Apex Legends Clubs Leak Reveals New Guild-Like Feature

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 23rd 2020

The latest Apex Legends leak has happened and it is one of the biggest ones that we have ever seen for the game. It seems that, according to the Apex Legends Clubs leak, there could be a new Clubs feature in the future that would allow players to form a permanent team to play alongside.

Apex Legends Clubs Leak Revealed

The Apex Legends Clubs leak comes via the popular data miner and leaker Shrugtal who has been great in the past for revealing new information that turned out to be accurate. But given the very specific and game-changing nature of this particular leak, we recommend taking this one with some salt.

The Apex Legends data miner posted on their Twitter account this week about the latest data that they uncovered through the game. They found in the backend files and information regarding the Clubs feature that will be reportedly similar to guilds or clans in other online games out there.

Essentially, there is a lot of evidence in the game’s files that suggest that the Apex Legends Clubs leak would allow for players to create a “Club”, or a permanent team that you would be able to add more members to, group, and enjoy the standard features of guilds in other games.

This would not only be a massive move for Apex Legends, but it would do something once again to set itself apart from the other battle royale titles that already exist in the space. This is something that neither Fortnite nor PUBG have even touched upon doing since they came out years ago.

What the Clubs Are Likely Going to Be

If this Apex Legends Clubs leak is to be believed, we could see something that would not only rejuvenate the health of the normal online queue but it could also make the already unique game in the genre even more groundbreaking and worthy of its success.

Within the game files themselves, the data miner has uncovered things that are tied to the possible Clubs like having a Club ID or most likely the name of the group for other players to see as well as features like requesting to join a group, being accepted into one, and so on.

There are even settings that the Club members will be able to pick for their group like privacy settings and more. Strangely enough, the leaker noted that it seems evident in the files that groups could have the same name in the game, so totally unique group names wouldn’t be required for some reason.

To the leaker, it makes sense for the Clubs to be introduced into Apex Legends as it “reinforces that the game is meant to be played as a team.” This is true as Respawn Entertainment has been adamant up until this point about this game being solely a three-player battle royale game.

This Could Benefit Queues and More

Sure, there has been dabbling in the past with other game modes like solos and duos, but they didn’t stick around for long, despite the outcry from the Apex Legends community for something more beyond just the standard 60-player matches of 20 teams of three each.

But if this is the hill that Respawn has chosen to stake their claim on of only having the game be a group one, then the Clubs certainly make a whole lot of sense. And in addition, one particular benefit of having Clubs is that it could reduce the number of players who are queueing up by themselves.

This would mean that a Club’s members could easily gather up together into a party even if they aren’t necessarily friends at the time and then jump into a match anytime they wanted. You would no longer be limited to just the friends you have, but you would have potentially dozens of players in different time zones in a Club that could play together 24/7.

Then there would be the fact that Clubs would likely have its own separate menu section in the UI for stuff like member lists and even a potential group chat. This is something that the leaker hints at with each Club having their own private chat for their members only.

When Clubs Could Release in Apex Legends

This would be especially helpful as well as the group feature in general for when the cross-play functionality releases for the game. We already know that there are more platforms coming in the fall, including Switch, PC via Steam, and even mobile at some point.

Those platforms will likely all (or at least Switch and Steam) have some sort of cross-play with the existing PS4, Xbox One, and Origin PC versions of the title. Clubs would be an excellent way of allowing for players on all available systems to party up together, despite having very different hardware that they are using to play Apex Legends.

Oddly enough, though, Shrugtal thinks that the Clubs feature would be added before the release of the cross-play features and perhaps even at the start of the next season, Season 6. This is something that would be interesting and possibly not the best idea as cross-play would benefit heavily from this feature.

And if it is introduced before cross-play is available this fall, that could make the Clubs be stuck on each respective platform, which would render a major benefit of the feature rather useless without a fix for it. That said, this is something that Respawn is probably still working on currently, so it could be a while before we even get a full confirmation of this recent leak.


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