Apex Legends Clubs Will Debut in Season 7

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 2nd 2020

Respawn Entertainment is hyping up the upcoming seventh season of battle royale in Apex Legends. One of the latest announcements for Season 7 is that we are getting a new feature called the Apex Legends Clubs feature. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Are Apex Legends Clubs?

For starters, what are the Apex Legends Clubs? The name gives it away slightly, but this is essentially a brand-new community feature that battle royale players will check out in the new season. It will expand the social aspect of Apex Legends in a new way.

This new social feature will allow players to create and build up a community for battling online. This is more than just the friends list you already have, but something new and permanent will help players connect online as more platforms join together.

Apex Legends Clubs are permanent groups (unless you, like, delete it or something) that you can be part of or even create. They are essentially the clans or guilds from other online multiplayer games. These are crucial to making online communities more vibrant and competitive.

Clubs give you a social space to connect with like-minded players to chat and hang out with at any point. You can represent your club in battle and find players to play with in these larger communities that are both cross-generations and cross-platforms.

Clubs Announced for Season 7

The Apex Legends Clubs have been formally announced for the upcoming seventh season of the battle royale game. The start date of that new season is when we will see Clubs implemented into the game. That is only a few days from now when writing this, so you won’t have to wait long.

They could already be out by the time you read this since the launch date for Season 7 is set for this Wednesday, Nov. 4, which is only a couple of days from now. There is a lot to look forward to in Clubs. We have the lowdown on everything you need to know about them.

They were previously leaked for Apex Legends in the past. We now have confirmation that they are happening for the game. It is an excellent idea since it allows you to foster a community with other players, some of which you might not have ever met if it weren’t for this feature.

This is how players build those lasting friendships and relationships that go beyond just Apex Legends and into other games and more. Having Clubs is a great idea for the game, especially as the cross-platform play expands with more platforms being added to the game soon.

How Creating a Club Works

For starters, here is how creating one of the Apex Legends Clubs works. When it comes to Clubs, two methods are used for becoming part of one: either creating a Club from scratch for you and your (future) friends or just joining one that already exists.

It all starts with the Clubs tab that will appear in the game’s main lobby when Season 7 drops later this week. When you are ready to join or create a group in Apex Legends, your first goal should be to head to this section. As someone who isn’t a group member yet, you will only be given two options in the tab when you visit it.

You will have the option to create a club or join one. For this section’s purposes, we are going to focus on those players who wish to start a group when Season 7 drops (read on for how to join one). When Season 7 drops, this will be a new feature added to the game.

As such, if you have lightning-fast internet and can jump in as one of the first players, there will likely be little to no groups available when you boot up the game. You may want to create a club and be one of the first players to have a permanent group ready for others to join.

Or, maybe you wish to take claim of a name that no one else has taken yet. That is but one of the many options that will appear when choosing to create a new club. From the start of the list of options, you have to pick from, your name is the first and possibly the most important one.

This will be the name of the club you are in and what everyone will see when they first look at your group. You probably want the coolest or catchiest name around to attract other players, especially if you are making this group meet people you don’t already know.

There are two main limitations that you must keep in mind with your club names, and that is it has to fight within 16 total characters, and it must be unique at the time of making it. So, you can have the club name “Phantom Thieves” and others, but you’ll have to act fast (that’s a free one for you Persona 5 lovers like myself).

The second option you will have to select when creating your club is the tag name, which is equally important to the main name. Like clans in other games like Call of Duty titles, this is the name tag that players will see online when you are in the middle of a battle royale match.

Tags are limited to only four characters in total, so you will have to develop a snazzy but short nickname that will be recognizable. Tags are super important since most players will see next to your name when you eliminate someone, win the match, get defeated, and so on.

The third option that you must customize is your team logo. This is the symbol of your group. Your club will see it every time they visit the lobby for your team. Next are the privacy settings that have to do with it and how players join your club online.

There are a few options for privacy to keep your club as you want it to be. If you are looking for friends to meet and want anyone and everyone to join, you can make it fully open to the public, and then anyone can join at any point without extra steps.

However, if you are only looking for certain other players, you can restrict the club to only players with a certain account level or rank online. You can also turn on requests where users have to apply to join. You can accept or deny them, rather than have them automatically join.

And last but not least, there is the invitation-only option. This is there for those only looking for a group to facilitate their already existing friends and so on. The final thing you have to deal with when creating a club is the search tags function.

Search tags are up to five tags that define your group and are what players see when they find your club online. This is where you choose how your club is categorized, like a chill, friendly group, or all about communication and grinding those ranked matches. If you disable crossplay, only players with disabled crossplay will find your club so keep that in mind.

How to Join a Club and Different Sections

If you aren’t into the craziness of running and creating your online club in Apex Legends, then maybe joining one is better for you. You can search for clubs and choose various settings like the name, tag, privacy settings, and search tags to find the right one for you.

If a club is open to you, you can join automatically, but if you have to send a request, you will need to wait for approval from the Owner or admins to accept your membership. Once you are in a club, congrats! You will now have access to the special club lobby.

The member list is where you can find other players in the group and invite them to your party easily. The timeline shows recent events like someone joining the group and the chat where you can, well, chat with other players online.

The chat function is particularly awesome since this is a dedicated space inside the game where you can communicate with each other without worrying about third-party apps like Discord and the like. Though you are so inclined, we recommend that you supplement your club with an affiliated Discord channel for those who are serious about this sort of thing.

How Club Member Ranks Work

When joining or creating a club, members will have a rank associated with them. Like in guilds and other game groups, each rank has different capabilities within the club. The Apex Legends Clubs ranks include several options, starting with the Grunt rank.

Grunts are the entry ranks at the bottom of the food chain who can only send and receive party invites and use the chat function, but that is it. Higher up than them are the Captains who can do what the Grunts do and invite players to the club, acting as your talent scouts.

From there, we have the Admins who are the junior versions of the Owner rank. They can kick Grunts and Captains out of the group, change the club settings, post announcements, view complaints, and promote Grunts to the Captain rank.

And last but not least, there is the Owner rank. There is only one Owner per club, and the creator is this rank by default. They can kick anyone out of the group and are the only ones who can promote players in the group up to the Admin rank.

One feature worth noting is the complaints feature that anyone can submit about another club player. For instance, there is a player in the club who waits until the higher ranks are offline and harass other players. Anyone can file a complaint against them. The higher ranks can check it out later and easily kick that person if necessary.

Announcements and Club Badges

For the Admins and Owner of the club, one feature they have access to are the announcements. They can post an announcement that everyone will see the next time they are in the club lobby. If you want to have a massive group meetup online for ranked matches or celebrate a particular occasion, you can feel free to post an announcement about it.

Perhaps one occasion could have to do with your club’s rank. There are five main ranks that we know of that will be associated with the Apex Legends Clubs. These are different from the personal ranks that you have when you participate in the ranked matches online.

Respawn gave little details about how the ranks work, but we presume that doing well in matches together will likely raise your rank online. The higher the rank, the fancier, and more detailed it looks, so it rewards those groups who take the time to party up with each other online.


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