Apex Legends Caustic Abilities Remaining After Death Is a Bug, Devs Working on It

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 15th 2021

Sometimes you have games like Apex Legends that end up with a massive bug that makes the game harder for some players than it should. Other times, it is on the developers for making the game mechanics the way it is. For a while now, people have thought that it was a design decision for the Caustic gas traps in Apex Legends to work the way they do. 

Apex Legends Caustic Gas Traps Remain After His Death

As you likely already know as you read this, the Apex Legends Caustic gas traps are his signature ability. One of the most powerful aspects of this is how long they will stick around. The gas traps will continue to damage enemy players for quite a good while in the middle of matches. 

The Caustic gas traps will stick around after the legend who put them there has been sent to the grave by someone. This means that he could effectively damage someone from the great beyond where legends go and potentially take someone out.

This controversial use of the gas traps has been quite heated in the Apex community lately. It led to the Reddit user PubFiction posting about it in the competitive Apex subreddit page to talk about how much they hate this being in the game right now. 

They noted that the ultimate ability and gas traps that the defensive legend has should disappear as soon as he dies, rather than staying behind until the expiration timer counts down per normal. They noted that it is disgusting how this mechanic can kill someone after they are completely dead in the match. 

Even ImperialHal Was Affected by This Issue

They ended their argument by noting that they believe that any mechanic in the game that involves someone benefiting from something when they are not actively contributing to the game — AKA they are dead — then it shouldn’t be taking away from the players who are still playing and are alive. 

It is a valid argument and one that much of the community came behind with their comments of support. Many of the players responded by wondering if the Reddit user created this post after being prompted by the recent Hal live stream. 

The popular TSM content creator ImperialHal was playing Apex Legends live on Twitch recently. He was up against a team that previously had a Caustic on it. He was pushing against the gas traps they had when he was taken down by it and then full-on killed by the already dead Caustic’s gas. 

This is extremely frustrating since the Caustic who put the gas there was already dead. Understandably, some players would like to see the traps expire immediately upon death since it would make it so that teams could be rewarded for actually beating a team.

Caustic Gas Traps Issue Is Actually a Bug

It would be a better alternative than winning a fight and surviving by the skin of your teeth with only a few health points left, only to die from the remaining gas traps that are there from the already dead opponent. You could even say that it is a pretty unfair mechanic in the game.

But what if we told you that it wasn’t a mechanic in the game at all? What if we told you that this was an unintended element of Apex Legends? That is the case as the Reddit post became so popular that it could get an official response from a Respawn Entertainment developer. 

One Reddit user commented, noting that it needs to be looked at seriously by the developers and tagged a couple of Respawn developers who frequent the Reddit page, like the recent reveal that Horizon is the best character. One of them responded: John Larson, a live balance designer for Apex Legends. 

Larson surprised us by noting that it is not actually an intended mechanic for the Caustic character but a bug currently in the game. Larson noted that he had reiterated this bug to the team today, along with the ImperialHal clip that showed it happening to him as well. 

Respawn Is Working on a Fix for It Right Now

Larson agreed that “it’s the absolute worst” and that the developer is looking to implement a fix soon for the problem. This is a very welcome and surprising response from the developer to find out that something that wasn’t a mechanic was just a bug that occurred in the game. 

Fortunately, it looks like this is all but case closed for now on the Apex Legends Caustic gas traps remaining after his death in the game. Respawn is fully aware of the situation and what it can do to break the game’s balance, so we imagine that it is near the top of the list for fixes.

Outside of the game-breaking issues or any crashes preventing players from playing the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the team’s priorities right now, mostly since it directly affected one of the top Apex streamers out there currently. 

No timeframe for a fix for this was revealed, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there is a hotfix for this problem coming out very soon. While we wait, we highly recommend that players avoid Caustic legends when they can and especially indoor sections. 

The inside of buildings is where these characters shine. You have the chance of getting stuck and ending up a victim of this bug, so make double sure that buildings are empty before going in and don’t spend too much time in them when you do loot them to avoid situations like this while a fix is being worked on. 


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