Apex Legends Boosters Are Getting Worse With Ranked Changes

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 30th 2021

It turns out that Apex Legends is actually intensifying its problem with cheaters who want to boost their stats and ranks in Season 11, rather than fixing it. Because of the ranked changes in the most recent season of the game, the Apex Legends boosters are only growing in number.

Apex Legends Boosters Are Only Growing in Number

To make matters worse, the Apex Legends boosters are having an even easier time than ever before when it comes to cheating in the battle royale game in a way that does not resort to using hacks and the like that other cheaters use currently in the game.

As for what Apex Legends boosters are, this is where a group of players usually on opposite teams will begin to “boost” one another by allowing the two teams to farm for kills and the like. This is something that is a major cheating problem as teams can farm one another for kills over and over in a match.

However, for the most part, the Apex Legends boosters have been focusing on minor cheating objectives, like getting way more kills than they should or sometimes helping another team to win the match. While it was possible to raise your ranks artificially this way, it was not super easy or worth it most of the time.

However, that changed in Season 11 with the ranked system changes that have allowed for boosting to play a bigger role in the ranked tiers. As such, boosting is only growing in popularity and now it plays a devastating role in shaping how the ranked tiers are working right now.

Boosters Like to Use the Mobile Respawn Beacon

This is shown in a YouTube video recently by the content creator Kauzey who shared a clip of two teams that they recently discovered in a ranked Apex Predator match. The two teams were caught boosting one another in the middle of a ranked match and it is quickly obvious why they are doing that.

Before Season 11, one of the most common methods that the Apex Legends boosters would use for this task would be to take advantage of the mobile respawn beacon item in the game. This item is a very important one as it allows a team to create a respawn beacon anywhere to bring back some teammates.

It is a great item for players who are stuck by themselves or find that the nearest respawn beacon is just too far away and want to find a safe spot to bring back their fallen comrades. It also just so happens to be a great way to farm for kills against an opposing team that wants to boost.

What the two boosting teams do is gather together in a spot where they are able to craft and cheat in peace, making mobile respawn beacons over and over. They will then kill each other, leaving one survivor on both teams alive, and then use the beacons to bring back the other four players.

They will then repeat the process over and over, killing each other, bringing each other back, and doing this to get as many kills as possible just using the mobile respawn beacons that can be easily crafted. It is a pretty simple method and a highly effective way of boosting in the game right now.

Season 11 Makes This Method More Lucrative

As mentioned, this is nothing new as players have been using this method for many seasons now, but the problem here is that Season 11 made the method much more lucrative than ever before. Now it is extremely useful for teams that are looking to raise their ranks in Apex Legends with ease.

You see, the difference in Season 11’s ranked system is that now the ranked points are doled out in a much different way. Before, there would be a max number of kills that you could get that would actually count towards the ranked points that you would receive in the match.

It was a fairly balanced system that worked well in giving ranked points not just to the aggressive hunters in the match, but those who play smartly and can survive until the end for that crucial final kill to win the match. However, that changed in Season 11 to reward players who like to get kills more.

Now, players can get a maximum of 175 points from kills alone in a match, which is quite impressive all things considered. This means that you could easily be an Apex Legends booster and farm kills in every match, and you are guaranteed to be moving through the ranks rather fast, along with everyone else that you cheat alongside.

Respawn Needs to Address This Issue ASAP

This has led to more Apex Legends boosters than ever before as they can just find a group of people to cheat with and they can all rise through the ranks together to make it even to the coveted Apex Predator rank. This sort of boosting is something that will only break the ranked system more and more as Season 11 goes on.

This is a pressing issue and one that Respawn Entertainment cannot just wait until Season 12 to address. Boosting in this way is something that needs to be figured out immediately or else the rest of the season will be marred with cheaters, even more than already, which will cause some players to drop the game entirely.

The possible solutions for this issue include rolling back the ranked points changes from this latest battle royale season and removing the mobile respawn beacons from the crafting system. If you can no longer craft these items, it will make them more rare as they should be and prevent this particular method of boosting.


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