Apex Legends Brings Valkyrie Changes, Her Return to the Firing Range

by in Apex Legends | May, 25th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has announced that a new patch is out now for Apex Legends in the Legacy season. The ninth season is well underway currently and players can expect some welcome changes with this update, including the long-awaited Valkyrie firing range return.

Valkyrie Firing Range Return Released in Update

Valkyrie is the latest legend to join the battle royale title in this current season and she is exceedingly popular. At the same time, though, a new character means that there are likely to be issues with her and that is exactly what happened with this most recent roster addition.

Valkyrie launched with some problems and exploits, the latter of which could be used in the firing range game mode. Though that game mode is not nearly as important as the normal battle royale or the new Arenas mode launched in this ninth season, it is still a key part nonetheless.

And when one party is able to use an exploit to boost their stats and other aspects artificially through the firing range, it is something that Respawn understandably wishes to fix. As such, she was removed from the firing range while a fix was addressed for this problem.

Fortunately, it looks like the Valkyrie firing range issue is done with as she is now back in the game mode. By the time you read this, you are able to hop into Apex Legends and try her out in the firing range yourself, but now without the ability to unfairly boost your account stats.

The Firing Range Is Great for Testing Out New Characters

Other Changes for Valkyrie and Wattson

The second change for Valkyrie is the fix for the Valkyrie firing range exploit. You cannot record your stats in this game mode as her any longer, so don’t bother trying to artificially make your account seem better than it actually is in the battle royale title.

The third and final change for the new legend is for an exploit using the jump pad. Some players were able to activate her ultimate ability shortly after using a jump pad, leading to some unfair uses of the power. There is also a single change to Wattson in this update.

The slowed down effect from the fences that Wattson has is back, letting you adequately punish enemies who happen to run through. Besides these legends changes, there are some major changes for the new Arena game mode as well to improve it.

Changes to Arena and Loot Spawns

There are now penalties involved with this game mode for those players who leave the match early. So long as there is a full party when you leave the match, you will now be penalized for it. Players who leave after the fact will not be penalized so long as they were not partied up with the first player to leave.

You will get a warning when you are leaving of the consequences that will happen if you do. There is a fix in this Arena game mode for the exploit where players could unlock upgrades without having the necessary materials that are required for this.

The hop-up attachments have changed for the Bocek bow to now be level two Shattercaps and level three Deadeye’s Tempo. Furthermore, there is a temporary increase in survival experience for the Arena game mode while a fix is issued for the buy phase not being included in the survival time calculations.

Lastly, the final major change in this update is for the loot side of the battle royale game that has been a hot topic in the community since the launch of the Legacy season. One of the main issues in this current ninth season is that players have found that backpacks have become more elusive than ever before.

With the launch of Legacy, much of the white common loot on the ground has been reworked since some of the items are obsolete now, leaving only a handful of these level one items, including backpacks. But this has accidentally resulted in the backpacks being harder to find now.

Fortunately, this new update adjusts the logic for how loot items spawn to ensure that backpacks show more evenly in the matches, both on the ground and in loot bins. The spawn rate of level two Evo armor is also increased through this to ensure that you can find the blue ones more easily now.


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