Apex Legends Cross-Progression Is Currently in Development

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 14th 2021

Apex Legends is one of the biggest battle royale games at this time, with a myriad of features that other games have copied, but there is one feature that this game has not copied from other titles: cross-progression. Fortunately, we now have some details about Apex Legends cross-progression.

Apex Legends Cross Progression Confirmed to Be in Development

We now know that Apex Legends cross-progression is coming to the battle royale title in the future, but the “when” part is unknown. News of this comes from a Twitter user who tweeted at the current Apex game director Chad Grenier. 

The Twitter user inquired about an update regarding the Apex Legends cross-progression feature and where it is currently. Fortunately, Grenier responded to this user and gave an update that is certainly a welcome one for the community. 

In the response, Grenier noted that the Apex Legends cross-progression is currently in development at Respawn Entertainment, which is great news. This confirms that the feature is still on the way and that it is actively in development for being implemented into the game eventually. 

Confirmation of the feature coming to Apex Legends is an exciting one, but it is not met with only happy news. Unfortunately, Grenier did have more unfortunate news to share about the development of the feature due to recent problems in the game. 

Progress Has Slowed Down Due to Other Issues

At this time, the Apex Legends cross-progression development has “slowed down,” with progress hindered by other issues that are currently plaguing the battle royale title. You likely already know about the recent hacks and other major cheating problems with Apex Legends and its predecessor Titanfall that we recently covered. 

Those problems are likely requiring a vast majority of the attention at Respawn Entertainment at this time, which is leading to a significant enough impact on the progress of developing the Apex Legends cross-progression as the developer switches over to a new perspective right now. 

Respawn is currently focused on solving the live game issues plaguing Apex Legends, like the hacking and cheating that is rampant right now. It has slowed down any progress made on the cross-progression functionality. 

This is unfortunate news, but it is nice to know the feature is coming and that, in the meantime, the developer is focusing on the more dire problems with the game first. Hopefully, we will see both issues resolved soon. 

Why Cross Progression Is So Important

The confirmation of Apex Legends cross progression in development is great because this is a feature that other battle royale games, like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite, already have. It allows the player to have a persistent account that includes shared progress no matter what platform they are on. 

You could start playing on the PC version of Apex Legends, just for example, and find that you want to get one of the new consoles, like the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. When you purchase that new console, you will find that your account will not carry over from PC to that system. 

Furthermore, some players have multiple consoles in their households and would like to play the game on some of them at different times. That is the case for me, personally, where I have a Switch. Though that version of the game is inferior, there are times I would like to play it on the go rather than carry around my huge console or deal with the hefty speeds needed for adequate streaming.  

Apex Legends cross-progression would help with this as it would allow players to sign in with, presumably their EA account, and play the same characters and use the same progression across multiple systems. This is a must-have these days in major online multiplayer games, and it is great to know that it is coming someday. 

After all, Apex Legends already has full-on cross-platform play where someone on Switch can party up with a player on Xbox, PC, etc., and jump into some matches together if they want. If anything, that is the more problematic feature since the performance of these different platforms is not equal. 

Respawn Needs to Deal With the Live Service Issues First

But it is great to know that Apex Legends’ cross-progression is coming and that Respawn is currently focusing on the rampant hacking problems in the game. Players in the community have not forgotten the 4th of July incident in which the entire game was rendered unplayable for the better part of that holiday.  

This was due to a hacker(s) who wanted to bring attention to the Titanfall cheating problems that have rendered that game equally unplayable. This forced Respawn employees to come to work on their holiday off to fix the issue.

Even with that problem resolved, the number of cheating and other incidents in the free-to-play game is still running wild at this time, especially when it comes to ranked mode. Furthermore, the tweet reply from the game director even has comments of players who are still unable to get into an actual match. 

While this is a massive problem, it is not solely happening to Apex Legends. There is a huge surge in cheating and other issues in many different online multiplayer games right now, in addition to Apex, including Call of Duty Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, PUBG, and many more. This is indicative of a widespread problem that will be difficult to resolve. 


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