered

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 29th 2020

Apex Legends has been known to have bugs, glitches, and even exploits in the past but this latest one is an unfortunate one that could break the game’s delicate balance. The new Apex Legends Crypto infinite EMP exploit lets players keep using the legend’s ultimate ability over and over. 

Apex Legends Crypto Infinite Ultimate Glitch Discovered

The Apex Legends Crypto infinite EMP exploit was discovered and posted about on the official sub-Reddit page for the battle royale game by Reddit user bricious. Earlier today, the user posted a video clip of them playing a match of battle royale when they encountered someone doing this. 

They were in the middle of a battle royale match and the circle was closing in as they were near the edge of the new circle. While they were attempting to get to the new circle, the Reddit user can be seen firing at an enemy player that is also trying to do the same. 

But little do they know that that same enemy that they are firing at is the same one who is using the Apex Legends Crypto infinite EMP exploit. As the enemy player gets closer to them, the Crypto user sends out their drone per usual and they start unleashing EMP blast after EMP blast on the player.

This unexpected turn of events meant that the player was unable to avoid the drone’s ultimate ability as the EMP blasts just kept coming and coming, slowing them down and dealing some minor damage in the process. This just kept happening, leaving the player vulnerable to other enemies.

What Happened to the Reddit User?

They are seen fighting off the other enemies while also trying to deal with the glitched Crypto drone but ultimately are felled by an enemy. They crawl around for a little while and this is the only point in the video where they are finally free from the Apex Legends Crypto infinite EMP exploit. 

Their teammate is eventually defeated and they lose the match, all because of this Crypto bug. As seen in the video, it is a terrifying sight as the enemy player is able to constantly keep lightning strikes in the HUD of the player recording the clip as they are unable to escape the unlimited ultimates. 

The only way that the user could have freed themselves from this tricky situation would have been to take out the Crypto user in question or the drone itself that is causing the damage. But as players may already know, taking out a drone is easier said than done. 

Because of how small the drone is and how far away in the sky it can be, it has a rather tiny hit detection box that you are able to hit. You not only need some excellent aim but it would certainly help if the player isn’t being slowed down and attacked at the same time. 

Exploit Somehow Bypasses the Ultimate’s Cooldown

Overall, it is understandable why the user wasn’t able to do anything to push off the attacks and survive this unfair fight. The problem with this whole situation, though, is that now we know that there is a Crypto infinite EMP exploit that troublesome players are able to use in battle. 

Because this doesn’t actually come from the player who posted the Reddit video, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is happening in the video that allowed the user to create this unfair scenario. Normally, the EMP ultimate ability that Crypto’s drone has is weighed down by a 180-second cooldown.

You are only able to use this ability every three minutes or so normally, barring any ultimate accelerants or other items. As such, the Reddit community in the comments were able to theorize about what they think was happening in the video clip that allowed for this exploit to occur. 

The most prevalent theory seems to revolve around the idea of the charge towers, a new feature that was introduced to the Kings Canyon map in season five of Apex Legends. For those who aren’t too familiar with these locations, the charge towers allow the user to instantly charge an ultimate ability and use it. 

How the Glitch Might Work

This is great for when you need an ultimate to use, but you are currently still on the cooldown and you have no ultimate accelerants to use. The thing that keeps the charge towers balanced is that they have a cooldown for them so once one player has used it, there is some time before someone else can use it. 

This does make it so that, normally, situations like this infinite ultimate ability exploit can’t be used. But it is possible that the cheating player was able to find a way to have the charge tower either have no cooldown at all or let them instantly use their ultimate ability over and over. 

One particularly promising possibility is that the user was having their drone use the EMP blast while also charging the ultimate ability at the same time. Doing so allowed them to potentially glitch the system and have the EMP animation/ability recycle over and over.

This allowed them to possibly use the ultimate ability infinitely and easily take out players like the one who recorded the gameplay clip. Regardless of how the user was able to replicate this glitch, this is something that we highly recommend that players be aware of right now in the game. 

Given the popularity of this post on Reddit, it is only more likely that Crypto players will start using this exploit even more in matches. Players should be careful and prepared for anything at this time. 

And Crypto players should refrain from trying to replicate this glitch, as it could have some consequences like bans later down the road. For now, though, Respawn has yet to acknowledge this glitch, but hopefully there is a fix for it on the way in the near future. 


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