Apex Legends Broken Ghost Ending Hints at New Map in Season 6

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 15th 2020

Apex Legends just completed what is a groundbreaking moment for the battle royale game and will likely have serious ramifications for its future. The Apex Legends Broken Ghost ending is here for the questline, and it has revealed an insanely interesting hint at what lies ahead for the game.

The Broken Ghost Storyline Is Now Over

The Broken Ghost was a questline teased and then released this season as the first of its kind: a PvE-focused storyline that was like a single-player story of sorts (but with other players) allowed the game to expand and have a legitimate background that means something.

Though Apex Legends is still primarily a multiplayer battle royale game, the Broken Ghost quests allowed it to expand beyond that and into a new realm of possibilities. Players could join with others and complete something challenging but rewarding at the same time.

Over the past several weeks in Season 5, the Broken Ghost storyline has given us a glimpse into various characters that we already know and love, like the newest hero Loba, the Season 4 legend Revenant, Crypto, and many more who starred in this dramatic backstory.

It was all leading towards a finale, though, and the Apex Legends Broken Ghost ending was released yesterday as the final quest for players to complete. Now that the players have gone and completed this mission (you can still do so if necessary), we now know the truth behind it all.

Broken Ghost Ending Hints at Olympus

As part of this Apex Legends Broken Ghost ending, the very finale of it all concluded with a teasing message that welcomed players to Olympus. This strange message seems to hint that Olympus will play a huge role in the future of Apex Legends and not just for show either.

The fact that the game is making it clear that the path that the characters and players are on is leading to Olympus and you are welcomed there, means we are going to visit this location in some capacity. As such, it is leading to rampant speculation in the community.

There are, understandably, a lot of different possibilities for what the Broken Ghost ending means and how Olympus will play into the future of the battle royale game. The most striking one is the possibility that we will get to go to Olympus in a literal way.

There is the chance that Olympus will be the star of the next map in Apex Legends, potentially in Season 6. Though we are still in the middle of the current season, it would make sense to go ahead and lay the groundwork for teases for the upcoming season.

Olympus Could Be the New Season 6 Map

With this Broken Ghost ending, it certainly seems like the next season will have players visit Olympus in some fashion. The most exciting way would be to have a new battle royale map added to the game in Season 6. Now, there is a lot that leads to this being the case.

For instance, there is the fact that Apex Legends all began with a single map called Kings Canyon, which layers played on during Season 1 and 2. Come Season 3, though, this all changed. A new map was surprisingly released.

It was shocking for the game as most battle royale games typically only stick to one map for a while and possibly added another one much later on. After all, it took Fortnite a whopping 10 seasons and more than two years before finally dropping a new island to explore.

But Apex Legends released a second map for players to check out in only its first year on the market. Since then, we have had the return of Kings Canyon. The balance between the two maps happens when players can pick between the two in normal matches.

Olympus Is Relevant to Several Legends

Season 6 is noteworthy as it makes the third season since the release of the second map, so if Respawn Entertainment follows the same pattern as before, it could very well result in a new battle royale map. The third one would most likely be related to Olympus in some way.

This location is a city on the planet of Psamathe. Both of which have been heavily hinted at and featured lately in the lore of Apex Legends. For instance, Olympus is home to where both Lifeline and Octane are from, already making it pretty significant for a couple of characters.

But it might also be the original hometown of Loba as well as this is where her life was torn apart in the lore as Revenant came and killed her parents, as seen in his cinematic reveal trailer. Then for Revenant himself, this is where his source code is found.

Those are four legends in the game that have significant ties to this location, which isn’t likely for nothing. It is clear that Respawn has something planned in the future for the planet of Psamathe, and it could very well be a new map.

What Else Olympus Could Be

It would be amazing to have a new map centered on an entire city, something that World’s Edge teeters on doing but doesn’t quite fulfill on. Olympus could be the cityscape location for the third map, or it could just be part of the map that also covers a different location.

But there is also a possibility that we won’t go to Olympus as the next battle royale map. There is a chance that it could only be a hint at the next questline’s location in the game. Season 6 could have a storyline where players are sent on missions to Olympus to complete tasks and learn about the lore more.

This would be an unfortunate way of handling what shapes up to be an interesting locale and chance for a third map in the game, but we will have to wait and see for now. There are still several weeks left of the current season, so there is a lot more that we will find out in the coming weeks as we approach Season 6, so stay tuned.


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