How to Watch Apex Legends Code Red Tournament

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 9th 2020

EA might be delaying some competitions part of the Apex Legends Global Series, but that isn’t stopping other ones from happening during this coronavirus global health emergency. One such unofficial competition is happening this week.

How to Watch Apex Legends Code Red Event

The Apex Legends Code Red tournament will begin today. It starts at approximately 4 pm ET and features a ton of popular content creators, pro players, and more that will be competing to see who can come out on top in this battle royale event.

If you are interested in tuning in and watching the Apex Legends Code Red tournament, you can do so live as it happens today, March 9. It will not be a tournament that happens in person, but that doesn’t stop fans from having the chance to see all the action as it happens.

Players can watch the latest Code Red event on the official BoomTV website, the organization that hosts the popular Code Red series of tournaments for various online multiplayer games. However, if you prefer using the standard livestream services like Twitch, you can do that, too.

It is also possible to watch the Apex Legends Code Red tournament live when it happens on any of the participating content creators’ official Twitch channels. So, if you are a fan of someone like Shroud, you can watch him compete directly on his channel and not miss any of the moments that he goes through during the event today.

Code Red Tournament Participants

Speaking of participants, there will be 60 players in total, many of which are popular content creators out there. They will be divided up into 20 teams of three players each for a full battle royale match. There are fan favorites like the Shroud as well as others like Dr Disrespect and more.

You can find the full list of the 60 players who will be competing in the event below along with their respective teams:

  • Team one: Rogue, xcudie, Sapphirefk
  • Team two: Bcjump, Pjeh, Catzilla
  • Vsnz, Rprx, Br00d
  • Syncedez, Skadoodle, Seagull
  • Kandyrew, Nokokopuffs, Lurtea
  • GubbaTV, Xchocobars, CovertGG
  • StaycationTG, Kobi, 1girth
  • Galm, SmookQT, Moderntryhard
  • Imaqtpie, Shiphtur, Senzeeh
  • Pokelawls, M0xyy, Overpoweredow
  • Ninjayla, Draynilla, Casper
  • Katgunn, Dcop, Masternook
  • Glitterxplosion, Reps, Harrishheller
  • Huskerrs, Tannerslays, CalamitiTV
  • Lululuvely, Snip3down, Crowder
  • Nicewigg, Daltoosh, Jonny
  • Tsquared, ShivFPS, Knoqd
  • Trick2G, Tennp0, Yassuo
  • Grego, Averageaden, Aniemal
  • Dr Disrespect, Shroud, Bnans

As you can see, the Apex Legends Code Red tournament is surprisingly stacked for an event that isn’t an official one hosted by the game’s publisher EA. The final team of Dr Disrespect, Shroud, and Bnans is especially impressive and will be one of the main ones to watch.

Tournament Structure

With the advent of custom games over the last few months in Apex Legends, it will make it much easier for an event like this one to happen in the battle royale game. It won’t be just one match either that the 60 players divided into teams of three will be competing in.

Instead, it will be six matches in total that will determine the placements of the teams and the overall division of the prize money. The rules of the matches are simple, not allowing the players to farm the respawns in the game or place any points.

The six matches will feature teams competing not necessarily for wins in the matches but mainly eliminations. Each elimination that a team gets during the tournament will count for one point. Those points will tally up throughout the six matches to give each team a total point count.

The teams with the most points will get the highest placement in the leaderboard. The best team will be the one with the most points. If things don’t go to plan and there is a tie between the teams after the six rounds are over, there will be other stats involved for any tiebreakers.

It will first go to the number of rounds that each team won during the event. For instance, if two teams have the same number of points at the end of the event but one of them has three wins and the other only one, the former team will be the winner of the two.

If it doesn’t resolve the problem, it will go to the player from each team with the highest number of eliminations. If that still does not work, it will then go to the second-highest players and so on until a winner is decided.

Prize Money and Placements

The teams will receive prizes based on how good they did during the six rounds. The prize pool begins with the team that comes in 10th place out of the 20 teams competing. They will receive $1,200 for their participation in the event.

The ninth-place team receives $1,500, the eighth-place team getting $1,800, seventh place receiving $2,100, and sixth place getting $2,700. From there, it grows even more with fifth place getting $3,300, fourth receiving $4,400, and third place having $6,000 in prize money.

Second and first place get the most prize money out of all the other teams with a whopping $12,000 and $15,000, respectively, for a total of $50,000 in the prize pool.


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