Apex Legends Battle Armor Mode Reportedly Leaks

by | Apr, 23rd 2020

Apex Legends could be surprisingly expanding in a new way soon with the possible release of a new limited-time game mode. A recent leak for the battle royale title has reportedly revealed that the Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode is coming very, very soon.

New Apex Legends Event Leaks

The latest leak for the popular battle royale title comes from the renowned data miner iLootGames who has covered the game in the past several times and had accurate info. Of course, this does come with the disclaimer as always that this is a rumor at this time, so take it with the necessary grain of salt.

With that out of the way, though, iLootGames has come up with quite the leak this time around. In a YouTube video about the potentially new limited-time game mode coming to Apex Legends, it will be the Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode.

The game files for the title recently discovered the game mode. In the data files, it goes into details about the new limited-time game mode and how it will be much different than anything else that we have seen in the game previously.

In the Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode, players will spawn in the match with armor already equipped on them and a pistol to use against other players. They will have these things already available to them without having to go searching for them around the map.

How the Apex Legends Battle Armor Game Mode Will Work

In the case of this game mode, players will have only the common white shields that only protect you a little bit from enemy attacks. The catch is, though, that everyone will be on the same page as only having access to that particular shield armor.

All other shields types from Evo to gold and so on will disable in this game mode. You will not be able to find any more around the map, so you have to make good use of the shield that you do have as well as make sure that you pick up any shield cells that you find around the map.

Using shield cells will be one of only two ways that you can recover your shields in this special game mode. The other way is looting other players already eliminated and taking their shields or shield cells from their death boxes after they are gone.

What is interesting about this Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode and event is that it isn’t just ending with this particular game type. Every few days, according to the leak, a new and updated version of the game type will release for a while.

Different Game Modes Every Few Days

While the first version is all about having the most basic white shield armor available to you along with a pistol, there will be another version where you will have the blue armor instead. From there, there is a third version where you will have the purple armor for full shields from the start.

And last but not least, there is a fourth and final version that is Apex Legends Battle Armor Evolved where, if the name doesn’t give it away, you will have the recently released Evo Shield from the start. That one should turn out interesting as the Evo Shield is a highly competitive item.

For those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, this new type of armor starts weaker than the normal white shields but gains shield power over time as you go through the match. The only way to increase the shields you have is by dealing damage to other players.

What’s great is that you can gain shields past the normal purple and gold armor types if you can deal enough damage or loot a particularly maxed out one from another player. What is more intriguing than that, though, is the reported Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode release date.

Apex Legends Battle Armor Release Date

According to the data mining YouTuber, the game mode’s first version will kick off this week. Yes, you read that right. Even though it hasn’t officially announced yet, players will reportedly have access to it from April 24-27.

Then, following that first version of the game mode, you can check out the second version of it April 27-29 with the third version on April 29-May 1. Finally, the last version of the game mode will happen May 1-5.

What is interesting about this is that that same day of May 5 is when the new season for Apex Legends is supposed to launch. This is really intriguing and honestly not too surprising, as Respawn Entertainment hosted events at the end of the last couple of seasons.

But what is surprising is that we haven’t heard anything yet officially from EA or Respawn and it is supposed to kick off tomorrow. It could be that we will just get an announcement later today or a sudden announcement as the game mode and event goes live at the same time tomorrow.

For now, though, consider this just a rumor until we have full confirmation. If it does give live tomorrow, be sure to check back here as we will give you a full announcement of the new season four ending event and a break down of the new game modes and event as we find out more about it, hopefully, on April 24.


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