Apex Legends Community Isn’t Happy About the Adjusted Time to Kill in Season 6

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 19th 2020

Respawn Entertainment recently released Season 6 of Apex Legends, introducing players to a slew of map changes for World’s Edge and so much more. As part of those major gameplay changes, the Apex Legends time to kill adjusted in a rather controversial way.

Apex Legends Community Isn’t Happy With the New Time to Kill

Many of the biggest players in the entire Apex Legends community are up in arms currently regarding the TTK, or time to kill, in the battle royale game in the new season. This refers to the amount of time it takes for someone to take another player out in battle.

Often, this would become an issue in a game when it takes too long to eliminate another player, but actually, the opposite is the case here. The Apex Legends time to kill adjusted in this new season, and it can be a little faster to take someone out than any previous season to date.

One particular player in the community who goes by the username Diet_Fanta on Reddit posted a lengthy thread recently about the matter. The Reddit user reached out to several pros in the community, asking for their opinions regarding the adjusted time.

The pros that the Reddit user reached out to include some of the biggest names in Apex Legends, like Snip3down, ImperialHal, xBaronful, and many more. The first one was Snip3down. The user was helpful enough to provide links to each of the pro player’s official responses.

Pros Aren’t Happy With the TTK

With Snip3down, the link went to a clip on Twitch of a recent livestream the player had with Season 6 of Apex Legends and him responding to the question from the user. It was a very short response because all the content creator had to say was that it is “terrible.”

The Reddit user listed other pros and their responses, with 13 different major cornerstones of the battle royale game’s community in total. And the results are pretty universal, as basically all of them had the same reaction, according to the user.

That reaction is that, put simply, the Apex Legends time to kill in Season 6 is “garbage.” The user goes on further to state that fighting in this new season feels like trash and that there is no potential for players to outplay another team when it comes to combat.

More than likely, the aggressive offensive team that pushes forward will likely win in the fight because of the new Apex Legends time to kill. The Devotion light machine gun is partially to blame for this being the case in the new season.

All Shields Are Evo Shields From Now On

However, while the Devotion is a powerful gun in its own right and certainly one of the best weapons that you can pick up in the game, it is far from the only reason that this season has an overall shorter time to kill other players. There is another pressing matter that has resulted in this.

There are some major changes to the way armor leveling and shields work in the game that has changed how long it takes to eliminate another player in combat at times. First and foremost, a major controversial change made the Evo Shield item be automatically given to everyone.

Now, this is a two-step problem and change. The first part is that all shields, except for the gold armor, will evolve from now on. No longer will players need to look for the red armor to have evolving shields as every one of them will already be that.

For instance, if you pick a white armor suit, it will already be a level one armor, sure, but it will also be capable of evolving at the same time. So, while it will start at level one, it will be able to evolve over time as you go about your business of taking out enemies and dealing damage.

Shields Are Also Reduced in Health

This is the same case with the blue and purple armors as well. If you see a non-gold armor, it can evolve throughout the match. The differing rarities now point to the base level that the armor is starting at, so certain ones will boost the others.

Because of this, though, you will no longer see red armor as loot in the battle royale matches in Season 6. That isn’t to say that red armor is gone for good, as you can level up your armor until it reaches its maximum potential and then turns into the red armor that everyone knows and loves.

If that weren’t enough for you, all players would now start the match with Evo armor already equipped on them. But the catch is that it will start at zero shields for players, so you will need to deal with some damage before you can benefit from the actual shields.

While this is great news for players as they do not have to worry about finding armor loot and focus on everything else, there is a major issue with the armor changes. All armor pieces are coming by 25 health in this new season.

Health Changes Are Hurting the Time to Kill

For instance, the red armor was the strongest around before the Season 6 update. It was the only way to give players 225 health, the maximum that you could have in a match. But now, the full red armor will only give you 200 health while the purple and gold ones will only give you 175 now.

The same reduction goes for the white and blue armors as well. Therein lies the main issue that has contributed to the Apex Legends time to kill problem. Players are eliminated faster in combat than they were before.

Respawn did this to reduce the TTK to reward strategic positioning better, but the problem with this is that if it isn’t broken, there is no real reason to fix it. Players are now dealing with fights that are more Call of Duty-style where if you don’t get the first accurate shot, you are likely done for already.

This new time to kill is understandably controversial in the community as the battle royale game had great times before this since its launch. If you are disappointed with this change, keep making it known to the developer, and we could see another change in the future.


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