Apex Legends Caustic Nerf Has No Solution Right Now, According to Dev

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 17th 2021

Apex Legends has gone through many changes for the two years that the game has been out for various platforms, but sometimes the solutions for changes aren’t there. That seems to be what is happening with any possible future Apex Legends Caustic nerf. 

Caustic Player Posts Viral Video on Reddit

This was revealed this week on the Apex Legends subreddit page. There was a Reddit user who posted a video and commentary on their recent match as a Caustic player on that page. The video quickly went viral for the strategy of sorts that the player could employ in the fight. 

The video clip isn’t that long, but it was enough to get the point across what the player was attempting to do at the tail-end of this battle royale match. They even noted that they were “social distancing” with their man Caustic, which is made more apparent in the clip.

In the video clip, we can see that the player playing as Caustic is trying to keep their distance from the other teams and players at the end of the match. It says that in the top right at the beginning of the video, three squads left with the question mark for how many players.

That means that it is nine or fewer players left in the match, though it does seem like this particular player may be the last one standing from his team in this case. The Reddit user AadrianN_ who posted the video is seen hiding on the second floor of a building as the circle is very tiny.

Player Is Able to Safely Take Out Two Squads and Win the Match

It is so tiny that the entire circle is basically inside the very room they are in. Then the circle closes even more to a tiny dot on the map that could house only one or two players at best. But the Caustic player happens to be on the second floor, so they are safe in the tiny sliver of hope away from the enemies, as mentioned in their social distancing. 

It seems that literally the other two squads and however many players are remaining in the match are down below on the ground floor, which is apparent in what happens next. The Caustic player throws down their gas canisters to the first floor through the window and chaos ensues.

The player then sits back and watches from the comfort of their second-floor safety net, healing themselves for any future fights in the process. However, that isn’t even necessary as the gas seems to cover the entire tiny little circle. The players below have to choose to run into the storm or face the gas covering the safe area. 

Before long, the choice is made for them and every single player down there is dead in a matter of seconds from each other or gas that the Caustic player threw down. It is a messy situation but one that resolved in a quick win for the Reddit user as they became the champion of that match. 

Reddit Video Leads to Complaints From Some Players

All in all, it is a video that points out an impressive move for Caustic players that could end some of those late game rounds. But that isn’t necessarily what made the comments pop, as the community was mainly calling out how this sort of tactic needs to be addressed in some form of Apex Legends Caustic nerf. 

Many users note that this sort of play style breaks the endgame of some matches as players can hide away somewhere safe or even get damaged in the danger area while their gas takes care of anyone in the very tiny circle of safety. 

It is a tried and true formula for the end of matches that will likely result in the Caustic team on their side’s victory. This has made the community frustrated as it is something that some users have noted has led to easy wins.

The community made this thread blow up so much that it led to an actual response from one of the developers at Respawn Entertainment regarding a possible Apex Legends Caustic nerf in the future. This was because of one of the player’s comments on the thread. 

Video Leads to Response From Respawn Dev

One of the top comments on the post ignores the fact that this player could maneuver and get a nice win from the match and focused more on the mechanic itself. They asked if there is any real counter to that strategy of waiting until the circle is so small that no one can escape the gas or the damaging danger area outside. 

This led to a response from DanielZKlein, the lead game designer at Respawn working on Apex Legends. Klein has been wonderful in communicating with the players, addressing various issues that they have and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

In this case, though, the same page may not be one that some players are too happy with. Regarding any possible Apex Legends Caustic nerf, it looks like the possibility of this happening isn’t too high right now. Klein started the response by addressing this exact situation. 

As seen in the video, when it comes to this situation where the circle is so small that the gas will cover it, Klein noted no solution for this and sucks. However, Respawn is currently looking into the issue and an Apex Legends Caustic nerf right now. 

No Apex Legends Caustic Nerf Solution Is Available Right Now

But the problem is that there is no solution as of right now, which tells us that the future of making the character more balanced in endgame scenarios is not too bright for now. There is one possible solution mentioned, but it is dismissed for now. 

Klein noted that the team could make the ultimate for Caustic be a destructible item, such as the case is right now for Horizon to balance her out. But the issue with this fix is that it is so “heavy-handed” that it would likely require them to make the tactical gas barrels destructible as well. 

This is something that the team could do and make both the tactical and ultimate abilities of Caustic destructible by teams after they have already been thrown down. That would work as an Apex Legends Caustic nerf of sorts for the character.

But then that brings in its so fair share of problems. As you likely already know, Caustic was not the most popular character in the battle royale game for a long time, as seen in previous legend rankings, and that only recently changed with some significant buffs. But if you take something away so heavily like this, you could have a situation as we had before with the character.

So, if this Apex Legends Caustic nerf were to be implemented, there would have to be some benefits given to him in return to balance out these major changes to his character. There is not a solution to this, either, basically leaving a nerf in limbo for now. 


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