Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Revealed for Switch Launch

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 5th 2021

We are right in the middle of Season 8 of Apex Legends. The action is heating up once more in the battle royale title with a new event. Respawn Entertainment has announced the new Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event, offering players an exciting time full of intense action. 

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Announced to Celebrate Switch

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event’s announcement might be surprising to players as the game just finished its last major limited-time event not too long ago. It is unusual for the game to have two back-to-back events like this, but that is the case. 

The first one was a couple of weeks ago was the Anniversary Event that was meant to celebrate the game’s launch two years ago. But now that that is over, Respawn is getting ready with yet another event for players to check out: the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event. 

This one is likely a standard seasonal event that we would get in each battle royale season, rather than the exception as that would be the Anniversary one, instead. This new event is here, though, to also celebrate something that is happening for the game. 

That is none other than the Nintendo Switch’s version of Apex Legends launching. This limited-time event will kick off on the same day as the new version does on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Players on the Switch will have a new game to play on a new platform and a new event. 

Alongside the Switch version, players on that platform will have 30 free levels of the current Season 8 battle pass given to them for free to make up for arriving in the middle of the season. Not to mention, the Switch owners will have double experience for the first two weeks.

Those two weeks line up with the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event as well. It will be live on all platforms on March 9 for two weeks until March 23, when it will come to an end. Switch owners will also get an exclusive legendary Pathfinder skin for a limited time alongside everything else in this Collection Event. 

Caustic Town Takeover

When it comes to a new limited-time event in Apex Legends, one thing is certain these days: one of the characters will have a takeover of some kind. In this case, the new Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will have a Caustic town takeover that will happen on Kings Canyon.

As the main map this season for ranked, at least until the split happens soon, Kings Canyon will have Caustic come in and change things up a bit for a limited time. In this case, the Water Treatment named location will now be known as the Caustic Treatment site. 

Caustic has taken over this site to stop the Crash Site from leaking into the Water Treatment area and converted it into his own little science experiment. The water is now corrupted by the toxic gas that Caustic uses as his main abilities. 

His pollution makes matters worse for everyone involved and has even forced Mirage to take his Mirage Voyage elsewhere. Respawn hints that it will show up in an arena when you least expect it, so we do think it will return and potentially on Olympus in the future. 

Furthermore, Caustic ensures that his little experiment is one that players will have to deal with for the coming weeks in this limited-time event. The toxic form of Water Treatment now has a central facility hosting some very valuable loot that players can access.

However, the only way to get to it is to drain the toxic liquid from the facility’s center. You will have temporary access to the four golden loot items that will be randomly put there if you can. This is a great way to get some excellent loot early on but at a risk. 

Ring Fury Game Mode Explained

Another feature of a new event like the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event is a new game mode for a limited time. This time, we have the Ring Fury playlist with a very intense and explosive take on the normal battle royale formula.

Each round in the Ring Fury game mode, a special event will slowly cause unique ring flares to expand around the arena. These flares will show up in random parts of the arena and cause damage to any players who are caught within it, equal to that of the current round’s ring. 

Players will be given a quick warning on the main map and the minimap just before a ring flare appears in the round. Also, if you are too busy to check the maps before the ring flare shows up, the legends will comment and warn about imminent danger or if a ring flare is nearby so that you are made aware. 

Overall, it looks like the new Ring Fury game mode will be difficult as it will allow for multiple rings, essentially, to show up around the map. We don’t know how big the ring flares will be, but we imagine that it will block off specific named locations and make progression harder for squads. 

Worse still, the new Ring Fury mode is the first of the Escalation Takeover playlists in Apex Legends. What this means is that it will not only take over the duos and trios modes for the two weeks, like usual, but it will also escalate during the event and get worse as time goes on. 

In this case, this means that every few days, a new level of escalation will begin. The frequency, timing, and size of the ring flares will worsen until the end of the event where the fifth and final stage will happen. This way, it pays to get in early and get used to the new limited-time mode before it gets even worse. 

New Heat Shields Item and Survival Slot

Fortunately, you have a new item in Apex Legends to protect you from the ring flares in this new game mode, and that is the heat shield. During the Ring Fury game mode, all players will start each match with a heat shield in their inventory as soon as they drop into the arena. 

This new item is a bubble shield that pops up around the player in a specific area when you use it. This shield will protect the player from the deadly effects of the ring flares in this new game mode, helping them to survive for a brief time when they happen. 

The exact duration of the heat shield has not been revealed, but it does vary as you can use it more than once. It works because it will protect you from damage from the ring flares when you use the shield. That damage is reflected in the shield’s duration. 

As such, the more damage it takes, the shorter time you will be able to protect yourself from the ring flares. This means that as the rounds go on and the ring becomes more damaging, the heat shield will be less effective at protecting teams for periods. 

Once it is used up, the item is gone. You will have your new survival slot empty. This new inventory slot is coming to the game permanently alongside the heat shield. It is a special slot taken up by the heat shield or other survival items like the mobile respawn beacon.

It seems that every player can hold one of these items at a time, so players will want to communicate with their team so that some have a heat shield to protect everyone, while others might have a respawn beacon to revive everyone if the situation turns dire. 

Furthermore, the ring flares seem to be unique to the Ring Fury game mode, so you might wonder why the heat shield is sticking around in Apex Legends after this event is over. Well, that is because it also protects you from the normal ring itself in matches.

For the first time, players will now have a defensive maneuver to use if caught within the ring without protection. It will only work for a limited time, of course, but it will be a great way to recover and potentially change the later rounds of matches. 

Beyond just offering protection, players who activate the shield inside the ring will also have healing items speed up by 50% and reviving will be 25% faster. This only works inside the ring’s damaging areas and not in the safe zones. We can imagine how the heat shields will affect those final fights in matches to get used to trying to find them as new ground loot.

Legend and Weapon Updates

As always, the new Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will have some prizes for players to collect in the new prize track. There are new items like the new legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins that you can collect, plus other little items for free just by earning points. 

Twenty-four new cosmetic items are here for a limited time and collected by direct purchase, crafting, or event packs. If you collect all 24 of them, you will be given the new Bangalore heirloom set. After the event, it will become available for crafting.

While the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event is excellent for all of the new game modes, items, and features, it will bring some necessary changes. Some of the existing legends and weapons will change up a fair bit to reshape the meta somehow. 

First off, there is the star of the event himself: Caustic. The toxic tank has been nerfed a good bit in this update, changing the Nox Gas Grenade’s cooldown from two and a half minutes to now three and a half minutes, so players will have to wait a good bit to use this ultimate ability. 

Furthermore, when you can use the Nox Gas Grenade, the gas itself will now damage at a flat rate of five health per tick rather than six health that ramps up to 12 health at its max. This should help with some of the character issues, but it could be changed back somewhat if the effect is too significant at undermining the character. 

Pathfinder has had the Low Profile feature removed entirely, making his hit box more of a standard one from now on. For Gibraltar, the added incentive of 15% faster healing using items has been removed from the Dome of Protection ability. Horizon has had her Black Hole cooldown go from two minutes to three minutes. 

Revenant has been boosted some with his Silence ability now affecting Mirage’s cloaked revive and respawn as well as Octane’s Swift Mend. Wattson boosted in a cool way to now have a passive ability that regenerates her shields at 0.5 points per second. 

Lastly, for Rampart, a slight change should help out this character a little bit more. Explosives will now damage Amped Cover usually, instead of inflicting 200 damage, while Sheila will only take normal damage instead of 175 from explosives. 

All of the gold assault rifle and LMG default optics have changed to the 2x Bruiser attachment on the weapons side of things. For the Mastiff, its pellet damage decreased from 13 to only 11, while the fire rate is now 1.1 instead of 1.0. 

The Wingman has a simple change of one extra bullet per magazine, including the base version, while the Hemlok now has increased hip fire spread to make it less useful at close quarters combat. For all of the other changes that we were unable to cover, be sure to take a look at the full patch notes for the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event here


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