Apex Legends Arena Leak Hints at New Permanent Game Mode

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 19th 2020

An Apex Legends dataminer has potentially revealed that there is a brand new game mode coming to the popular battle royale title in the near future. According to the Apex Legends Arena leak, it looks like there will be a new game mode in the near future known as Arena. 

Apex Legends Arena Leak Reveals Possible New Game Mode

This Apex Legends Arena leak comes courtesy of Shrugtal who, if you’ve been following our leaks for this game in the past, will know that they are the usual data miner to reveal this sort of stuff. As such, you can definitely rely on Shrugtal but it is a leak nonetheless so keep that in mind. 

This Could Be the First Permanent New Game Mode

In the UI section, it shows support for slots for the new Arena game mode that is currently unannounced. No such game mode has been mentioned in the past by Respawn Entertainment so this Apex Legends Arena leak is the first time that we have even heard of it. 

Unfortunately, from there, Shrugtal doesn’t really have much information to give us surrounding this new game mode besides theories and speculation about what it could be. This could indicate that it is either really early in development or that the other files for Arena won’t be added until later on.

Regardless, this does seem to indicate that the first new permanent game mode to come to Apex Legends is reportedly on the way. Sure, we have had limited time modes in the past but they were only here for a short period of time so users are stuck with the normal battle royale experience. 

Yeah, there are two maps that you can choose from and the ranked portion but it all boils down to the same general 60-player experience. This leak, however, gives us hope that we will finally get to see a new permanent game mode debut in Apex Legends for the very first time. 

Arena Could Take Healing From Flashpoint

This has been one of the most popular requests from the Apex community for a long time now as other major battle royale games in the genre like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, and PUBG have had other modes besides normal battle royale for a while now. 

Apex Legends sticks out in the genre as the only significant one that just still offers the same experience as it roughly did when it initially launched in February 2019. As for what the Arena game mode will be, though, Shrugtal has some theories about the new addition. 

The dataminer’s theory is that it could be that the recent Flashpoint game mode’s healing style could make for a really good addition to a smaller mode like this rumored Arena one. This would be a great place for players to experience a different style and practice for normal battle royale.

For those who don’t know, the Flashpoint game mode changed things up by removing almost all of the healing items from the game except things like Phoenix Kits and making it so that you could only get your health back by visiting these points where you would automatically regenerate health. 

Apex Legends Arena Mode Could Bring Back Skull Town

This made it more like other first-person shooter games that have regenerating health after a few seconds. Shrugtal thinks that that way of healing could work for a smaller arena-style mode. This is an excellent point and it could definitely be the case.

They also followed up that initial tweet with more speculation, noting that the new Arena mode could have to do with the beloved Skull Town location from Kings Canyon. That named location was one of the favorites for a long time and fans have wanted it back for a while.

Respawn has even gone on the record in the past to note that it would like to bring the Skull Town location in the future. Of course, the developer could just reintroduce the named location on Kings Canyon but the dataminer did speculate that Skull Town could be the setting for this Arena mode. 

Perhaps it is a tiny arena area that centers around one location, like Skull Town, where only a handful of teams are placed into this match with regenerating health where they fight to the death. It is a compelling argument that certainly seems likely but we will have to wait and see for now.

While it would be great to finally get a new game mode in Apex Legends, it does seem odd to introduce an even smaller mode than the one we already have. Normal battle royale is already small enough with only 60 players in a match so making it smaller rather than bigger is interesting. We imagine that if Arena does release soon, it would likely come out in season 7 alongside Horizon so stay tuned.


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