Apex Legends Arena Flash Event Released for a Week Only

by in Apex Legends | May, 26th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has announced that a new limited-time event is going to be happening in Apex Legends. The current Legacy season is getting a quick event, an Apex Legends Arena Flash event that is only meant to be around for a short time compared to past events. 

Apex Legends Arena Flash Event Revealed

The Apex Legends Arena Flash event is one of the only events that have happened thus far in the Legacy season. Still, it is an interesting one that will offer players the chance to earn some great items and check out one of the latest parts of the battle royale game. 

One of the most important additions of the Legacy season was the new Arena game mode release. Those who do not know this game mode already have a new one where players can compete in a more Team Deathmatch or Gunfight-like mode that is not battle royale.

Instead of the traditional Apex way of having numerous squads competing against one another to survive, loot, and be the last team (or player) standing, this one is solely focused on your team’s skill in battle. Instead of 60 players, you only have two teams in total with three players on each. 

This more intimate affair offers teams the chance to play across several different rounds against the same enemy team to find out who the better team is. Every player in each round only has one life to live, so they are out when taken out of that round.

Teams have to win several rounds to come out the victor of the entire match, making for a more challenging game mode that truly rewards teams who know how to play their characters well and team up with the right ones on their team. 

Matches are played on smaller maps based on the existing maps that we have for Apex Legends battle royale. Familiar named locations focus on or featuring a brand new original area that we have never visited in one of the main battle royale locations thus far. 

How the Event Works

As for the actual Apex Legends Arena Flash event itself, this limited-time event focuses mainly on the Arena game mode rather than the main battle royale experience. Players will need to check that game out to earn the necessary points for the special rewards in this event. 

It has already begun when you are reading this and will only stick for a very short time until Tuesday, June 1. That is around a week or so to check out the Arena game mode, earn some points, and possibly unlock the special rewards offered in this event. 

You earn points by playing the Arena game mode and completing the various challenges released during the event. Like past events, there are special event tasks for you to do, and they will grant you points for completing them. 

The catch here is that you can only enjoy these tasks and get the points from them when you are doing the Arena game mode. Unlike other main events in the past, this is solely focused on this particular side of Apex that recently joined the game and is promoting it. 

Players will want to jump into Arena and complete the missions that are available there to have a chance to earn the points in time to get the various rewards offered. Keep in mind this event is only about a week, so that is not a lot of time to collect all of the rewards offered.

Arena Flash Prize Track Details

Though the Apex Legends Arena Flash event is a flash, meaning that it is here for a little bit and then gone in a flash, there is still a traditional prize tracker that you can progress through. It works much like the limited-time events in the past, so you may already know what to expect. 

A prize tracker is a set of items that you can get in the flash event that are unlocked through the points that you get from the challenges that are available during the same time. The more points you get in the event, the more items you will receive by the end.  

Since this is a flash event for the Arena game mode that is not meant to be the next huge in-game occasion, the prize tracker is slightly smaller than we are used to. There are only 12 items that you will be able to get this way, but that is still a significant enough number of skins, battle pass stars, and more. 

The first item that you can get is some crafting materials. They will be unlocked at the first step of the prize tracker when you have reached only 250 points. From there, the next stage of the tracker will be available at 500 points with 10 battle pass stars for you to collect. 

After that, the prize tracker in the Apex Legends Arena Flash event is largely repetitive, giving you the next item every 250 points until you reach the Apex pack that you can unlock at 1500 points. From there, the items will switch over to requiring 500 points for the next one until you reach the second to last item. 

That one is yet another Apex pack, but this one is at 4000 points in total. To get the final item after that one in the prize tracker for the event, you will need 1000 more points. This means that if you would like to get all of the items before the event ends, you will need to get 5000 points in total. 

There are several really good items that you can get through this prize tracker, not least of which include some actual skins. There are skins for weapons, sure, but there are some for a couple of the legends as well. Wattson, for instance, gets a special Kawaii Voltage skin at 3000 points. 

And the final item on the list at 5000 points is the Bloodhound Bright Plumage skin that adds a nice colorful touch to this otherwise bland character. There are other items in it, too, like a couple of Apex packs for you to open up and potentially get other skins and items from. 

And last but not least, you can almost get enough battle pass stars in the event prize tracker to earn nearly four tiers of the current battle pass in the Legacy season. While that is not a whole lot, it is a great way to get a nice boost towards completing the current battle pass for those who wish to do so before the end of the current Legacy season. Just make sure to earn the items you want before the event ends on June 1. 


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