Apex Legends Battle Pass Progression and Challenges Revamped in Season 7

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 3rd 2020

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that a lot is coming to Apex Legends Season 7. The new season begins tomorrow when writing this and brings with it a lot of new content and other changes. One significant change that is happening is regarding the Apex Legends battle pass progression system.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Progression Changes Announced

The way that the Apex Legends battle pass progression system works is going to change up quite a bit soon with the release of Season 7. How players go through the battle pass and the rewards from challenges will be different in the upcoming season of battle royale.

The Apex Legends battle pass progression changes were detailed in the recent blog post by EA and give us a glimpse of what will happen in the upcoming battle royale season. There will always be a brand new battle pass for players to check out and progress through.

However, how you progress through the battle pass will be different this time around and be much more simplified. Instead of the previous system of handling it where you had to accumulate points through playing online matches and doing challenges, you have something new.

The points are now out the door and make way for stars, which will be the new way of handling the Apex Legends battle pass progression system. These stars will be the main way you will unlock new tiers in the Season 7 battle pass.

How Unlocking New Tiers Will Work

There are 10 stars in total needed to progress to the next tier in the Season 7 battle pass. This means that each star you get is worth a tenth of the next in the battle pass. This is a more simplistic way of handling the battle pass progression and will make it easier for players to see what is happening.

You know that there are only 10 stars needed for the next tier. The simplified meter for each tier will ensure that players can easily see how far along they are to the next tier and know what they need to do to unlock the next reward.

But of course, the Apex Legends battle pass progression changes are not just for the pass itself but the challenges as well. Most challenges you do in the season will reward you with one to five stars towards the battle pass, so you are looking at missions that could get you halfway to the next tier, just one-tenth of the way, and everything in between.

A new challenge tracker accompanying this change will have the missions sorted into dailies, weeklies, and event ones. Those that you are the closest to completing will show up at the top of the list and prioritized there so that you know what you should probably tackle next.

There Are Also Changes to Challenges

In addition to this, there are significant changes in how the general challenges work. There will be no more weekly challenges for players to do. However, those rewards from these challenges are not lost as they have been rolled into the improved daily challenges.

The unique weekly challenges in the season will still exist and can be completed at any point in the season. They will be largely the same as before in terms of the mission objectives and rewards, but the difficulty should be more consistent.

The experience challenge will now award one star for every 10,000 experience that you earn in the game. And last but not least, the end of match summary will be more clear now about showing you what you did and how you did to earn those rewards.

Overall, this new system of handling the battle pass and progression, in general, should make things a lot more simple for players in Season 7 and moving forward. You should have a better idea of what you need to do and what will get you to that point in the battle pass.

This streamlined system is very welcome and is but one part of the changes that are coming to Apex Legends in Season 7. There is a new map, legend, and other changes coming in the biggest battle royale season to date. It will be released on Nov. 4.


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