Apex Legends Cross-Progression Across Platforms Appears to Be in Development

by in Apex Legends | Sep, 2nd 2020

When it comes to battle royale games, Fortnite is the king of letting players play wherever they want almost anytime they want with the same general account (with some limitations, of course). But it looks like it might be joined soon by Apex Legends cross-progression.

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Feature Possibly Leaks

The Apex Legends cross-progression feature has been rumored to be in development currently by the popular data miner Shrugtal. We have covered this leaker many times before and are typically right about the various leaks that they have come out with on social media.

But this latest leak from Shrugtal is rather interesting since there is a bit of logic jumping and potential speculation involved with the data mine. The user posted a video about the latest file that they could uncover in the battle royale game’s code.

It is just a string of text that we can see, so don’t expect any images or other files to point towards the Apex Legends cross-progression feature. The code is rather long but includes words and phases like “value transfer,” “persona ID,” etc.

It even includes text about the platform value that a player is on, the account ID of the player, and so on. Overall, these words seem to indicate something related to your profile and which platform you happen to be on.

What This Code Could Mean

However, that alone doesn’t tell us that it indicates some Apex Legends cross-progression system. But the user went on to note that it is likely that this is some foundation for the cross-progression system that other online multiplayer games have.

This is likely largely since it reads your platform, ID, account, and so on, and executes the action of transferring some values over dependent on those factors mentioned above. All of this adds up to seem that you are transferring over something from one platform to another.

What happens to do that? Well, an Apex Legends cross-progression feature would be capable of taking values from one particular account and transferring it to another. This could be the workaround to allow a player to log into a singular EA account and then have their progress transferred over no matter what platform they are on.

These days, it isn’t unusual for an online game to have cross-progression to be a welcome and possible feature certainly. This is especially so given that there will be more platforms for Apex Legends released soon.

Cross-Progression Could Come Alongside Cross-Play

At this time, we know for sure that Apex Legends is coming to Steam on PC and Nintendo Switch as well. The release dates for those platforms haven’t been announced at this time. However, it will happen by the end of the year, according to the initial announcement during the E3 timeframe.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Apex Legends, it is all but confirmed that a mobile version is coming in the future and iOS and Android devices. It is even possible that we could see the mobile platform’s early testing by the end of the year.

With so many platforms coming out soon for Apex Legends, it is high time for Respawn Entertainment and EA to consider cross-progression of some sort for the game. But the only problem with this is that it was confirmed last year that cross-progression wouldn’t be possible at all.

However, things change all the time, and it is possible that, over time, Respawn has come up with a way to workaround the cross-progression issues that prevented it at the launch of the game. And it would be unfortunate for the title to have cross-play but no cross-progression.

Possible Cross-Progression Limitations

It is already confirmed that cross-play is coming to the battle royale game in the future, likely when the new platforms launch for it, and that you will be able to play with PC players on console and vice versa. Cross-play is great since it increases the player base that you can play with and allows friends across platforms to compete together.

Cross-play and progression go hand-in-hand even if some games only allow for the former and not the latter. But given that Fortnite is a game that has allowed for both (with some limitations), it would make sense for Apex to want to be on par with that title, especially if they end up on all the same platforms.

However, there is one thing that could render this potential Apex Legends cross-progression leak not as exciting as it initially seems. It could be a reference to cross-progression but only in two specific situations, rather than allowing everyone to play together no matter what system.

There is a chance that this will only be limited progression across only the PC platforms. For instance, perhaps it will only apply to those on EA Origin and want to start playing on Steam. This would probably be a bit easier than jumping ship from PS4 to Xbox One and vice versa.

Or, on the other hand, this could be a cross-progression system in place for the inevitable next-gen versions of the title. Perhaps it could help players go from the PS4 version to the PS5 version and for Xbox One players to go to the Xbox Series X edition. In the end, this is a vague leak, so stay tuned for an official announcement in the future.


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